My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 769

“Not going, you go!” Chuck shook his head.
Where does he have time to go to the party?
Besides, Chuck did not study anymore and dropped out of school.
When thinking about this, Chuck smiled bitterly.
This is also a pity!
There is no time for regret now, and the revenge of You Shiwen is coming soon! !
Chuck can feel the kind of oppression from the hidden family and You Shiwen at any time.
“Cut, don’t go, don’t go, really think we want you to go?”
“He must be worried, we let him pay, it’s stingy…”
“That’s right, so rich. I’m back in China. What happened to the classmates? Isn’t it supposed to?”
Several classmates muttered, full of unhappiness towards Chuck.
Chuck didn’t care about them, and didn’t care about seeing them generally, and left with Yolanda.
You have to discuss other things. Tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals will be implemented!
Time is running out! !
“Really stingy!”
“Go, he doesn’t go to the party, let’s go!”
“Damn, don’t go to his city square anymore, no discounts every time I go!”
“Lara, Lara’s bad pen, every time I propose to be a city square, shit, the city square is not hers, what is she so passionate about?”
“Are you stupid? You didn’t see it just now? Chuck is soaking up Yolanda, Lara’s pen, Chuck will let it go? How to say, Lara’s body is so good… Chuck must be that Lara, shit ,I’m jealous!”
“Alas, reincarnation is really a technical job. I would be nice if I were a rich second generation.”
“Stop talking, go first.”
They came to the city square by car, and the students were all there, singing and eating.
“Guess, who did we see just now?” the classmate said aloud among the classmates.
“Who did you see? Is it Ye Zimei?”
“The fuss! Can you still see ghosts?!”
The students cut their heads and did not have much interest.
“Can’t guess? The richest man in our class! The man who suddenly dropped out of school!”
The students were stunned and stunned.
“Are you saying Chuck? He’s back? Didn’t he go to Rice?”
“It must not be mixed anymore!”
“real or fake?”
“Of course it is true, Chuck, still with Yolanda! I don’t know what I’m looking at, maybe I want to “picnic”…”
“Yolanda became the plaza manager, and I felt wrong. It was Chuck’s intentional intention. Alas, it’s really good to have money, and the school flowers can be soaked.”
Many students envy.
“What? You said Chuck is back?” Lara, who had been careless, rushed over, holding the classmate in his hand and not letting go.
“Yes, I saw him, why didn’t he call you? Didn’t you care so much about him? Did Chuck dump you!”
A classmate laughed.
“Your mother is sick?!”
Lara was annoyed and slapped him, and the two immediately wrestled.
Many classmates pulled up before they separated.
Lara left in exasperation, and she would definitely dump him, but Chuck came back today, and she wanted to contact Chuck.
The classmates were very happy at the party. Suddenly Chuck came back and they were not happy.
“You said, what did Chuck do this time?”
“Ah, where do we know? People are so rich, alas!”
They were even more upset. A female student whispered, “To be honest, I really want Chuck.”
“Chuckren is also good, rich and handsome,”
“Yes, Chuck is a handsome guy who looks better and looks better. If he chases me, I will agree.”
“Yeah, I will too! When I finally knew that Chuck was the second generation of wealth, actually, I actually wanted to chase him…”
A few girls are twittering, and the other male students are envious, so you have to do Chuck! !

“Cousin, Chuck is back.” Lara ran to her milk tea shop excitedly.
The cups in Chalotte’s hands were all dropped. She was very excited. “Really? Did you see Chuck?”
“I didn’t see it, my classmates did,”
The two looked at each other and separated again.
“How is it, cousin.” Lara asked quietly.
Anyway, the two of them, already unspoken, wanted to join Chuck together.
“Whatever you say, just like that.” Chalotte lowered her head to do things, her voice very quiet.
Lara nodded and took out her mobile phone to Chuck, but would Chuck answer it? ?
Here, Chuck and Yolanda finished talking, and it was already more than twelve o’clock. Chuck did not expect that the two people were so fascinated.
This shows that Yolanda is a career-oriented woman, and she made no mistake at that time.
“Chuck, where are you going?” Yolanda asked.
Although she said, Chuck is already managing so many things, but she still rents a house.
Chuck also knew that he couldn’t get over it.
“By the way, I still have a house over there. I haven’t lived. Would you like to move over there?
By the way, help me look at the house. You know, there is no one in the house for too long. Get old…”
“This is not very good,”
“What’s wrong? I’ll show you now,” Chuck said.
Yolanda drove, and Chuck showed the way and arrived.
Chuck’s voice is quiet, because he lives in the same community as Zelda!
Let her see, it is definitely not good, this is still paying attention, especially today, Zelda is still disappointed.
The door opened.
Chuck sighed. There was no one in the house for too long. There was really a lot of dust.
“You can live in this house, just let your parents come over and give it to you,” Chuck has a mother’s hotel anyway, just stay anywhere.
This house, Chuck thought of it now, really felt a bit ridiculous at the time.
In order to leave Yvette, he bought this house.
Now that Yvette is reconciled, then this house can be given to others.
“Give me?” Yolanda was stunned.
“Yes, for you,”
Yolanda shook his head and refused, Chuck smiled, “Afraid of anything! Just live directly.”
Yolanda was silent for three seconds, “Well, thank you.”
Chuck was so kind to her, and Yolanda was upset.
“It’s okay, you call someone to clean up tomorrow, and live in the day after tomorrow,”
“Now you go back, I will also go to my mother’s hotel to stay.” Chuck said, about to close.
Yolanda didn’t pay attention, backed up and hit the cabinet, almost fell, Chuck’s eyes quickly supported her waist, “Are you all right?”
“It’s okay,” Yolanda blushed to the base of her neck, Chuck shrugged and let go, just raised her head and saw a man in the doorway. That’s right, I heard Zelda moving.
She burst into tears, too disappointed, “Sorry, bother you…”

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