My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 770

Zelda was very sad. When she just left Chuck, Chuck left, and now Chuck actually brought other women back. [Read Novels at]
She was particularly sad, and she was no worse than Yolanda.
Why does Chuck want Yolanda, not even himself? ?
Not bad myself! !
Zelda ran out, she had just heard the movement of opening the door, so she came out to have a look.
She couldn’t get out of love.
“Yolanda, wait a minute.” Chuck stabilized Yolanda and chased him out.
Yolanda was stunned.
Chuck left to chase Zelda, and Yolanda lost some inexplicably in her heart.
“Sister Zelda,” Chuck chased out.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here,” Zelda forced to cry.
But tears are so disappointing.
“No, you misunderstood, I have no idea about Yolanda,” Chuck was speechless.
Just now, Yolanda almost fell, Chuck just supported her, nothing happened.
“Then you still hug her?”
“Oh, she almost fell before I reached out. Yolanda is my square manager. How can I have an idea for her?” Chuck shook his head, really speechless.
Yes, when she first saw Yolanda, Chuck simply thought she was beautiful, but she had no other ideas.
Chuck understands the truth that Yolanda is his own employee, so he thought about her again, wouldn’t it be a mess? ?
How does this affect the next work? ?
“You really have no idea about her?” Zelda asked choked.
She thought, what identity did she use to ask this question? ?
Chuck’s girlfriend? ! no.
Lan Yan confidant?
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, because something happened between you and Chuck should not happen between your confidant.
It’s a little better than Lan Yan’s confidant, can this identity ask such questions?
“No,” Chuck shook his head firmly.
“No?” Yolanda, who was next to the door in the room, heard this sentence, and she felt more lost. what happened?
Yolanda actually thought about this problem. Chuck trusts her so much and gives her so much money. What is Chuck’s feeling about herself? like?
No, Yolanda also feels that there is nothing at all. This is the simple relationship between the boss and the employee, trust! !
Because Chuck trusted himself, he gave himself so many rights.
But how do you feel about Chuck?
When Yolanda couldn’t sleep, he often thought about this problem.
Chuck is so rich, she is also a woman, does she have a little bit of love in her heart? ?
Yolanda thought about it many times, but felt no, not at all.
It is only the relationship between this boss and employees.
Because when she first saw Chuck, she didn’t feel a little emotional.
At most, it was embarrassment. Chuck found that his socks were torn and reminded himself of embarrassment.
I just hugged myself so much, my first reaction was embarrassment.
There is no feeling of speeding up in a flash, what is it like? ?
Possibly, two people are in a room, even if they lie on a bed, what will happen in the end.
Because he didn’t care about him, and he didn’t care about himself.
Possibly, the relationship between the boss and employees has changed like a good friend.
There is still pure friendship between men and women.
But when Chuck just said that she has no thoughts about herself, why do she feel lost when she thinks about it?
Where does this sense of loss come from? ?
Yolanda didn’t know herself. She came in pretty and pressed her face to the door, listening quietly. She knew that eavesdropping was not good, but she wanted to listen.
“Um. I’m not asking you, sorry, I shouldn’t ask that.”
Zelda apologized.
Yes, she has a store on the city square. She has known Yolanda for a long time. Is there anything between Yolanda and Chuck? As a woman, can’t she feel it? ?
“It’s okay, Zelda,” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief.
“Then you continue, I’m home,”
“En.” Chuck sighed, “Sister Zelda, me…”
Chuck felt sorry for Zelda and had a relationship with Zelda. Although there is no last step, she is also her own woman.
However, Chuck can’t give her anything now.
What she wants is a family, but how to give herself?
Can’t give it, and dragged her…
“Don’t say that, everything is voluntary,” Zelda was relieved.
Chuck’s tone, she really felt distressed, Chuck distressed herself.
“No, but since I was in the car that night, I took the initiative to give you…I have no regrets for anything I do.” Zelda said firmly.
Chuck coughed and Zelda smiled slightly, her tearful smile was really beautiful.
“Then I am back to the room, and the two of you continue to talk.”
“I’ll make it clear to you. I brought Yolanda over just to give her this house, me…”
“No need to explain, I believe you…”
Zelda reached out and hugged Chuck.
Chuck did not resist.
Guilt can’t resist.
He has passed the impulsive young age, what is he thinking about now?
Own business empire! !
“good night.”
“good night,”
Zelda went back to her house next door. When she closed the door, she chewed on her lips.
Chuck coughed, “Sister Zi Yi…”
“I don’t close the door at night, you come in anytime, I wait for you,”
Zelda closed the door.
Chuck laughed bitterly and returned to his home.
Yolanda was busy retreating, pretending not to hear.
“Yolanda, are you okay? Where did you hit it just now?” Chuck asked with concern.
Yolanda is too tall, and may have hit his thigh and limped.
“It’s okay,”
“Then, you come over tomorrow to get people cleaned up,”
“Yep,” speechless.
The two were silent, Yolanda said softly, “Mr. Mo did not misunderstand anything?”
“No, I and you have nothing to misunderstand her.” Chuck smiled bitterly.
“Yes, too…” Yolanda bowed his head, feeling more lost in his heart.
Obviously it is a simple employer relationship, what do you do for yourself? baffling.
“Then I will take you to the hotel,” Chuck did not drive, and Yolanda had to send him.
Chucksi wants to go, is he staying at Zelda’s house tonight?
“If you go back first, I will talk to Zelda.”
Chuck really speaks.
Yolanda understood, speak? This is the same as going in for a glass of water, okay, don’t disturb, Yolanda Qiang Yan smiled, “Well, then I will go back…”

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