My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 794

Chuck had no choice but to know that Murong Qing would refuse.
Forced to help her Chuck can not do it.
“Okay, what you do, I support you.” Chuck’s face was serious.
Murong Qing wants to be a strong woman, then let her do well, this is her dignity as a woman Chuck couldn’t bear to deprive him.
“Thank you” Murong Qing was also moved.
“Thanks for what I did, but when I want to play with Feng Wuxi, don’t stop it,” Chuck eyes chilled.
“No.” Murongqing also wanted to know what Feng Wuxi wanted to play with Chuck.
But the essence must also be related to money.
“By the way, you opened the casino on the first day and really won so much money.” Murong Qing couldn’t help it, she wanted to know.
“Well, let me tell you something,”
“Okay.” Murong cleaned his ears and listened.
Chuck said it all. Murong Qing was in shock. She didn’t even know that Chuck would actually play dice and won so much money.
It’s incredible
“Here it is, something about that, said at night.” Chuck shrugged.
“Good evening.” Murong Qing blushed.
They got off the bus, sealed Wuxi, and Xiang Lan had been waiting at the door, they were all impatient
“Oh, play this” Chuck smiled slightly.
He thought, what would Feng Wuxi want to play, it was all about shopping
“Yes, the diamonds in the purchase are very large and the most expensive is more than 10 million. You can afford to buy a few,” Feng Wuxi grinned grinningly.
Driving a car of more than 300,000, but also want to buy more than 10 million masonry, tens of millions of diamond necklaces Dream you
“Go in and see first.” Chuck didn’t care to shrug.
Xiang Erlan despised Chuck, they are all here, still pretending You can afford more than 10 million diamonds Murong Qing said nothing, and the four went in.
The manager of the “Master Feng” jewelry store smiled and even came over to welcome him personally Feng Wuxi is a frequent visitor to their jewelry store. As the store manager, she must meet
“Well, I came to see a good diamond necklace, you take the best out and remember, it is the most expensive”
“Master Feng is assured,” the store manager took the surprise and took the big business again today.
As for Chuck, who came in later, she, as the manager, didn’t even glance at her.
It’s enough to have a seal in Wuxi. For other cats and dogs, she is too lazy to receive it in person.
“Master Feng, this is the most expensive diamond in our store. This is a diamond necklace, 108 diamonds, worth 38 million. This necklace is all hand-made, inlaid with 310 Eight diamonds, worth 50 million, and this one, but the best item in jade, young master, you see, how good this jade bracelet is, this eight million worth of store manager fully introduced.
“Is this Emperor Green”
Chuck asked casually.
The store manager despised Chuck, “This gentleman, do you know what is jadeite? You said imperial green, but it is a very rare kind. Our boss has been making jewelry for decades. Is the value so high that you can afford it?”
Looking at Chuck’s dress, I can’t afford it.
I still have a face to ask Emperor Green Really an uninformed layman.
“I don’t have to spend, I have three pieces of emperor green, worth more than two billion yuan, if you want a bracelet, you can just hit it yourself.” Chuck shrugged.
It seems that the three pieces of emperor green are all made and should be able to sell more.
“This gentleman, are you kidding me? Three pieces of emperor green do you know the value of emperor green? Obviously you don’t know,” the manager said contemptuously.
Three Imperial Greens This will cause violent robbery, right?
This is the only jeweler who has the ability to stockpile three pieces of emperor green.
Feng Wuxi grinned awkwardly, this is a bragging addiction, right?
Just bragging about having the biggest casino, now actually bragging about three emperors green Xiang Erlan couldn’t hear it anymore, it was so uncomfortable.
Murong Qingmei is moving, three emperors green Chuck is still betting on stones
“I know,” Chuck shrugged.
I knew it already.
“You really know, you can’t say anything, there are three emperors green, to be honest, you are heard by others, you will laugh at you, or pay attention to it.” The store manager did not want to talk to Chuck, see the waste time.
Today’s biggest customer is Feng Wuxi, Master Feng How can you waste time on people who don’t matter?
“Chuck, which one do you buy?” Feng Wuxi sneered and asked.
The worst is the start of 8 million, this pen can not afford it
“I didn’t like it. What kind of emerald is this? I have emperor green. I definitely don’t want it.
What kind of diamond is this? I also have a large one. I don’t need it,” Chuck remembers. When he came back, Yvette Give yourself a big diamond.
That kind of diamond is not more valuable than this one
“So you mean not to buy it,” Feng Wuxi laughed.
The manager couldn’t hear it anymore. He said Emperor Green for a while, and then said Big Diamond. This man was shameless enough.
“No need to buy.”
Chuck still said this.
“What are you going to do? You said the emperor green, and take out your big diamonds” Feng Wuxi pressed step by step.
Xiang Erlan sneered, there is a fart
“I didn’t bring it.” Chuck really didn’t bring it. The three emperor greens are in the mother’s hotel.
The big diamond is also in the luggage of the hotel. Chuck must not bring it out.
Besides, what do you bring out?
“Can I change an excuse?” Feng Wuxi laughed more than once, “You said you can’t buy it.”
“Not buying”
Xiang Erlan became impatient, “If you don’t buy, what you’re doing is a waste of time”
“I want to buy something else,” Chuck said.
“What else can you buy?” Xiang Erlan wanted to slap Chuck, so shameless.
“Still thinking.” Chuck said.
“I can’t stand it,” Xiang Erlan didn’t want to listen.
“Wrapped up, all three wrapped up” Feng Wuxi smiled, he snapped his fingers, took out a card, the store manager was ecstatic, all bought Almost 100 million, this is really big business
“Wait a minute, Master Feng, I’ll wrap it up for you,” the manager personally packed it.
Soon, okay.
Feng Wuxi took the packed box and said, “Chuck, right? You have no money at all”
Certainly not As I said just now, when I really bought it, there were excuses everywhere.
Xiang Erlan hummed impatiently, “Let’s see what else to go”
“I haven’t bought it yet” Chuck said suddenly.
“Oh, what you bought the most expensive has already been bought by me. If you buy tens of thousands of things, don’t buy it.” Feng Wuxi waited to give the necklace to Murong Qing
“You are sure that the most expensive one was bought by you,” Chuck mysteriously laughed.

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