My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 767

Zelda was really panicked. She didn’t expect that she would encounter such a thing. What should she do? however! !
When she screamed and furiously struggled to resist, suddenly, a scream! ! what!
A bang!
A person fell out, just like thrown out garbage!
A few people were shocked! what happened? ?
They turned to see their companion, fell to the ground, and lay on the ground motionless. What happened?
“How old is that?”
“Ah, the youngest one was kicked by him!”
They are frightened!
“Sister Zelda…” Suddenly, there was a voice in Zelda’s ear.
Familiar with!
Zelda burst into tears in an instant, and for a long time, he finally came back.
“Are you back? Did I dream?”
Zelda turned his head, the man in front of him was still so tall, but the skin was healthier, Chuck came back.
When Chuck left Huaxia and went to the United States, she thought about forgetting Chuck.
Or have you been single, or find a man, and try to talk? ?
But things did not work.
She thought about it, but couldn’t act.
Instead, he thought about Chuckchao.
“Of course not…hey, how many of you treat my sister Zelda so much, and you still want to run?”
Chuck growled!
Several children of Huang Mao were scared.
Their companion more than one hundred kilograms, was kicked off with a kick? ?
Is this Hercules?
“Ah, Grandpa spares his life, spares his life!”
Chuck’s roar scared them. Where can they bear it?
It’s okay to be scared.
“Rao Ming? Dare to insult my son Yiyi, you are living impatiently.” Chuck walked over and faced a person with just one foot. what!
Chuck’s strength has been improved too fast. How can this street man be his opponent?
The man had collapsed to death after falling out.
“Ah, no!”
Huang Mao kid fear.
Mom, is this person who suddenly appeared!
An adult kicking a foot, what is this concept?
“You just took my sister Zelda’s hand just now?” Chuck grabbed the kid Huang Mao and slapped him on the face of fear.
Snapped! !
Huang Mao kid screamed and fainted.
“Damn, so out of style, still come out to be a streamer?” Chuck slapped him again and slapped him as if throwing away garbage.
“Are you still running?” Chuck kicked.
The last person fell to the ground and hey died.
Solving these few people easily, Chuck shrugged. This kind of rubbish, Chuck has not moved yet!
Zelda was stunned. Chuck went to the United States and didn’t come back. Is it so powerful?
Solved them by three times, five and two?
“Sister Zelda, I haven’t eaten yet.” Chuck came over on his stomach.
Today, Zelda is beautiful. This is Chuck’s favorite dress. Zelda has a perfect figure. The lines, how to say, Chuck has been in Mi Guo for so long, how many Mi Mi beauties have you seen?
But Zelda’s figure, close to the hotness of the beauty of the United States, everything looked so comfortable.
It’s been a long time since I saw her, it’s really… a bit inexplicable!
“Ah? Then, let’s go, I’ll do it for you.” Zelda recovered.
Chuck shrugged her shoulders and hadn’t eaten Zelda’s dishes for a long time. She opened the restaurant herself, but she did her own cooking.
“Sister Zelda, don’t you go to your restaurant?” Chuck was stunned. He just came by car. At this time, he was sitting next to the driving Zelda!
“Don’t go.”
“Where and where?”
“My home, or yours,” Zelda said.
Chuck was embarrassed, and thought of some memories of the two people, really… people can not be wiped out!
When he arrived at the community, Chuck was very emotional!
This is the first house that Chuck bought. When he discovered that he and Zelda actually lived in a community, he didn’t expect it.
Now come back again, Chuck is in a trance. This year, since my mother made a phone call, it really changed her destiny!
Without his mother’s phone, Chuck must still be ridiculed by his classmates.
“What do you think? What are you doing when you arrive? You haven’t come in yet…” Zelda’s voice was quiet.
Chuck coughed in.
It still has the previous taste.
The decoration has not changed.
“Sister Zelda, on the sofa…” Chuck saw the clothes on the sofa.
Zelda was at home alone, and it must be a bit more casual, so the changed clothes were put on the sofa.
Zelda blushed instantly!
She instinctively put it away, but she blushed and looked down, “Have you never seen it?”
“Cough…” Chuck really met.
Zelda put away her clothes, let Chuck sit down, and she went to the kitchen.
Chuck was also tired. He walked on the balcony and received a call from Betty.
Betty sent Chuck over, she went to the hotel where her mother bought it, and she would go back in a few days.
She asked Chuck what was needed?
Chuck felt that nothing was needed, he had a plan for a business empire.
It’s enough to see Yolanda after dinner, and the two will discuss it.
“Master, where do you live tonight?”
Where can’t I live in my hotel, my mom’s hotel?
“Master, otherwise, come to the hotel, I will ask someone to cook for you? Or… I can do it, too.”
Betty said this suddenly, Chuck smiled, “Sister Li, you went to bed earlier,”
“Well,” Bettydu blushed here. How did you say that? Young Master hasn’t eaten what he made, so why did he recommend himself? ?
“Okay, come and eat.” Zelda came out of the kitchen carrying the dish.
Chuck was already hungry and entered. The two of them sat down.
“Sister Zelda’s craft is still so good,”
Chuck laughed, this is true.
“Just like it, eat more.” Zelda’s beautiful eyes are gentle and give Chuck a dish.
Chuckli eats so quickly, Zelda sees it this way, with a smile on the corner of her mouth.
Zelda packed up the tableware.
Chuck felt that it was almost time to go back. It was too early to say how to meet Yolanda.
“Sister Zelda, I’m leaving.” Chuck said to the kitchen.
Zelda ran out and said with a grudge, “Let’s go? Just leave after a meal?”
Chuck didn’t dare to read more, “There’s something wrong.”
“Don’t go today, live in my house tonight, you haven’t lived yet, okay?” Zelda walked step by step, everything about her was with the woman’s grudge.
She was very lost. Chuck had never been in contact with her in a real sense. This time, she came back from the United States. Is that the case?
“Sister Zelda, this isn’t very good,” Chuck coughed. He didn’t do anything when he came over.
He met Zelda. How can I not see her for so long, think of her.
“Not good?” Zelda approached. “Not good?”

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