My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 772

Zelda made breakfast and Chuck ate breakfast before looking for Yolanda.
“Right, what about Murong Qing?”
When Chuck left, Murong Qing had problems with the company at that time. Chuck gave her money, but Chuck didn’t pay attention to the later period.
I don’t know what happened to Murong Qing. .
“How do I know? It’s not good for you to mention other women in my house!” Zelda pretended to be angry, but she was not angry.
However, she really didn’t pay attention to Murong Qing’s situation.
I just knew that Murong Qing didn’t seem very good.
Chuck coughed.
“Okay, I only know that Murongqing is not in a good situation. Other things, I haven’t paid attention, because I have been busy with the branch recently.”
Chuck was stunned, it shouldn’t be!
When you go by yourself, Murong Qing should be good!
“Okay, I’m leaving.” Chuck felt that he still had to check Murong Qing’s situation.
How to say, I already have a relationship with Murong Qing.
“Are you going to find her right?” Zelda was so angry.
How to say, her relationship with Murong Qing is not good at all.
Watching Chuck looking for Murong Qing, how could she feel comfortable in her heart? ?
“Uh, no.”
“Okay, I won’t ask anymore. I remember. I came here when I was hungry. I came here when I was tired. I don’t care about anything else, okay?”
Chuck was so moved that Zelda was so understanding.
Chuck came out of Zelda’s house and called Betty. “Sister Li, help me check Murong Qing’s situation.”
“Yes, Master, wait a moment. After I check it, I will call you back.” Betty said.
“it is good.”
Chuck hangs up the phone, with Bettycha, it will be much simpler.
He can rest assured to find Yolanda first.
Borrowing a car from Zelda, Chuck drove to his own city square with great emotion!
This is Chuck’s first investment in the true sense. Now, this investment is very good.
Many people are playing in the square this weekend.
You know that when Chuck took over, the flow of people was low, and many shops were not rented out. Now it is better than dozens of times.
The only thing Chuck felt sorry for was his first real investment. Since he went to the United States, he didn’t witness the growth of this square with his own eyes. This is a pity!
But okay.
Chuck went in.
College girls from several other schools are talking excitedly.
“The popularity of this square is really good. Who would have thought that when this square used to be, we were reluctant to come over?”
“Yes, my classmates were reluctant to come at that time. I don’t know when it started now. My classmates, and most of the people in the school, come here as long as they are resting for shopping and eating,…”
“Me too! I also heard that the boss of this square is a college student, only a sophomore!”
“Really, my God, I thought the owner of this square was at least fifty or sixty.”
“It must not be. I heard that this boss can be young, especially low-key. At the beginning, his classmates didn’t know it. Later, they only knew that their classmate, an obscure boy, was a super rich. The second generation!”
“Listening to you, I really want to see this boss!”
“Me too, hello, classmates, are you in a school with this boss!” a jeans girl asked Chuck.
Chuck coughed, “Yes, is there something wrong?”
“Really, do you know this square boss? Are you his classmate!” A few girls looked at Chuck with expectation.
“Uh, yes.”
“Is the boss handsome?”
“What is your forehead? Tell us quickly!”
“You can ask other people.”
Chuck can’t stand this little girl.
“Cut, don’t you know, forget it, don’t ask you,”
“Yes, let’s ask other people. Okay, I don’t want to talk about him,”
Several little girls gave Chuck a few glances and were disappointed.
Yes, the owner of the Square is so low-key, not everyone can know it!
Lara rushed over in surprise, he just couldn’t believe it, because Chuck came. It was actually a very ordinary car.
Zelda also has a lot of good cars, but Chuck is too lazy to drive a good car, just keep it low-key.
Chuck has gone through so many things and has already passed. The age of pursuing cars, houses and the like.
Now there is a car.
“Lara.” Chuck smiled slightly.
Lara changed a lot. At that time, Lara was spicy and unreasonable. Now she has changed. Her hair is no longer bangs. The goddess of cents is gone.
“Chuck, long time no see.” Lara was about to cry.
Chuck changed a lot. Before leaving China, Chuck was a big boy, but when he went to the United States, when he came back. Today is a man.
This obviously Chuck went to the United States and made him grow too big!
What did Chuck encounter in the United States? ?
“By the way, long time no see,”
“Come on, I invite you to drink milk tea, hurry.” Lara pulled Chuck to her shop.
“Lara, you are Lara. I watched your movie. You played that shrew so well.” These little girls marveled.
Lara is also a little star!
Lara was embarrassed, “Thank you.”
Chuck was stunned, shrew? Yes, Lara was a shrew at the time, and she was a real performer.
Lara looked at Chuck smiling, she blushed shyly, “I am not like that now, I am gentle. Really…”
Several little girls are stunned, Lara is also a little star, why do you treat this ordinary person like this? ?
“By the way, Lara, do you know who the owner of this square is?” the little girl asked, looking forward.
“Boss? You should ask him.” Lara pointed at Chuck.
Chuck is speechless, this Lara!
“Just now, I asked him, he didn’t say it, I think, he wouldn’t know.” The little girl shook her head and shook her head.
“Yes, Lara, you said that, I seem to know him!”
“What do you know?” Lara was not happy.
“He has money, and I heard that he is very handsome!”
Lara wanted to laugh. At that time, when Chuck was unknown, she really didn’t find Chuckshuai.
Now Chuck’s aristocratic temperament came out, and it was really charming.
“Do you think he is handsome?” Lara pointed at Chuck.
“The eyes are beautiful, the eyes are very calm, young and old!”
Several little girls said, Chuck touched his nose, young and old? ?
Lara chuckled, “Okay? Isn’t he okay? He’s the one you want to know, he’s the boss of the square!”

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