My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 792

“Shut up! You pretend to be on my head?” Xiang Erlan scolded! !
“I did not pretend! There is no need to pretend to be you!” Chuck shook his head. [Read Novels at]
“Not yet? Well, how long will you say that the owner of this shop will come over!” Xiang Erlan sneered and was furious!
“Not far from here!”
Chuck’s cell phone rang, he answered, and nodded. “I see.”
The phone hangs up!
“Auntie, it’s coming soon! He was just nearby!” Chuck said, and Betty found the boss’s phone and contacted it. It was that simple.
Xiang Erlan didn’t want to go down at all!
“Are you still pretending? Security, blast him out for me!!!” The store manager scolded!
Several security guards came!
They also heard and saw what Chuck did just now, and it was really a clown! !
Feng Wuxi was too lazy to watch, how boring he was, wasting so much time with a leapfrog clown.
“Who wants to see me?”
Suddenly, a man walked in from outside!
Forty or fifty years old, in sportswear, especially casual, at first glance is the rich?
“Boss!!!” The manager immediately changed his face and ran across with a smile. “Boss, why are you here?”
Feng Wuxi was stunned, really called to let the shop owner come?
He understood that this was a harassment call!
Jewelry shop owner, come over and get angry?
Needless to say, this must be the case!
Murong was slow and stunned…
Xiang Erlan has no expression. Her view can be the same as Wuxi. The reason why this boss appeared is that he happened to be here and received a phone call to come to Xingshi for guilt!
So good.
With this boss coming, you can hit Chuck’s face fiercely.
“Who is Chuck after receiving a call?” the boss asked.
“He.” The store manager scorned Chuck. “Boss, this person is a neuropath, and he said he wanted to buy your store. Are you sick?”
The boss glanced at Chuck and came over, “Do you want to buy my shop?”
“Yes! I buy!”
The store manager rolled his eyes and was still pretending!
“Why should I sell it to you?”
“Because I have money!”
“Rich? How rich are you?” The boss laughed and the sarcasm appeared.
Feng Wuxi ridiculed, is there money?
What a ignorant person!
“Your shop, I just estimated it, with the goods together, about 700 million!” This is what Chuck just noticed.
“Yes, so many, but what does it have to do with you? I won’t sell it to you at all! So, there is no need to talk about the next words. You can leave here while my mood is okay.”
“Look, his boss blasted him away, doesn’t he feel ashamed? Alas!!!”
Speak to Geran, really!
Murong Qingmei watched, she was curious, she knew this boss, she was famous for not giving face, how did Chuck buy a shop from such a person?
“How many of you are not up yet?” The store manager lowered his voice and ordered several security guards.
Several security guards passed by, and the boss came over this time and had to perform well in front of the boss.
Chuck also said indifferently, “You play with jewelry. A few days ago, you haven’t heard of it.
Three pieces of emperor green appeared?”
The boss frowned, “Yes, three pieces of emperor green appeared. My friend said that it appeared on an auction floor and was bought by a young man…”
Such a big thing, as the owner of a jewelry store, even if he did not participate in the auction, he knew it immediately after the event!
Because it is so rare, it can be said that the chance of three emerald greens at a time detonated their jewelry circle.
After he heard the news, he really wanted to meet this person. Why is he so venomous? He has been making jewelry for so many years, and really hasn’t met such a person.
“I’m not young?” Chuck suddenly asked.
The boss was stunned and questioned the extreme, “Are you saying that you bought it?”
“Yes, it’s me.”
“Do you think I will believe it?” Of course the boss did not believe it. Why?
Let yourself believe in one sentence?
How can a person with such a savage vision be as plain as Chuck? ?
“Believe it or not! I…” Chuck didn’t finish, and the boss received a call, “Hey, Snakehead, why didn’t I answer the phone at the door? I have something to do with you recently! What? You are nearby, OK, come here!”
The phone hung up, and the boss glanced at Chuck, “You go! Waste my time!”
He walked to the door, the employees in the shop laughed, the manager scorned, Feng Wuxi, and Xiang Erlan all laughed!
This is a kind of sarcasm, to Chuck alone! !
Look, after saying that for so long, the boss can’t get you!
The manager scorned his eyes, “I said you blushed or not? Didn’t you say we bought our boss’s store? Why didn’t you buy it?”
“Your boss doesn’t bird him, how can he buy it?” Feng Wuxi laughed.
Chuck looked at the two of them, and the shopkeeper ordered several security guards to blast Chuck out.
At this time, there was a person outside. After the boss saw it, he suddenly surprised, “Snake Head, what’s wrong with you? Li Tian is missing, how did you get this way?”
“Don’t say it, I encountered something, and I followed someone again,” the snake head said.
“You talked to someone? Didn’t you joke with me? Didn’t you just do it yourself? Did you bring dozens of brothers to do it alone? Don’t joke with me, are you free these days, I want you Help me collect debts…”
“No time, I really followed someone.”
“Who?” The boss is interested, but he rarely sees this expression on the snake head, and really meets the expression of the new brother.
“You should have heard that three pieces of emperor green appeared in the auction there.”
“Of course I know, what’s the matter? You mean, you followed the young man who photographed the three pieces of emperor green?” The boss was suspicious to the extreme.
“Yes, I followed him!”
“Why? Not like you!”
“He, I tell you, if you meet him, don’t go against him, he is the most terrifying person I have ever seen!” The snake head’s face turned involuntarily white, “I tell you, my dozens of brothers , You know?”
“Yes, of course I know, which brothers did you last, also helped me in debt collection.” The boss said, the brothers of Snakehead are good, ruthless enough!
“Which of my brothers were all killed by him, more than twenty people, less than a minute!!”
The snake’s face was horrified and pale!
“Ah?!!!” The boss was shocked. “Aren’t you kidding me?”
“No!” The snake head shook his head. What joke did he make?
The boss is unbelievable, the expression of the snake head is still fearful, is this true?
“No? There will be such a horrible person? Killed all your brothers, and also shot three pieces of emperor green?… By the way, what does that person look like?” The boss didn’t look in the store at all. The snake head was shocked.
But suddenly, the snake head’s eyes were shocked, “Lord, Master, why are you here?”

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