My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 768

Chuck coughed, how would he describe Zelda?
A woman who will never forget.
Because of this woman, Chuck opened the world.
“Are you still going?” Zelda lost to the extreme, “Well, you go.”
“Sister Zelda, are you crying?” Chuck asked.
Zelda turned his head, there were tears in the corners of his eyes.
Zelda was wronged.
Chuck stayed, even if he didn’t do anything, staying at home, Zelda would feel good.
But Chuck did not want to stay.
“No, you go, I have to wash the dishes,” Zelda entered the kitchen by himself.
Chuck sighed. The situation is imminent now, and there is really no time for this.
“Then, Zelda, I’m out.”
“Well, remember to come over for dinner tomorrow, I will make it for you,” Zelda was not angry, she was lost.
“I will come over in time,”
Chuck shook his head and said that he would completely and completely arrange his business empire.
Next, the time in China will be very urgent.
Because Chuck does not know how much time You Shiwen can give himself.
He had to work hard, otherwise he would only find Wan Ziwen to help him, which was what Chuck was not willing to do.
Chuck walked to the door. Suddenly, there was a hug, hugging Chuck from behind, “Don’t go, don’t go…”
This is crying!
Zelda has never been this way.
Too long, Chuck left too long, Zelda thought day and night, finally saw Chuck, she couldn’t bear to leave Chuck.
Chuck sighed and was ready to speak.
Because Zelda was so kind to him, Chuck couldn’t bear to refuse.
Unfortunately, Chuck’s cell phone rang.
“I’m sorry to disturb you,” Zelda released Chuck and turned to the kitchen.
What can Chuck say?
This call came from Yolanda. She thought Chuck was still in the country.
Chuck answered the phone, left silently, and closed the door.
Zelda washes the dishes and turned to look inside the house. The man was empty. The man left.
She is very in control of herself, but the big tears still flow out so desperately…
“Hey, Yolanda, what are you talking about?” Chuck came out of Zelda’s house, and he was stunned when he heard what Yolanda said on the phone.
Yolanda said that she had just passed a place and thought of a good project.
This project was originally thought by Yolanda, but there has been no good place.
This is to buy some places to make a big investment.
At least billions of dollars, this must definitely ask Chuck this boss! !
“Well, I’ll come and see.”
“Come and see?” Yolanda was stunned.
“Yes, I’m back in China,”
“You? Come back? When did you come back?”
Suddenly, Yolanda showed surprise on his face. Did Chuck return to China?
“Just back, where are you? I’ll go find you,”
“I send you a position,”
Hang up the phone, Yolanda sent a position here, Chuck looked at it, and took a car to find Yolanda.
“Chuck actually came back, hehe!”
Yolanda was inexplicably happy, it was a strange feeling.
Unclear, Yolanda didn’t understand.
It may be too long to see a person’s instinct joy!
Chuck came here by car.
Yolanda’s eyes flashed. Was this big boy who got off the car the same as Zhang Ze who was slightly awkward?
Chuck changed a lot, the aura, and the kind of eyes, as if after baptism, Yolanda couldn’t see through.
Chuck was surrounded by a sense of mystery.
When I went to the United States this time, what exactly did Chuck experience? ?
Yolanda put away his thoughts, “Chuck, long time no see,”
“Long time no see.” Chuck smiled.
Yolanda is the school flower, body, and appearance are absolute best.
At this moment, Yolanda high-heeled shoes, a pair of beautiful legs charming.
Wearing a professional suit, this strong woman’s style is too fascinating for men.
Yolanda has also changed a lot, mainly because the gas field is also different.
Yolanda manages all industries of Chuck on the Chinese side. The kind of aura has been cultivated. The men saw it and wanted to conquer this strong woman.
When Chuck saw Yolanda again, he felt the same.
“What are you talking about?” Chuck asked.
The place where Yolanda is staying now is actually a factory, but it is abandoned, just buy it and do whatever you want.
Even, with Chuck’s current financial resources, it is okay to make a special hotel.
“Medicine, I think, you can invest in medicine,”
This is Lu Yuwen’s idea.
Chuck suddenly thought of the doctor he met when he went there last time to get medicine for Black Rose.
His ability is very good, if there is a platform, he will definitely develop a lot of drugs.
Anyway, the doctor, the country where my mother bought it, then you can let the doctor come here to study.
This is a good idea.
“I have a high school classmate who makes Chinese medicinal herbs in his family. She has a formula, which is the kind of acne, a prescription for women’s skin problems. It is particularly effective. If it can be mass-produced, then profitability is definitely not a problem!” It is Yolanda’s big idea.
Many women have various skin problems caused by frequent makeup, so this kind of ointment, as long as it is produced and advertised a dozen, does not want to make money!
However, the investment will be very large. This kind of ointment field will definitely not work too casually. It must be the best professional, because it must be done well in the long run.
Yolanda knew that Chuck wanted to be a kind of century-old enterprise, even a millennium enterprise.
“You have a good idea!” Chuck also said his thoughts.
It’s a hit.
Yolanda nodded, “Then, you immediately ask someone to take the doctor,”
This is just a phone call. Just call Betty or your mother.
The two of them have been in this abandoned workshop for a long time, and have discussed for a long time. Yolanda has a comprehensive plan. Chuck is gratified. Next, the idea came out and let Yolanda do it.
In addition, Chuck feels that if his business empire is to be a great success in a short period of time, then he must have something very popular or a product.
This needs to be studied!
Said to Yolanda, she agreed with excitement, “I will start to think about this,”
“Yo, isn’t this Chuck? Come back?”
“Well, rich people have gone to the United States, and when they come back to China, they have changed!”
“How are you, classmates gathering, are you coming?”
Several passing students suddenly saw Chuck. They were surprised and envied and jealous.
Chuck, the rich second generation!

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