My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 777

Who is a fool is not necessarily! Chuck shrugged. [Read Novels at]
Just now, Chuck specially called her and asked her if she would gamble on stones. ?
Mom’s first reaction was stunned.
Chuck knows it, Mom must know it.
During the video call, my mother let Chuck’s lens pull in a little, three seconds, my mother said you can shoot! !
My mother said so confidently, so I didn’t listen to Chuck. a!
My mother said that this original stone would be profitable if it was filmed for 100 million yuan.
Now 80 million can be taken. Who is a fool? ?
At a glance.
“Huh, you photographed this stone, you will definitely lose money!” Liu Na said coldly.
The big bosses on the scene are all veterans, and they feel that there is no need to shoot. So Chuck, who is still stunned, also shoots. What does this mean?
Explain that Chuck is a fool! !
“It’s not that you’re a good one to lose or not!” Chuck laughed.
“Humph!!!” Liu Na was stunned!
Kindly remind you that you still say such things!
The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t recognize good people! !
“Okay, this piece was taken by the guest on the 20th!” The auctioneer appeared with a mocking expression.
When they were on the auction, some professionals first estimated that this rough was at most 60 million to 70 million!
This Chuck actually took 80 million to shoot, let them earn 10 million more, what’s wrong with this?
I ran into a fool.
Chuck shrugged.
I’m too lazy to get acquainted with these people in general. This kind of person who thinks of a veteran is nothing in the eyes of his mother.
Next, there was another auction item.
Chuck still secretly gave his mother a video call, and looked closer. My mother was commenting, and of course Chuck listened carefully.
I didn’t expect my mother to be proficient in this. You should know that you should let your mother teach you this when you come back.
In fact, where Karen li wanted it, Chuck would suddenly come into contact with this gambling stone!
“Cer, this Liu Na by your side, gambling on stones, it’s okay, you can first find her learning experience,” Karen li said.
Looking at Liu Na from her eyes, she still feels good. She is young and already has the veteran’s eyes.
“Got my mother,”
Liu Na has already made a bid, but the big boss she is rich in is also fancy with the stone she fancy, and the price will be hundreds of millions soon.
Liu Na, this is anxious!
It’s all Chuck. I just spent 80 million yuan to buy a garbage that lost money, otherwise I will have a lot of confidence!
“Two hundred million! One guest bids two hundred million!”
The auctioneer shouted.
Liu Na sighed. If you go on like this, you will return empty-handed tonight!
“Three hundred million!” Chuck raised the sign!
Yolanda was stunned!
The guests who bid are also looking at each other!
“What’s the situation? This stunned youth still shoots? Has it directly increased to 300 million? Is it a fool?”
“I suspect it’s a fool, shouldn’t it come to make trouble?”
“This rough stone is more than 250 million yuan, and it’s sky-high. Does this fool still spend 300 million yuan?”
There are many different opinions, all of which are mocking Chuck.
“Chuck, what are you doing?” Liu Na was extremely angry. It’s been twice, but the last auction item hasn’t been listed yet. You spent all the money in advance. What should you do with the last auction item?
“Nothing, I shoot momentum.” Chuck was speechless.
“I warn you, your 300 million, do it yourself, don’t use my money!!” Liu Na said coldly. what is this?
Pulling your own money to buy stones of the same price? Waiting for a loss? !
“Relax, I’m really not short of money and I won’t use your money.” Chuck said.
“This is the best!”
Liu Na is annoyed, then Chuck’s money is estimated to be almost used up, so he still needs to cooperate with Chuck?
Liu Na was even hotter.
Who introduced his friend Yolanda?
She’s not good now, she doesn’t cooperate now, she can only cooperate this time, she will definitely not cooperate in the future!
Liu Na feels that this is the worst cooperation in her career!
It seems that next time, I must carefully watch the talent line! !
Chuck made this price, which caused the big boss at the scene to laugh at it, and no one continued to bid, because it was not worth it!
Buy it back for 300 million, absolutely, it will definitely lose money!
Can’t I compete with a fool!
The big bosses laughed and laughed, and when the meeting opened, you cried.
The last auction item appeared in the eyes of everyone!
This is a rough stone the size of a bucket.
“The starting price of this original stone is 100 million! Let’s bid! Absolute value for money!”
The auctioneer didn’t introduce much at all, but the atmosphere on the spot was already ignited!
Everyone knows that the finale is definitely a good thing.
Liu Na sighed and couldn’t take it, absolutely.
Ugh! !
Stop shooting!
Liu Na has no mood at all, the big boss at the scene is eager to try, how to compare with this big boss!
Chuck just spent 380 million yuan just now, and can spend up to 100 million yuan, or 50 to 60 million yuan to cooperate.
What use is this money? ?
Coupled with less than 200 million of his own, it is definitely a hell to be able to capture the final finale.
“Boss Liu, don’t you bid?” Chuck asked.
What is Liu Na thinking? Fearful?
“What else? This will surely take about 500 million yuan, but my hands will be less than 200 million yuan. Do you have the remaining 300 million yuan?” Liu Na couldn’t help it.
Chuck didn’t shoot those two rough stones just now, so if you take out 380 million yuan, you can still have the opportunity to take the final product, but now, what are the opportunities?
“Two hundred million!”
“Three hundred and fifty million!”
Prices are still rising. Many big bosses are here for this rough, what other opportunities?
No more.
“Liu Na, don’t be excited, Chuck has this money,” Yolanda said.
She doesn’t know exactly how much Chuck has, but there are definitely billions.
“He has? Are you kidding me with Yolanda?” Liu Na said coldly.
“No, what am I kidding you?”
When the two of them were talking, Chuck raised the sign!
“500 million!”
Liu Na was exasperated, “500 million? Do you have so much money? I have up to 200 million!!!”
The audience was shocked!
Looking around, it was Chuck’s bid again!
“This kid is crazy? Who knows him?”
“I do not recognize.”
“I don’t know either,”
“A Maotou kid has so much money? It was 380 million now, but now it is 500 million? Boy, do you have that much money?”
“Yeah, do you have it? Don’t mess with her mother if you don’t!”
The guests were all angry.
What stuff? How much does a person want to shoot?
“Yes!” Chuck said lightly.
The auctioneer is staying. He has been a stone gambler for so long. How many auctions have been held? Never seen Chuck!
“I have 500 million. If no one bids, then this one is mine.” Chuck’s voice sounded!
Everyone was angry! !

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