My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 776

“All right, if you don’t shoot, don’t shoot,”
Chuck was speechless. What did Liu Na do with such a temper? ?
Didn’t you offend her?
Yolanda is also speechless in the middle, but Chuck doesn’t mind.
The second rough was photographed and it cost three million!
Many people do not shoot.
It seems that many people are not optimistic.
“Look, stone gambling is not something that you think is so simple. It’s not that it looks good.
You can start. There are a lot of ways! If you just started shooting, although it only costs three million, it is a loss of three million! “Liu Na said indifferently.
Spending money on a waste stone is something a fool would do.
Chuck humbly accepted the criticism and had just understood a little bit.
Accepted with an open mind, then there will be room for growth.
Liu Na was surprised that such a person as Chuck would not refute? ?
Next is the third rough.
The atmosphere at the scene was ignited. Chuck saw Liu Na hesitating. Chuck felt that she should want to shoot this.
“Do you want to shoot this?”
Chuckgang just came into contact with stone gambling, and just heard a few old men briefly talk about the identification method. Now this piece should be green.
“Don’t affect my judgment!” Liu Na said coldly.
Chuck is speechless, this is to shut up!
Alright, Chuck simply shut up.
In the third piece, Liu Na struggled to shoot, so a Baller spent 30 million photographed.
This Baller looks very happy.
It seems that it is still a bit of a commodity.
Liu Na regretted sighing, regretting that she hadn’t taken it.
“Actually, I can shoot just now!” Chuck couldn’t help saying more.
Liu Na, are you waiting for the final auction item to be on the market, right?
So now you can’t stop pressing?
I’m afraid I won’t have any money at last
“Can you shut up?” Liu Na said coldly.
“Okay, in fact, I don’t lose money. If I don’t have enough principal, I can make a little more. It’s okay. It’s mainly hopeful. Still don’t take pictures of missing parts.”
Chuck wants to enter this industry, so this Liu Na is the person who leads Chuck into the door.
“Not bad money?” Liu Na sneered.
“Yes, I don’t lose money.” Chuck shrugged. Now the casino on the other side of the United States has deposited tens of millions of dollars every day. Is it bad money?
Certainly not bad!
Liu Na feels funny, just like Chuck, what can be done to make money? ?
“Do you know how many billions of people on the scene?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know.” Where did Chuck know?
Not much exposure to this aspect, Yolanda has been in China, she should know.
Liu Na thought it was even more funny. Even some Ballers on the scene didn’t know, didn’t know, and had a face saying that they were not bad money? ?
Liu Na took Zhang’s words and listened to them as a joke.
“When you have trouble talking, type a draft first!”
“I didn’t brag, what draft?” Chuck was speechless.
This Liu Na thought she didn’t have much money? ?
Liu Na sneered! !
Chuck shrugged, “Come on, there should be no more auction items next. My department has asked for it, and it’s a good one.”
“Oh, do you know how many auction items there are? Five of them, the next few, are all likely to be sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. Will the department shoot them? Have this strength?”
Liu Na laughed.
It turned out that I met a pretender today!
The filming may be about one billion, this Chuck looks like a person with so much money? ?
The people at the scene were all big bosses, and they didn’t dare to say such stupid things that this department filmed. Chuck actually said, how stupid is this to say such things? !
“Yes, I have said that I am not short of money,” Chuck said.
“Don’t make trouble! Shut your mouth, or I will terminate the cooperation!” Liu Na took the ultimatum! ?
Chuck sighed, “Come on, come!”
When they were quarreling, they had already put on another rough auction.
Now, Liu Na finally had the meaning of bidding.
“Ten million!”
“Twenty million!”
Many big bosses are optimistic about this original stone, so many people have the meaning of taking pictures.
Liu Na is no exception.
This original stone can definitely be green!
You can definitely make a lot of money!
She estimated to continue shooting!
“Chuck, don’t mind, Liu Na is such a person, she is actually good.” Yolanda said good things to Liu Na.
When Liu Na said Chuck just now. She was also angry, but there was no way.
“It’s okay,” Chuck shrugged.
“50 million!!!” Liu Na shot.
In her hands, plus Chuck’s 200 million, it’s less than 400 million. If you take this, you can still bid on the last one.
But the premise is that this price cannot be 70 million!
She is very nervous.
“This original stone is very good?” Chuck felt at first glance nothing, but several big bosses were filming, so it was a good thing.
“Huh, of course it is. This original stone can definitely make a profit after being photographed for 70 million yuan! But if it exceeds 70 million yuan, then there is no value in shooting.” Liu Na explained coldly.
“En En.” Chuck understood. I also carefully looked at the original stone and studied silently in my heart.
It seems that stone gambling is not something that can be learned overnight, this requires experience!
Liu Na was right, when several big bosses took 70 million, there was no one to bid, even if it was out, it would be one or two million plus.
Liu Na’s analysis is also very good, can become a big boss, of course, the vision is good enough, their psychological estimates are also about this number.
“Ah, this can’t be shot anymore,” Liu Na decided to give up and shoot the last one.
“Oh, the tenth guest bids 73 million, and are there bidders who bid a higher price?” The auctioneer shouted as hard as he could.
Chuck looked at it for a few seconds, made a phone call to his mother, and made a video call to let her watch the original stone of the auction for a while. Chuck nodded and raised the sign, “80 million!!!”
As soon as this price comes out, the words are amazing! !
Liu Na was annoyed, “Chuck, what are you doing? 80 million shots, there is not much money to make!”
She was so angry that she spent 80 million yuan on this original stone, so how much money can be paid for the last auction item?
“There is money to make.” Chuck shrugged.
The boss who finally bid sneered, “Idiot, if the original stone is more than 70 million, there will be little money to make, only a few million, and it will take such a big risk!”
“Haha, it’s really a fool, is this a stunned boy? Just entered the industry?”
“It must be. The old guys didn’t shoot it. He still shoots it? Isn’t this a stunner? Wait for money!”
People at the auction site joked about Chuck, and Liu Na said coldly, “If you see it, if you hear it, others say it is a fool!!”

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