My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 784

Outside the villa, in the Land Rover car!
Yolanda and Liu Na are waiting for Chuck. [Read Novels at]
“How will he deal with boss Guo?” Liu Na felt incredible!
When Chuck came, he was murderous!
“I don’t know, we don’t need to know.” This is Yolanda’s answer.
Regardless of what Chuck did, Yolanda decided for a long time, and worked with Chuck all his life.
Liu Na was stunned. She understood why Chuck would trust Yolanda so much.
Because Yolanda trusted him, in turn, Chuck also trusted her!
This is a delicate relationship.
Liu Na envy, when will he be able to form such a delicate relationship between boss and employees with Chuck?
“Come out, Chuck comes out!”
Yolanda Che was completely relieved. In fact, in her heart, she could not help worrying about what happened to Chuck.
Her own explanation, she feels reasonable, that is, she does not want to lose a good boss! !
“Master, what do you ask!” The glasses man asked with his head bowed.
He has already experienced death just now.
“card number!”
“Ah? Master, I…” The glasses man was stunned, he was a dog of Chuck, there was no need to give money! !
“The card number, when it’s done, I won’t treat you bad! I give you money to let you train me.
Now I need standard security in many industries. You can find these people for me! The more you do, the better.”
“Yes! You can rest assured that you will be satisfied!”
“card number!”
The glasses man said, he thought Chuck gave money, and at most gave him a million, but received a message, he was shocked, “50 million?”
“Yes, these 50 million yuan is your starting capital. I need a lot of people who can fight. You can help me find it! Other money, you use it yourself!”
“Yes, you can rest assured! Thank you master!” The glasses man was ecstatic, although he became a dog, but he followed a good master!
“Okay, you go!” Chuck was also tired, and wanted to take the two of them for supper and sleep.
“Yes, master!” The glasses man left! !
Chuck drove the car, led Yolanda, and Liu Na left!
Went to find a place for supper.
I was too lazy to let Yolanda go home and drove directly to my mother’s hotel.
Arranged a room for them!
“This is Chuck?” Liu Na was shocked!
A five-star hotel, this is too luxurious! A row of Rolls-Royce cars, this pick-up, this hotel, can not come every four or five billion.
“Chuck’s mother.” Yolanda only recently learned about this.
But it is also normal. Chuck is the second generation of super rich, there must be a rich mother!
Liu Na took a breath, why?
It’s easy!
As soon as she came in this hotel, she knew that the management mode of this hotel is absolutely top in the world! what does this mean?
It means that there are more than one five-star hotel like this, there are probably several, and dozens of them are possible! !
Too rich!
Liu Na was shocked! !
They went to the room separately, and Liu Na lay on the bed. She had stayed in too many fivestar hotels, but there was no hotel that could give her this kind of satisfaction and enjoyment now!
She had a dream, this is a beautiful dream!
As a woman, in the world’s largest hotel, she wore a wedding dress and swore to a man in front of friends and family!
She saw this man!
She was stunned, it was Chuck? !
Liu Na woke up and reached the extreme, this dream? Liu Na slapped herself, what was she thinking? ?
However, she thinks about it, her face is red, so rich, even a woman will like it!
I am also a woman! !
Chuck casually found a room to sleep.
The next day, Liu Na started planning early, and Yolanda was going to the pharmaceutical factory too.
Both of them are busy, Liu Na can’t be anxious, but as long as they have clues, they can quickly establish an industrial chain.
Yolanda can’t be in a hurry here either.
Chuck now lacks an assistant!
Therefore, I am willing to find someone like Yolanda to help myself again!
However, why is Yolanda the first hero of Chuck!
Finding such people is harder than finding a project. After all, talent is the most rare!
Chuck had asked Yolanda to buy a car by himself. Yolanda was busy and said that he had no time.
Before Chuck had a phone in the 4s shop, he directly called and sent one to transfer money!
Yolanda saw the new car, and her eyes were red, as if there were still glittering.
“Master, there is already news of Murong Qing!” On this day, Betty came to find Chuck.
“Where is she?” Chuck asked, unable to wait.
To Mu Rongqing, Chuck can’t describe it, the two have already had a relationship. miss her?
After returning to China, Chuck must think.
“In Beihai!”
“What’s she doing in Beihai?” Chuck didn’t understand. Isn’t she going to invest in this place? Why did you move places?
“Murong Qing’s business investment failed, she encountered a big problem, so she went to Beihai City.” This is Betty found.
“I know,” Chuck is going to find Murong Qing here.
You can also see if there are any investment projects on her side.
“Sister Li, I drove to Beihai!”
“Okay, Master, be careful on the road!”
Chuck had already driven to the underground parking lot, and drove one casually.
When Chuck came out of the hotel and went to Beihai City, he saw a man by the roadside!
This happened to Queenie, who happened in Yvette’s house, but she once bloomed.
Zelda is unforgettable, the same is true for Queenie!
Chuck stopped at the roadside. “Qingqing!”
Chuck gave her a suite, and gave her more than 1 million, she can be a good life.
Although she still has to support her sister.
Queenie was shocked and turned to surprise, “Chuck! Are you back?”
After Queenie dropped out of school, she also dropped out of school, absent-minded, how can she continue to study?
With the help of Zelda, she has already started business. not bad.
She is a business! !
“Well, get in the car!”
Queenie got in the car and was restrained, as if returning to that night.
The atmosphere is changing.
“Chuck, how are you doing?”
“Well, okay, how about you?”
Chuck was deeply moved. For this woman, Chuck, like Zelda, was unforgettable. She asked for her most precious things but gave her nothing. Chuck was ashamed of her.
“I’m fine!” Queenie said. She suddenly felt that Chuck had changed too much. She was no longer the rigid boy, nor the big boy who could happen to herself. .
Queenie sighed, “Then you busy…”
“Wait, I’ll take you home.” Chuck said, Murongqing wasn’t in a hurry, so Queenie could not leave like this.

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