My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 799

The people who work on the site are hard-working people, and all the hard-earned money is earned.
Three died at once, then it means that the pillars of the three families are gone. No wonder, Yolanda did not encounter such a thing, of course, it is not very easy to deal with.
Chuck called Betty.
“Hey, Sister Li, three people died on my site. Please help me check the family of these three people!”
“Yes, young master, I’ll check this! Young master wait!”
The phone hung up and Chuck squeezed into the crowd.
This is not the first time Chuck has seen the dead, but this is the first time such an accident has occurred.
Chuck’s mixed tastes, such things must be done with a conscience.
As the contractor for this construction site, Song Tianhao paid as much as Chuck would pay, although it didn’t matter what Chuck did.
“Her husband, it’s too late for these three people to die, can’t you be careful?” Ma Fang was angry.
The dead will lose money!
Seven hundred thousand one? !
“It’s dying to die, it doesn’t matter! That, Pharaoh, you and the three of them are fellows, you let their family come to pick them up, each of me gives them 300,000!” Song Tianhao said.
Ma Fang was guilty, or her husband was awesome. He paid 700,000 yuan, not his own family.
Just 300,000 yuan was enough!
“What? It’s only 300,000, are you too dark?”
“One life, at least 700,000!”
“We have followed you for some time, how can you be so arrogant?”
On the construction site, they are usually fellows. When the boss said this, they were all anxious.
Who is old or small? ?
Suddenly died, the pillars of the family were gone, what should the family do?
What is 300,000 enough? ?
“What’s noisy? I don’t wear a seat belt, I blame me for my own death?” My mother lost 900,000 in vain, who should I justify? “Song Tianhao was angry.
“Hey, the boss can’t say that, but you let us hurry up, you said, as long as the speed is up, the quality is up, don’t worry about the rest?”
“Are you shameless? Lao Tzu let you die now, do you want to go?? Use your mind, the seat belts are not tied, they are to find their own death, I gave them 300,000, already benevolent! Who she still? Say, just leave me!”
Song Tianhao reprimanded! !
“Isn’t it alright?” Yolanda looked cold.
How can I say life is so cheap? The compensation should be one point.
This is a normal procedure, how can it be so much less? ?
“Manager Lu, I am unlucky. They don’t wear seat belts. What does it matter to me? I’m also a victim!” Song Tianhao knew that Yolanda couldn’t offend, and was kind! !
“Anyway, you are not doing this right!” Yolanda had suffered hard and knew the hard work of the work site.
When people die, there is so much less normal loss of money. This is no longer the last dignity.
“I don’t think it’s okay, so I should do it to let them know that if they want to go somewhere else, don’t hurt me!”
“Hey, what are you talking about?”
“When you asked us to come to this site, but you got a ticket and said something was wrong,
700,000 people per person! Now that something has happened, you can’t count?”
Song Tianhao’s words, struck a thousand waves!
Arouse the indignation of the workers on the construction site! !
“What does not count? Lao Tzu pays 300,000. If you want to be obedient, don’t just get out!”
Song Tianhao had no fear. His dad is a bit powerful. This sort of thing is easy.
“You, it’s so arrogant!”
“My three fellows are worthless!”
They are helpless, what other ways can they have?
Song Tianhao is very proud, and it really needs to be fierce.
Yolanda was angry. This person is so ridiculous, he actually found such an irresponsible construction company!
“Her husband, you are great, there are millions left, and the money saved, I want to buy a necklace!!” Ma Fang said smirkingly.
“No problem!” Song Tianhao shrugged.
How good is it to buy a necklace for your wife? ? Why should I pay these people?
“Song Tianhao, you are really black!” Chuck squeezed in from the crowd.
“What’s the matter with Laozi Heiguan?? Chuck, it’s not your turn to get here?” Song Tianhao was angry.
“Chuck, are you sick? Who told you to speak at this time? Shut up, you!!” Ma Fang was anxiously corrupted.
“Three hundred thousand is too few, one in two million!” Chuck said!
“Ah, who is this man? We from the construction site?”
“Not seen, but he was right!”
Chuck’s words got their support! !
“You dare to say, two million? Believe me or not to spend money to die you? You kind of person. Just give a person fifty thousand, you can stab you! Come on, get out!” Song Tianhao said angrily.
“Get off!” Ma Fang pushed Chuck away.
Chuck is a master of fighting, how could a woman who does not understand fighting can push it? ?
“Two million, one point is not less!”
“Do you think you are who you are? A poor ratio, academics forced to come forward, right? Lao Wang, who asked you to allow him to come to my site to work?” Song Tianhao yelled coldly.
Chuck appeared on his contracted site, so he must be a worker on his site! !
Ma Fang sneered more than once, and turned out to be a worker at her husband’s construction site.
Promising guy! Still learning others?
Do you have this strength? ?
There is no self-evident junk stuff!
“He is not from our construction site!” Lao Wang looked at Chuck again, shaking his head without knowing it, and the other workers shook his head and said they didn’t know.
At a construction site, why don’t you look down and see it all day long? ?
Chuck’s face is too raw.
“Oh, no, do you still talk to her? Get out! You don’t have any one here to stay! Pharaoh, let someone get him out!” Song Tianhao was furious!
The old king didn’t move. He was particularly dissatisfied with Song Tianhao’s handling. How could he still be obedient? ?
“I’m here, no one can let me go!” Chuck stepped closer!
Who can let Chuck go on his own construction site, his own project?
“Haha, no one let you go? Are you kidding me? What are you thinking?” Song Tianhao laughed.
A poor student who has dropped out of school halfway has a face to say this.
He is eye-opening!
Ma Fang was disdainful and despised, “Chuck, why haven’t I seen that you are so good at writing pens?? Why don’t you blush when you say this kind of pens?”
“Go away, this is my contracted construction site, where you can’t stand! Get away!!!” Song Tianhao came over and pushed Chuck.
Chuck stands still, how can he push it? Song Tianhao was annoyed that this pen was indeed on a construction site and could not be pushed.
“This is your construction site that is not fake, but you don’t know, you are contracting my construction site?” Chuck said lightly.

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