My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 793

The owner of the jewelry store was shocked, lord, master? ?
Who is the owner of the snakehead?
His heart trembled, and he turned around and found that the snake head had changed its face all of a sudden, and in an instant, respectfully reached the extreme, “Master, why are you here?”
The snake head is facing one person, yes, Chuck, who seems to be smiling!
The boss was dumbfounded! Fall into shock! !
He has known Snakehead for many years, and knows that Snakehead is a retired mercenary who brought a bunch of people and did nothing to fear anything!
He has cooperated with Snakehead several times, and every time Snakehead has done a beautiful job for him, he knows the strength of Snakehead, but now he is so polite to one person?
Still calling the owner? ?
This is simply hitting the boss with two punches, he is stunned!
In addition, the snake head just said that he had followed a man. This man killed dozens of his brothers, and also photographed three pieces of emperor green…
Yes, this person in his own shop? ?
In a flash of cold sweat came from behind the boss!
The man in this shop admitted that he was the one just now, but he didn’t believe it…
His cold sweat came out more!
It has already spread throughout his circle. This man who photographed three pieces of emperor green is absolutely super rich second generation! !
Otherwise, how could anyone be so courageous and spend billions of dollars to capture three rough stones that no one likes? !
He dare not do this!
Once he lost money, he also felt distressed! even……
There are also amazing news in the circle. The two big bosses, who are similar to themselves, died after the auction ended that evening…
Who killed? ?
No one in the circle of friends dares to be sure, because this is an explosive thing!
Shortly caused panic in the circle of friends!
But some people came out, and a very reasonable analysis was that the two bosses were upset and red-eyed, looking for someone to kill the young man who photographed three pieces of emperor green, but was killed by this young man…
This rumor appeared in the boss’s mind. The more he wanted to gather, the more sweat was behind him! ! is it him? ?
However, this person is actually in his own shop at the moment, he just wanted to buy his own shop, he still refused just now…
The boss turned pale.
The manager, Feng Wuxi, was shocked to the blue!
They don’t know this snakehead, but how about calling it a master? what does this mean? !
Murong Qing was shocked. What happened to Chuck?
In the end, how is Chuck?
“Come and buy something.” Chuck shrugged.
“Ah? Shopping? Master, what are you going to buy? I know the boss here, and I let him give it to you!” Shetou waved to the boss.
The boss was stunned and stunned.
“Send it? No, I want to buy it. He doesn’t want it.” Chuck said.
The head of the snake was dismayed, and he came, “Lao Ke, what are you doing? Why don’t you want my master to buy something?”
“He, is he really the one who photographed three pieces of emperor green?” The boss’s voice was bitter.
“Yes, it’s him!”
The boss is even harder.
“Lao Ke, don’t blame me for not telling you. Boss Guo asked me to kill him that night. I brought more than 20 brothers, and he solved it within a minute…”
“Ah?” The boss was terrified!
He looked so young, why is it so powerful!
“Think about it yourself, I won’t say much, but you offended him, be careful yourself!”
“I?” The boss bitterly said, “What do you mean? He will kill me?”
It’s not easy to kill so many brothers and kill him in a minute?
The boss knows himself!
“I don’t know, but he is a super rich second generation. Your worth is in front of him. It’s not enough to see you! It’s easy for you to adjust you! Lao Ke, sometimes, it’s nothing to know the current affairs!”
The cold sweat behind the boss wet his clothes, “Then let me promise him?”
The boss ran over, “Are you going to buy my shop? Well, I will sell it to you!!!”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in awe
“Boss, what does the boss say? He wants to sell this shop?”
“Why?” The store manager was incredible!
Feng Wuxi was stunned, and Xiang Lan was stunned. Why did this boss suddenly change his mind!
“Aren’t you just unwilling?” Chuck shrugged.
“Sorry, I made a mistake just now. You want to buy it, anytime you want,” the boss said flatly.
At this moment, he realized why the snake head was so polite to Chuck.
Approaching, Chuck, he experienced the battle in the battlefield, they all felt the oppression from the bottom of his heart.
This is definitely the feeling of being super rich second generation! !
“Anytime? All right, you bid a price!”
“Seven hundred million, no, no, three hundred million, three hundred million for you!” The boss was cold sweat!
Feng Wuxi was stunned!
How could the value of this shop be only 300 million? He sold it to Chuck at a loss? Why?
He couldn’t figure it out.
“I will not take advantage of you, I will give you 700 million,” Chuck said, he is not a robber.
“What’s more, I’m not going to buy you a shop!” What is Chuck’s idea?
Liu Na has established an industrial chain over there, so it needs a store to sell, and it is not simpler to buy all his stores directly.
“Ah? What do you mean?” The boss sweated more.
“All, I want to buy all your stores!”
The boss was shocked, “All stores? I have 109!”
“I need all three hundred! Tomorrow I will let someone estimate the value of your store, all, and then give you a purchase price that is 10% higher than your market value!!”
The boss was shocked and immediately changed his face, “What? Are you willing to be ten percent higher?”
The investment of more than 100 stores is different. The total goods are about 5 billion. The others are some stores. The valuation is about 15-6 billion! !
In other words, 10% higher is to give yourself 1.56 billion more? ?
The boss’s heart is pleasantly surprised. Is this a pie? ?
Is there such a good thing?
“Yes! Buy, I will definitely make you satisfied!” Chuck shrugged.
“Okay, I sell! All the shops sell you!”
“Yes, I will let the estimate tomorrow!”
“Boss Ke, he is joking with you, don’t take it seriously!” Feng Wuxi sneered. How much is the value of this boss’s store, how could he not know?
More than 10 billion, Chuck has so much money to buy it?
It’s impossible!
The boss frowned, “Master Feng, I think you should pay attention to your words!”
“Attention? You were bluffed by him, I won’t!” Feng Wuxi came over step by step. “He didn’t have so much money to buy…”
He didn’t finish what he said, and a slap hit him in the face!
Feng Wuxi was shocked, “Boss Ke, are you beating me?”
“Yes, don’t hurt me! You are an ant in front of Master Zhang, do you know?” the boss said coldly!

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