My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 782

Chuck said he was very capable Yolanda, Liu Na speechless I can fight again, one or seven people are in the sky, there are dozens of people outside now, so many people, how to fight The simplest, two fists are hard to beat four hands Isn’t this the God of War?
“Chuck, don’t try to be brave, give them the stones, life is important, no life, how to build your business empire” Yolanda pulled Chuck.
If Chuck is allowed to go out, Chuck will definitely die.
She would never be so blind.
“Relax,” Chuck shrugged.
“I can’t rest assured, I am young and vigorous, and in the face of strong strength, I am vulnerable,” Yolanda stressed.
“Yes, Chuck, give them the stones, life is the most important,” Liu Na also spoke.
Today, I met a boss like Chuck. She hadn’t had time to be happy. She didn’t want to see Chuck just beaten to death by the crowd. not worth it Chuck, a super rich second generation, and a better life, how can he die here
“Haha, these three are still negotiating. Hey, the other two are still beautiful women, and they are all in top quality.”
“Boss, that is so beautiful, I like it”
“Yes, you like to give the boss first come and understand the rules and you”
The people who came around were all allocated. The spectacled man’s eyes were hot, and he landed on Yu Wen and Liu Na.
He has seen too many women, but Yolanda and Liu Na both of them still make their eyes shine beautiful
“Unexpectedly, in addition to being able to make money today, I can meet two big beauties, ha ha ha, brothers, if I eat meat, everyone definitely has soup to drink ha ha ha”
The glasses guy laughed excitedly, today’s business is not a loss Even if you don’t give it to millions, Yolanda and Liu Na are enough.
“Brothers, give it to me”
Glasses men can’t wait His other brothers were too excited to hear soup and drink, and their eyes were shining.
Liu Na’s face was pale, and she was panicked by the eyes of this pervert, so many people, this is not the tortured death here Yolanda’s face is not good.
“So, this group of people will not let us pass the stone,” Chuck already knew.
Men like beautiful women, not to mention, when they meet beautiful women like Yolanda and Liu Na
“Chuck, let’s run” Yolanda forced himself to calm down.
“Don’t run away, just wait for me for a while,” Chuck stepped forward
“Chuck, Chuck will die too many people,” Liu Na couldn’t help shaking.
She hadn’t encountered such a situation before. If she died, she gritted her teeth, but she was insulted to death by so many men, which made Liu Na unacceptable.
Yolanda didn’t answer. I don’t know why, Chuck just calmed down. In this dangerous situation, she actually gave her a sense of security.
She couldn’t understand it herself.
Where does this sense of security come from
“Believe Chuck” Yolanda said.
Now what they can do is believe in Chuck Because they are powerless.
Liu Na smiled bitterly, don’t believe Chuck, then what other ways are gone?
Alas, I didn’t expect to have a good future, but I would die here.
“Yolanda, I don’t want to be insulted and die, so wait a minute, you killed me, no, the two of us solved each other at the same time, and it was clean before death.” Liu Na was extremely bitter.
“Yes.” Yolanda agreed. Until now, she is intact. How can she be insulted by these people?
“Don’t blame Chuck, he will do his best”
“I don’t blame him, only my life is bad” Liu Na sighed and worried.
Ugh Yolanda said nothing.
“I said, who brought you over,” Chuck asked with a shrug.
“A dead man, there is still a need to know,” the spectacled man said grinningly. “Solve him for us, our buddies eat meat and drink”
They are so excited
“Well, you don’t say, then I will ask you later. Hello, do you really want to fight right? I can give you a chance, and leave now, I will leave you a life. How about this transaction?”
Chuck asked everyone at the scene.
But in exchange, everyone laughed
“Hahaha, let’s go for it”
“Is this a new way of begging for mercy and would like to let us go, how badly talented people would say such things”
They ridicule constantly
“Okay, you are going to die, then I have no objections, then, let’s start with you.” Chuck eyes chilled
“Haha, you still want to start killing me from me”
However, he has not finished sudden One fist is somehow close to him He was stunned and caught the incredible speed. In a second, this fist had hit his chest Click Bone fracture boom He flew out like garbage boom People lying on the ground twitching, “You, you”
There was blood in his mouth and his teeth were unclear, and he left with an unwilling voice.
For a moment, there was no sound here, mock Gone Breathing Gone It’s because of Chuck’s punch Yolanda and Liu Na were stunned. They couldn’t believe the scene they just saw. It’s too fast.
How did Chuck appear in front of this person and hit him with a punch?
How did it appear Hallucination
“Chuck, he is so powerful.” Liu Na is completely unable to control herself, which is even more exciting than the movie.
“I don’t know, he is really good at playing” Yolanda beautiful eyes shone.
At this moment, Chuck’s sculpture-like body was imprinted in her mind.
“You, are you dead?” The glasses man was shocked.
Flying a person with one punch, and killing a person, what is the concept?
So terrible Everyone is immersed in shock
“No, don’t hit me, don’t hit, ah”
Boom, boom. boom Chuck moves in the crowd. Every step of the move, there must be a population flying out of blood. Where can they stand up, Chuck’s strength To know. Chuck brought a special ring of dozens of kilograms The power of a punch is hundreds of pounds People can’t bear it In less than a minute, all the people lying on the ground were basically motionless. Only a few were groaning and dying. They regretted that they had a chance to live just now.
Regret now, it’s too late
“You are left, I think you should tell me, who will let you come?” Chuck moved his wrist, showing his white teeth.

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