My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 774

“Are you kidding me?” Yolanda smiled.
Yolanda is beautiful. At this time, her smile is charming.
Yes, Chuck suddenly came up with this sentence, which made her laugh.
“No, really,” Chuck reached the extreme.
“Well, this is what you said, let’s not talk about this, go to my friend’s side,” Yolanda smiled.
Chuck heard of the big project, of course there was too much interest.
He and Yolanda under the parking lot.
This car was bought by Chuck, and it contains the flavor of Yolanda.
Almost half a year.
Still the same as the new one!
“Yolanda, why don’t you find a boyfriend.” Chuck laughed.
“Why are you looking for? I am fine by myself,” Yolanda drove and replied in a chat.
She didn’t want to find it, and felt that her working condition was now very good.
“Okay.” Chuck’s eyes rolled around Yolanda.
It was then discovered that Yolanda’s figure was better than before, and the long legs were rare.
Chuck shrugged a few more times before Yolanda began to introduce what his friend did.
“Gambling stone? You said gambling stone?” Chuck was stunned.
He had heard of this kind of thing before, but he had never been in touch.
This is similar to gambling. They are all gambling. There are too many doorways.
Chuck didn’t understand it at all.
“Yes, this is the gambling stone.” Yolanda smiled.
“Do you still play this?”
“I don’t play, my friend does this,” Yolanda explained patiently. “She told me that her annual profit is now close to 100 million…”
Chuck was stunned, one hundred million?
He smiled bitterly and told the truth, now 100 million is nothing to Chuck, let alone what is to the hidden family.
But this industry is not bad, and good investment can make a lot of money.
Chuck is also interested.
At the very least, if this industry is done well, then it is absolutely very good to monopolize the global market, not to mention that a short period of time can have a great return, which is what Chuck needs!
After all, how much time can You Shiwen “give” herself? ?
Strengthen your own strength, you can fight against You Shiwen!
“Let’s take a look first and let my friend introduce you. Because there are too many doorways in it, for those who don’t understand, it is best not to play.” Yolanda reminded.
In fact, she did not agree in her heart, because many people were ruined because of stone gambling. However, even if Chuck was playing stone gambling, he was looking for professional people to help him, only investing, which is actually not bad.
“I know this,” Chuck smiled.
When I drove to a hotel, Yolanda said that there was a stone betting club on the top floor of the hotel.
It’s an auction!
Chuck doesn’t understand this. Let’s take a look first. What if there are other opportunities?
“That’s it.” Yolanda smiled, this top floor, what kind of party.
Chuck has participated in many similar gatherings. However, Chuck has not participated in gambling.
There are some expensive jadeite on the top floor, and Chuck has little contact, so it is a strange thing.
I also find it interesting. At the scene, there are also a lot of rich people watching.
“Yolanda, here.” A tall beauty smiled over.
This woman is beautiful, she is in her twenties, and she has that superb beauty. This is Yolanda’s friend, Liu Na.
“This is your boss?”
Liu Na looked at Chuck.
Too ordinary.
She only heard occasionally that Yolanda mentioned Chuck and said that people are very lowkey. Now, it is beyond Liu Na’s imagination. Too low-key is not good.
“Well, I told you.”
“Hello.” Chuck reached out.
“Hello.” Liu Na also reached out.
To be honest, if it were not for Yolanda’s reason, she would not contact people like Chuck.
“Are you going to take a gamble stone, or look at it?”
Liu Na’s eyes are very poisonous. Will the stones that she has seen look green?
“Look first.”
Chuck has never been in contact, so of course I have to take a look.
Liu Na didn’t see Chuck much, look?
Liu Na felt that Chuck would definitely leave empty-handed tonight.
Such a person, fearful of fear, can’t play stone gambling at all.
Those who play stone betting must start quickly!
When you get it right, you must start decisively. What can you do if you are afraid of wolves and tigers? ?
Don’t waste time, go home and go to bed early.
This kind of thing, Liu Na is not good to say directly, she said coldly, “Well, you look first.”
“What kind of stones are there?” Chuck asked.
Liu Na frowned, “You don’t even know the gambling stone, what are you doing?”
“Yolanda said it was a big project, so I came to see it.” Chuck laughed.
“Come, look at it yourself,”
Chuck shrugged and went to find a place to see for himself. Anyway, there are so many professionals here. Listening to them, they can understand the stone betting industry.
Chuck went aside.
“Yolanda, you are mentally ill, bring him over? He doesn’t understand anything, and wastes time over here!!!” Liu Na said directly.
“It’s okay, he’ll take a look first. If you look at it, you will invest,” Yolanda smiled.
For Chuck, Yolanda doesn’t know how to describe him.
Sometimes an impulsive person, when you took over the city square at that time, Yolanda did not expect that because the situation of the city square was so bad at that time, Chuck actually took over.
It was successful, this vision is good enough!
It is also decisive to start, and it will be able to achieve the kind of quick and fierce gambling!
“I think he will waste my time,” Liu Na said straight away, how precious her time is!
Chuck doesn’t understand, how can he shoot stones later? ?
She actually called Yolanda because she heard that many stones that might make a lot of money will appear in this stone gambling auction, but her working capital is more than 200 million yuan. In this large-scale stone gambling auction The scene is obviously not enough!
What if there is a lot of momentum to make money?
Therefore, Liu Na contacted Yolanda to be regarded as an investment.
Just now Yolanda promised to come over, she was quite happy, and now people brought it, Liu Na was disappointed.
“No, Chuck is right, he will shoot!”
“Forget it, don’t need him to shoot, and wait for him to be with me. It’s an investment. See if he is interested.” Liu Na said directly.
Yolanda looked at it, and Chuck replied with interest that some people were talking about stones, very interested.
Yolanda was stunned, Chuck is now learning?
Yolanda laughed, “This depends on him,”
“Yolanda, you just say, how much can he take out?” Liu Na asked directly.
Just a few hundred million squares. If you can take out the liquidity, it will definitely not exceed
100 million. There is no way. It can only be done. Who can’t find others now? ?

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