My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 785

“Qingqing, send home.” Chuck said softly.
To Queenie, Chuck felt differently. What he couldn’t say was that he didn’t want to see her lost.
She is that kind of quiet, well-behaved girl, very early!
“Well, thank you.” Queenie agreed.
I was touched, but she knew that the gap between Zhang and Ce was too big, she did not dare to hope.
Because she knew that even if he worked hard all his life, it was impossible to catch up with Chuck.
Therefore, during the period when Chuck left, she wanted to open her mind, and she didn’t want to. .
Chuck is the second generation of super rich, but what is he? Poor students, two people are not in a world, what are you expecting? ?
Silent all the way.
Chuck drove, Queenie bowed his head, thinking about the two of them.
Time passed quickly.
Soon, the car drove downstairs! !
Queenie is in a trance!
This place was bought by Yvette before, but was later bought by Chuck, and then Queenie was given to Chuck with emotion!
“Qingqing, I will take it upstairs.”
Chuck wanted to see if Queenie had a good life. She was a frugal girl, and she was definitely not willing to spend money. Chuck thought that at that time she should have paid nothing to her for the money that was lost to her.
Chuck loves her very much.
“En.” Queenie became speechless.
Chuck sent Queenie upstairs. Queenie opened the door. Everything inside was familiar and unchanged. It was the same as when Yvette lived.
She is a girl who loves to pack up.
“Chuck, come in and drink a glass of water!” Queenie whispered.
Chuck came in.
Queenie poured water, “Chuck, drink water!”
Chuck drank water, “Is there anything needed? Money,”
“No, it’s good enough for me, I don’t need it at all.” Queenie shook her head, Chuck was good, she felt it.
She didn’t blame anything, just regret the gap between herself and Chuck, it was too big.
Chuck put down the cup and hugged her, Queenie shivered.
“To be well, if you have anything, you must call me, you know?” Chuck was afraid that Queenie would say nothing.
“Ok, I will.”
Boom, boom, boom! !
“Hey, Queenie opens the door. I look so handsome. I don’t like me? Who do you like? Open the door!!!” There was a voice outside.
Queenie was scared.
This man, after seeing Queenie a few days ago, became interested in it. He had to chase Queenie and came to knock every day!
“Qingqing, I am not here today. If you meet such a person, don’t you plan to tell me?” Chuck was angry and sighed again.
No way, Queenie is such a girl who silently bears.
Chuck has no other choice.
“I’m sorry…he…”
Queenie bit her lip in a panic, not knowing how to answer such questions as Chuck.
“Remember, there is such a thing, you must tell me, understand?” Chuck loved her.
She is too sensible.
“Wait for me for a minute,” Chucksong let go.
“Chuck, what are you going to do? Others are so tall,” she didn’t finish, and Chuck had already gone out.
“Who? Why is it at my girlfriend’s house? What the hell did she do to my girlfriend?…Boom!
Ah, ah!” thump!
Outside the door was an angry, screaming voice.
After ten seconds, the bird was silent.
Less than a minute later, Chuck opened the door safely.
Queenie was frightened, “Chuck, what did you do?”
“Trust me, he will never be bothered.” Chuck felt distressed.
The kind of deflated at the door, thinking that people can bully people, but everyone knows that this kind of person, Chuck is too lazy to deal with him, punch him in the head, this is the minimum concussion.
You can be a fool.
Chuck stunned him and dragged him away.
Call Betty, have someone come to deal with it, and throw him to the Philippines.
Queenie was moved, “Thank you!”
After waiting for a minute, Queenie felt what was moving and what was security.
No one except Chuck gave her this feeling.
Her heart is traditional. Her most precious thing is given to Chuck, then she will always be like jade for Chuck.
No matter what the result is, she will do it.
It’s okay to be single until old. It’s nothing. I have a short memory, enough for her to spend her life.
In addition to sigh, what else does Chuck do?
After staying at Queenie’s house for half an hour, the two did nothing.
You can’t help it!
Queenie cherishes time.
It’s been a long time since I met, the only thing she wanted to do was to listen to Chuck’s things.
When the two talked, Chuck told Queenie what happened to him in the United States. On several occasions, Queenie couldn’t help crying.
Because Chuck was so thrilling! She can realize the danger at that time!
At the last time, Queenie reluctantly, Chuck left, told her to call me when something happened!
Queenie cried for a long time in the house, her eyes were swollen, and she didn’t cry until her sister was about to return.
It was a mistake to meet Chuck, and it was also Queenie’s fault…
Chuck sighed out.
He was also reluctant, what should he do to Queenie? ?
Ugh! !
Chuck didn’t think much about it. Going to the city where Murongqing was located, it was a little far away to drive. There was no way. Murongqing encountered difficulties. At this time, she didn’t know what she was doing.
Chuck is worried about her, because up to now, there are three women who really have a relationship with Chuck, Queenie, Murong Qing, and Alice…
These three and three women have their own strengths, and Chuck will never forget it!
Unconsciously, in the city where Murong Qing is located, Chuck went directly to her according to the clues provided by Betty.
Arriving downstairs in a company, Chuck knew from Betty’s introduction that this building was Murong Qing. However, at the moment when Chuck arrived, this building had changed its name.
Obviously, Murong Qing just sold her building, alas, Murong Qing encountered such a big difficulty in business?
Why not ask yourself for help? ?
Perhaps, Murong Qing did not want Chuck to see that she was in a state of embarrassment after her failure! !
Chuck went to Murongqing’s house. Her company was gone. Should she have one?
However, when he arrived home, Chuck knocked on the door, and he also replaced him, and the house was sold.
Murong Qing, how much did you lose?
Will it fall forever? ?
Chuck couldn’t wait to find her. Chuck listened to Betty and thought that Murong Qing was not too much a loss. He didn’t expect the company to sell it and the house to sell. How much was it going to become a debt?
Shouldn’t she be somewhere, working to pay off the debt? ?
Chuck was worried and called Murong Qing.
However, the phone number has become empty…

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