My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 766

Yolanda shook his head, what did he want to do?
I thought about it myself. [Read Novels at]
She entered the parking lot and wanted to look elsewhere.
“How about Lara, Chuck hasn’t returned yet?” Lara cousin Chalotte asked.
Lara already knows, Chalotte also has a feeling for Chuck, and Chalotte also knows that Lara has a feeling for Chuck, and they have no choice but to struggle.
Is there no way? ?
I feel that this kind of thing can’t be controlled. All they can do is to worry together and hope Chuck will come back from the country soon.
“No,” Lara lost.
Chalotte sighed. For a long time, when did Chuck come back from the United States?
Still not going back?
“Cousin, why don’t we go to the rice country, or have fun.” Lara said expectantly.
“Are you going to find Chuck?” Chalotte understood the meaning.
“Fun, I haven’t been abroad before. Anyway, the business has been very good recently. It’s okay to go abroad to play, so look for Chuck by the way,” Lara murmured.
“How to find? The two of us found, and then?” Chalotte was solemn and solemn.
Lara whispered, “Then, the two of us are together, anyway, it wasn’t nearly last time…”
Lara blushed and Chalotte also blushed, “Last time was last time, this time this time, let alone, Chuck didn’t feel much about us both!”
This is Chalotte’s helpless thing. Several times, so many opportunities, but Chuck didn’t do anything to himself. This shows that Chuck didn’t have much thought about himself.
Lara was also lost.
“What should I do? I think, the other men, the more I hate the more I look, I just want to see Chuck…” Lara murmured.
This is really true. Lara recently filmed the scenes, all of whom work with handsome guys, but she didn’t feel anything at all, and even showed her diligence and special disgust towards those handsome guys.
It seems that he has developed immunity to the handsome guy.
“Me, me too, alas…”
Chalotte sighed. She was in the same situation. The 4s shop where she worked also came to a few handsome interns.
She has no interest at all.
Two like a man at the same time, what should I do in this situation?
Lara and Chalotte stared at each other. Soon, they dared not stare at each other, and the two were silent.
“Hello, Lara, did Chuck not come back!”
“Yeah, didn’t you say he went to the United States? Did he go to pick up girls?!”
This is a classmate when Chuck was studying.
Now they know that the square is Chuck, they are all envious of death, not to mention, this square is really done.
Can be many times better than the original lifelessness.
Chuck is very capable!
“How do I know!” Lara was angry.
“I think, Chuck will definitely not come back, or will not come back for a short time. I see, those beautiful women in the United States, but they are too beautiful. If I have the opportunity to pass by, I will definitely play enough and never come back,”
“What are you talking about? There is something wrong with Chuck’s going to the United States.
Where is it for picking up girls?” Lara was extremely angry.
Chalotte’s face is not very good, she has never been abroad, but she also knows that the woman of the United States is the best in the world. The Chinese woman is really inferior, she is already thinner, so Chuck does not like her And did not touch her.
Lara quarreled with her classmates, and Chalotte sighed.
Chuck, when will you come back? ?
If you come back, then Lara and I are all yours. .

“Boss, there is a problem with the new store’s decoration. Come over and have a look!” This is the call Zelda received in the morning.
The restaurant on the other side of the city square is so popular that she has a monthly income of nearly 800,000. She has another idea and plans to open another branch.
The location has been chosen, but someone has caused trouble recently.
If you have to say something, you are tripped by the decoration at the door, you have to lose money, and you have to pay 300,000.
Of course Zelda refused, and he must not bow his head to these people!
Otherwise, with this one, there will be the next one! !
Zelda drove to the place where the new store was decorated.
Today she is very beautiful, so to speak, she has always been beautiful.
Black stockings and long legs are all men’s favorite.
She swayed her long legs into the renovated shop, and several people looked at Zelda in Seimi.
“Brother, this boss is so beautiful, that leg…”
“Haha, I actually met a great beauty. Fortunately, how many brothers are you still not?”
The streamers approached with a smile.
Zelda was alluring.
“Beauty, don’t say anything. Your thing at the door trips my elder brother. My elder brother is still in the hospital and his knees are broken. How do you deal with it?” a yellow-haired kid said with a smile on his face .
This is a mixed drama!
“Handling? Alarm handling!” Zelda gave up!
“Alarm? Big beauties, you are a bit uninteresting, man, be smart. What about your alarm? By then, your shop is open. Don’t blame the elder brothers for giving me a carefully prepared gift on the day you opened Here you are!” Huang Mao kid sneered.
“Are you threatening me?” Zelda was angry.
“Beauty, you’re wrong, I didn’t threaten you. I said, congratulations on giving you a gift when you open a business! Why don’t you understand people?”
Several streamers stared at Zelda with a smile, and there was a person whose saliva was coming out.
They surrounded Zelda.
Zelda’s face was cold, “What do you want to do?”
“It’s too tiring to see you wearing high heels. Will you press it? Haha!”
Huang Maoxiao laughed and reached over.
Zelda was overwhelmed. Why did she think that during the day, these couples are so bold? ?
In fact, this is Zelda underestimated his charm.
A woman of her perfect figure, even in jail, many people will be willing to touch her.
“Don’t come, don’t come.” Zelda was terrified.
Turn around and run.
Boy Huangmao had thought about it for a long time. He grabbed Zelda, “Brother, go and pull the rolling gate up, and we will teach her class today!”
Several streamers laughed, some people went to pull the shutter, Zelda strolled together, “What are you doing? Get away, get away!!!”
“Big beauty, don’t struggle, coach you first, then let’s talk about losing money.”
Huang Maozi held Zelda, Zelda panicked, she slapped on the face of Huang Maozi.
Huang Maozi’s face was numb, and Zelda seized the opportunity to run.
“I don’t know what’s wrong.” Huang Maozi rushed up angrily, grabbing Zelda and pulled in.
“Ah, let go, let go…” Zelda panicked to the extreme, what should I do?

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