My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 778

Huh, I want to see how much money you have! Laozi out of 600 million! ! ”
A big boss said coldly!
“Lao Tzu too! 630 million!” said a bald man coldly.
“I’m out too, 650 million!!”
At the auction site, several big bosses were irritated by Chuck’s words.
Liu Na is annoyed. What opportunities are there now?
It is directly increased to nearly 700 million, which is sky high!
Now there is no chance!
Liu Na is really angry to curse!
“Huh, this kid must have been frightened. He was 650 million. He dare to bid?”
“Surely not dare! Just spent 380 million yuan just now, how could there be money to shoot?
The guests all discussed and expressed their opinions, thinking that Chuck certainly had no money to shoot.
The scene is full of big bosses, anyone with a little knowledge knows, how can it be possible to fight against such a big boss? !
Without saying a word, Yolanda looked at Chuck.
This time Chuck came back, she also felt the change of Chuck, from the inside out, calm!
At this moment, Chuck is calm!
However, Chuck’s expression fell on Liu Na’s eyes, she was only angry! !
You don’t have that much money. Are you calm and useful?
“The tens of millions of tens of millions of plus is boring! One billion!!!” Chuck said with a sign.
The whole audience was in an uproar!
“Billion? Am I right?”
“A direct increase of 350 million yuan!”
“Would this kid be a super rich second generation?”
“Who knows this?”
All the people in the audience exploded because of Chuck’s sudden words.
Yolanda was shocked, one billion?
She knew that it was nothing for Chuck, but Chuck’s expression told her that Chuck was even richer than she estimated, and it was much richer!
Liu Na was shocked!
He actually called out a billion. Does he have so much money? ?
The auctioneer’s chin was shocked. One billion?
He has hosted so many auctions, and there has never been a billion price!
This is really expensive!
“Okay, this customer bid 1 billion, is there any other customer who bids higher than this customer?” The auctioneer growled excitedly!
Just a few people who asked for the price were angry!
Chuck’s words made them feel insulted!
Actually insulted by a stunned young man who just came into contact with gambling stones? ?
“Hello, kid, do you have that much money?” the bald man said coldly.
Take out at one time, close to 1.4 billion people, they are a little bit reluctant, not to mention the face of Chuck? ?
“I have money, what is your business?? If you want to shoot, just ask your price, if you don’t, then shut up.” Chuck said coldly.
“Damn it, you!!!” The bald man was extremely angry.
There was a lot of talk on the spot!
This strategy is dead, don’t you know this bald man is powerful?
Dare to make the bald man look ugly in public, this is really dead.
Lengtouqing is Lengtouqing!
You are not wronged at all! !
“No one is bidding, auctioneer, don’t you still drop the hammer?” Chuck said.
“Yes Yes!”
The auctioneer is excited to drop the hammer!
No one bids for such a high price of one billion!
They were all in anger, Chuck appeared, took three, and let the three return empty-handed. They were angry!
“Damn, I’ll see you die!”
“I looked at it, and the final piece was worth more than 700 million yuan, maybe even less than that. He shot it with 1 billion yuan, and he will definitely lose money!”
“Sure, the fool knows that this must be a big loss. He thought that it would be great to take three stones, but he would be so bad that he would cry!”
This ridicule sounded again!
The auctioneer dropped the hammer!
The auction is over! !
Chuck goes backstage to give money!
“He really has so much money?” Liu Na was stunned. I can’t imagine it!
If you have more than one billion of circulating funds at random, then the big boss on the scene can’t compare.
“Yes, absolutely.”
“But isn’t he only one square worth hundreds of millions?” Liu Na couldn’t understand!
She knew that the city square of Chuck was good now, and it had already been done. It must have been worth more than one billion yuan.
However, value is value. Before it was exchanged for money, everything was empty talk. In this case, according to the truth, Chuck’s liquidity will not exceed 300 million at all, but now it is almost 1.4 billion! !
“Who doesn’t tell you?” Yolanda was speechless.
“You, aren’t you?” Liu Na was stunned.
“I didn’t tell you this. It’s just that you only asked about the square. Chuck still has a construction site. Now it has invested more than 2 billion yuan, and there is a five-star hotel that is close to 4 billion yuan… …” Yolanda said like a family treasure.
Liu Na’s eyes were all glared, and her head felt like she was beaten with fists, dazed.
“I haven’t finished yet…he still invested in movies…” Yolanda said a lot, and Liu Na sat blankly on the chair.
So ordinary Chuck actually has more money than everyone on the scene?
This is really unimaginable!
“Why didn’t you tell me before?”
Liu Na smiled bitterly, and her actions were just ashamed. In front of this tens of billions of dollars, Zhang Men got axed.
“Uh, you didn’t ask!”
“Well, I looked away, he was so rich, but the three of the photos he took today were too expensive to make any money at all, and conservatively estimated that they might lose 300-400 million!”
Liu Na said seriously.
The analysis of many big bosses on the scene, she heard it, and she thinks so.
Chuck shot too high, it will definitely lose money!
Yolanda is nervous, will he lose so much? ?
Everyone at the scene was laughing, wanting to read Chuck’s joke.
Chuck came out from behind and checked out.
The suspicion in Liu Na’s mind was completely gone. She was very cautious. She didn’t expect Chuck to be ordinary. Other people are extremely low-key. Who would have thought that a person like this could actually pay so much money!
“Just now, I’m sorry.” Liu Na bowed her head, she felt ashamed?
“It’s okay.” Chuck didn’t mind much.
“Really, this kid must be a super rich second generation,”
“One hundred percent, look at him as a fool, not a rich second generation, can he have so much money?”
The laughter was still there, Chuck came, and all the people followed, and it was time to start to dissolve the stone.
Three of them are worth 1.4 billion. What will be offered?
They will not be too surprised. They just want to know how much Chuck will lose this time!
“Open this one first,” Chuck pointed to a stone.
The staff immediately arranged the cutting machine to dissolve the stone.
Chuck was full of confidence, Liu Na looked in her eyes, she sighed, what about the rich? The vision is not good, these three stones are destined to be destined? !

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