My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 786

Why, Murongqing’s phone number is empty?
Chuck was worried and was sure that Murong Qing had been too hit recently, so he canceled all his phone numbers.
Why bother? ?
Chuck is speechless!
Betty called and asked her to find out where Murong Qing was.
“Master, wait a minute!!”
The phone hung up, and within ten minutes, Betty’s call came, “Master, I have sent the address.
Murong Qing is in his hometown, not far from the master…”
Chuck rest assured that Betty has always done things at a high speed.
Chuck looked at the address and went to where Murong Qing was!

“Xiaoqing, what do you want?” A middle-aged woman with a charm still roared at Murong Qing!
“Mom, I didn’t think about it, I wanted to be quiet!” Murong Qing sighed.
“When do you want to be quiet?? When I started a business, I didn’t agree to do it. A girl’s family, what kind of business? At that time, I honestly found a good family to marry, and now the children should be seven or eight. Years old, it turns out that my thoughts were correct at the time, but now it’s okay, the business is losing money, the money department made in these years is gone, and 300 million is owed! When will this be returned!” Murong Qing Mother, Xiang Erlan is really bitter.
She was a heartbreaker.
“I’ll pay it back slowly, I’ll pay it off! I have my own plan!” Murong Qing was busy with herself, and she took on a new job and was doing design.
She is now doing three jobs at the same time, and she will definitely pay back the money.
This is the bottom line that she has been doing business for so long and insists on keeping!
Without integrity, a person would have no conscience. She would not do such a thing. Even if she loses more money, she will find a way to close the money even if she works harder now! !
“What are your plans? Don’t toss about it, a woman needs to toss about it? I’ve already thought about it, the one who grew up with Feng Wuxi, he is willing to help pay off all the money of the department, and give another 10 million. Cai Li, get married with him!”
“Mom! Don’t give me an idea, okay! I’m annoying!!!” Murong Qing was annoyed and wanted to lose his temper, but couldn’t send it to his mother again.
“What’s annoying? Annoying me? Don’t bother, Feng Wuxi is coming, and he will go to dinner with him,” said Xiang Lan.
She has already received the gift money.
Therefore, this meal must go today! !
“Mom, don’t worry about me? I already have a boyfriend. Would it be appropriate for me to meet others?”
“What about the boyfriend? Where was he when the company owed money? Where was he when he sold the house? Where is he when he still owes so much money? I don’t see a person, what is this boyfriend? ?I only see it now, Feng Wuxi is busy before and after, help deal with it! Is he a boyfriend know?” Xiang Erlan was angry!
Murong Qing has always said that he has a boyfriend, but what about this so-called boyfriend?
In the most difficult time of her own woman, she hid and became a tortoise? ?
What did such a boyfriend want? see? ?
“Mom, don’t say it, he’s in the country, he’s busy!!” Murong Qing was annoyed with a headache.
She really took her mother, there is no way out, and she always likes to make her own claims.
Chuck has gone to the United States. There must be something to do. How can he call him and return to the United States? ?
This is absolutely impossible.
Murong Qing felt that he could never be a cumbersome man! !
Therefore, no matter how much money she lost, she also chose to bear it silently.
This is your own mistake and you must bear the consequences yourself! !
“Busy? Xiaoqing, don’t lie to yourself? If he is busy anymore, now he encounters such a big thing, he hasn’t said a word until now, and he didn’t even make a call. What is this?”
“He is busy!”
“Xiao Qing, shut up for me! He is the President? What is he busy with? He knows that something happened, so he was busy? Xiao Qing, he was deliberate, and that kind of person is simply not a man!!” Xiang Erlan was angry.
What kind of man is this?
Trash one!
“Mom, don’t say anything! Please!” Murong Qing couldn’t help it.
She wanted to go out from home, she would never eat this meal.
“Don’t beg me to say, there is a boyfriend, okay, tell me, what’s his name?”
“Called Chuck, twenty years old!”
“Xiao Qing!” Xiang Erlan had a strong disappointment, “This person is not a boyfriend at all, I don’t know yet? It’s not like a man than a boy, how is it possible now, accepting a small one so much Man??? I’m lying!”
“Mom, I don’t have that. I used to dislike the ego man, but now, I like it all because of him!”
Murong Qingmei blinked.
Yes, at that time, she was particularly annoying, but after Chuck rescued her several times, she changed her mindset.
Like, do not need age constraints, feeling is the most important.
“I thought I would believe it? Don’t lie to me, it’s my daughter. Don’t I know what I’m thinking?
Xiaoqing, can I think about it for me? I’m raising it all by now, and want me to be fifty years old, yet Follow the debts of hundreds of millions of dollars?” Xiang Lan said, her eyes were red and she burst into tears.
“Mom.” Murong Qing sighed and felt guilty. “I didn’t let me fight with me!”
She definitely doesn’t mean that. She already has a plan. Murong Qing has this strength. She believes she can definitely make a comeback.
“It’s my daughter, do I look so tired looking at someone? Will I have patience? Don’t say it, the best way to marry Feng Wuxi!!”
“Mom, I won’t listen!”
“Then let the so-called boyfriend come out. Stand up! What’s wrong? Stop talking? Now in front of me. Call him, hurry up?” Xiang Yilan said more and more angry.
“He is busy! Alas!”
“What are you busy with? Your own woman is about to be crushed, so he will be a tortoise and a tortoise? Huh, what man are you looking for? Not a man! I think he is just a poor ghost. When he has money, he pleases, Now that I have no money, I slipped away… Feng Wuxi has come to pick it up and change his clothes!
“I don’t change, I still have to work!” Murong Qing was furious. She had to have a strong personality. Being so persecuted, she would never compromise! !
“Okay, wouldn’t you like it? Without Wuxi’s help, the two of us would definitely carry hundreds of millions of debts. At that time, I was working to death, and it was not finished. I might as well die now…” she said With sad anger on his face! !

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