My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 787

“Mom, don’t you be so good!?” Murong Qing collapsed to the extreme. [Read Novels at]
Originally, after her company went bankrupt, the pressure was great. Now, her mother is still persecuting herself so hard. !
Where can Murong Qing bear it?
“Xiaoqing, do you have the heart to let your mom suffer with you?”
“You give me time, I will get up again!”
“Xiaoqing, don’t stop thinking about it, you don’t want to think about how much money you owe? You can get up again? It is absolutely impossible by yourself! The only possibility is Feng Wuxi! He can help you! Help You paid off all your debts! This is the only way you can get back up, do you know?”
“Auntie, Xiaoqing…” Outside the door, there was a magnetic voice.
Murong Qing’s face cooled down.
Xiang Erlan was pleasantly surprised, “Xiaoqing, look, Feng Wuxi is here, your so-called boyfriend!!! Change clothes soon!”
After she finished, she had already opened the door.
At this time, came a tall and handsome man, gentle and elegant, full of British temperament.
It is indeed a handsome guy with a 100% return rate!
This is the real masonry master!
Rich, status, and good temper.
Xiang Erlan knows that when he was a child, Feng Wuxi was still chasing Murong Qing. At that time, the two Xiaowu guessed, but now, Feng Wuxi has not given up! !
Xiang Shilan, who is a mother, was moved. This is true love!
My daughter, married to such a man, will definitely be happy! !
“Auntie, hello!” Feng Wuxi’s smile, very friendly, such a good temper!
“Xiaofeng, hello, Xiaoqing changed clothes in the room, wait a minute!”
“It’s okay! Xiaoqing, don’t worry, take your time!” Feng Wuxi smiled slightly.
Wait patiently.
“Feng Wuxi, don’t wait, you won’t go out with you today!” The door opened, and Murong Qing walked out and said straight away.
“Dead girl, what are you talking about?” Xiang Erlan was angry, how could Murong Qing say nothing?
Feng Wuxi is so good, this is the standard good man, Xiang Erlan felt that if she was 20 years younger, she would like to marry a good man like Feng Wuxi.
Feng Wuxi smiled stagnantly, “Xiaoqing, you…”
“I don’t like you, I don’t like it from childhood, so I won’t go out with you! No today, no tomorrow, and even less!” Today, Murong Qing felt that he had to say nothing! !
“Xiaoqing, you shut up for me!!” Xiang Erlan was angry and his eyes were wet. Murongqing couldn’t see his mother’s eyes. “Mom, don’t force me, the person I like can help me solve everything… …”
“Then you let him appear!! Where did the tortoise turtle hide!” Xiang Rolan roared to the extreme!
She hates that iron is not steel!
My daughter, when is it so stupid? ?
“He is not a tortoise, he is very busy in the United States, I don’t want him to help me, I don’t want to be his burden!” Murong Qing said one by one!
“You!” Xiang Erlan was here, “Don’t talk for him, don’t show up, it’s the turtle with the head down! Xiaofeng, don’t mind, Xiaoqing is like that, she will figure it out…”
“It’s okay. I have liked Xiaoqing since I was a child. I know her character, and I am willing to wait!” Feng Wuxi said sincerely. “Xiaoqing, don’t think about anything else. Now he has no ability to help you. I can. It’s okay.” , I will help you the same…”
“I don’t need your help! Let’s go!!!” Murongqing didn’t want to listen to a word.
From small to big, she hates Feng Wuxi and always smiles. Such a person has no anger. This is to suppress the anger in her heart. Then, once it breaks out, it is very scary.
This kind of person is too deep performance of Ayutthaya!
Chuck is different. There are joys, sorrows, and joys. Chuck, she is still pure and kind. In this regard, Murong Qing, as a woman, feels particularly clear about her sixth sense.
“Xiaoqing, only I can help you. Now let me do something for you?” Feng Wuxi sighed.
“Xiaoqing, are you confused? Now only Xiaofeng can help you, who else can? Don’t mention your boyfriend, where did he hide? Don’t expect him, Xiaofeng is what you should expect Yes!
What else do you think about?” Xiang Erlan was really anxious.
For my daughter, good men do not choose, must choose bad men?
What’s this taste? ?
“I didn’t think about it, I solved it myself, I don’t want anyone to help, including mom you!”
Murong Qing wants to go back to the room.
“Murong Qing, if you don’t go out with Xiaofeng today, I’ll die in front of you!!!” Xiang Erlan cried crying.
Is she easy?
It’s not easy at all.
She was going to save her daughter from the fire pit, did she have to wait for the hidered turtle? ?
This is crazy! !
“Mom! Don’t do this!” Murong Qing was in pain. She loves her mother too much, because Xiang Erlan raised her.
Neither she nor Xiang Erlan found it, Feng Wuxi sneered gently!
Finally wait till today!
After Feng Wuxi knew that Murong Qing’s company had closed down, he was extremely happy. This time Murongqing can finally be retaliated against.
You know, from small to big, Murong Qing has been rejecting him!
He was fed up. This time, Murong Qing has lost so much money. This is a huge opportunity, because no one will spend more than 300 million for a woman to fill Murong Qing’s hole! he can!
It is also the only one who is willing!
Besides him, are there any other people willing?
Absolutely not!
After Xiang Lan forces Murongqing to agree, then his revenge will begin.
He wants to take back the shame that was rejected these years, time and time again! !
“What can I do? You tell me! I don’t want to carry so much debt with you. I raise you so big, can’t you consider it for me? How old am I?”
Murong Qing shed tears. She knew she was ashamed of her mother. The company failed, which made her worry, but. . Ugh! !
“I call him, he will help me!” Facing her hated Feng Wuxi, she chose to compromise, but not to Feng Wuxi, but to Chuck!
“Help, can’t you even get through his phone?” Xiang Erlan was angry!
What the hell is wrong with your daughter!
Feng Wuxi was sneering. Who would spend more than 300 million to fill the hole? ?
He was alone! He is not worried at all, someone will help Murong Qing!
In front of the two of them, Murong Qing took out her mobile phone. Her original card was useless, and she didn’t use it for Chuck. Now she uses another number.
She dialed it out! pass.
“Chuck is me!”
“Murong Qing…”
“Well, can you do me a favor?” Murong Qing was hard to tell! !
In this case, after all, we still have to say.
“Wait, I’m at your door now, open the door for me!”

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