My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 800

“Hahaha! You are really kidding! My contracted site is yours?” Song Tianhao first of all, the expression that naturally appeared was mocking! !
How big is the investment on this site, he roughly knows that this site alone is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the investment on this site.[Read Novels at]
There is no 3 billion worth of money, can this kind of place be taken down?
Such a rich man would be Chuck from the construction site who dropped out of school? ?
Chuck’s sling like this, it is difficult to take out tens of thousands of tens of thousands on his body. Will it be the boss of this construction site? ?
“Chuck, I didn’t expect you to be so vanity! You can say such shameless words?” Ma Fang was disappointed and disappointed.
At this meeting, she had changed Chuck so much, and she had an instinctive feeling in her heart, because Chuck’s good figure and strong arm gave her a hormonal feeling.
After all, women are lecherous.
Chuck was on the figure, but it was much better than Song Tianhao, she was so excited, how to say that she and Song Tianhao have been together for too long, and the aesthetic fatigue.
But this kind of goodwill was swept away by Chuck’s shameless words.
It’s a typical shameless! !
“Yes, it’s mine!” Chuck stepped forward!
“Get off you!” Song Tianhao scolded, wasting time!
“Chuck, you are too shameless! Get rid of you!” Ma Fang can’t stand it!
“You don’t believe it? That’s okay, I will cancel the contract with you!” Chuck said.
Song Tianhao, this person, has no bottom line. What kind of person can such a person come up with? ?
It is best to cancel the contract early.
It’s no problem to find other construction teams.
“Haha! You still pretend to be pretty! Have you canceled the contract with me? Why don’t you go to heaven?” Song Tianhao laughed.
“Chuck! You’re driving!” At this time, Yolanda came out of the crowd.
Song Tianhao frowned, and Yolanda was the manager of this project. He knew that because Yolanda had always negotiated with him, did Yolanda actually know Chuck?
Even Ma Fang was stunned.
“Well, to terminate the contract with him, you go to other construction teams.”
“Well, I’m sorry, I…” How did Yolanda think that Song Tianhao was actually such a person, even with less money, really inhumane!
“No need to blame yourself, you don’t know.” Chuck shrugged.
“Manager Lu, is he really the boss of this place?” Song Tianhao doubted it.
Yolanda’s performance tells him that Yolanda and Chuck know each other, the relationship is not bad, is it the title? If Chuck is really the boss of this place, why does Yolanda, the manager, directly call Chuck the name?
Shouldn’t I call the boss? ?
“Of course, I work under his men.”
Song Tianhao immediately stared at Chuck, still full of doubts, “Ma Fang, didn’t you say that this guy is poor?”
“Yes, he is a poor pen, husband, you are not in a class with him, you don’t know, he, he was so poor when he was studying, I never saw him wear good clothes, never saw him buy snacks After all, how can the poor people be the boss of this place? It is impossible at all!” Ma Fang disdain.
When I was studying, I was so poor, obviously not the second generation of rich, how long did I drop out of school? Is there so much money? That is even more impossible! !
Therefore, Chuck pretended to be deliberate.
Song Tianhao was silent for three seconds and nodded. “Well, I don’t think so, but this Yolanda treated him…”
Doesn’t Yolanda need to help Chuck for nothing? ?
“It must be the two of them.” Ma Fang analyzed.
“That’s right!” Song Tianhao’s suspicion suddenly disappeared, no need to doubt!
“Chuck, you don’t have to pretend, it’s boring! Get out!” Song Tianhao laughed.
“It’s up to you. Song Tianhao, I will cancel the contract with you!” Yolanda said coldly.
Song Tianhao was stunned and exasperated, “Yolanda, you dare!!! You think clearly, Chuck this hanging wire is just your friend, you need to talk to me like this for him? Let your boss know, you are ready Pack your things and get out!”
“That’s right, it’s not big or small, I think you’re a bad pen. The contract is signed. If you say that the contract will be cancelled? How old are you? The pig’s nose has green onions. What kind of elephant do you pretend to be!” .
It’s so angry!
“Yolanda, forget it, no need to cancel the contract, how about acquiring his company?” Chuck shrugged and changed his mind.
Building your own business empire definitely needs a professional construction team. In fact, you can also take this opportunity to start building.
“I watched his dad’s company. The strength is good, and the project is not bad, so I chose to cooperate with them when I left. If I buy, I think it is OK,” Yolanda said.
“Haha, are you going to buy my dad’s company? Are you overwriting? My dad’s company has a market value of one billion, you…”
“Only one billion, what are you proud of here?? No knowledge!” Chuck shrugged.
Song Tianhao is angry!
What is a billion? do you have?
“Sister Li, are you free? Yes? Well, I bought a company for me in the past. I don’t know the name. The son of the boss of this company is Song Tianhao. Well, I’m waiting for you.” Chuck shrugged.
Betty is also a negotiation expert. The CEO of this kind of company is simply not enough for Betty to see. It happens that Betty is nearby, and it is quick to go there, according to Betty’s speed.
Song Tianhao, Ma Fang looked at each other!
“He really is the boss here?”
“I think it’s possible. You can see that he makes a good call. It’s not a big boss. There really is no such aura!”
The onlookers whispered.
“Hello, Chuck, are you still on the phone? You pretend to be a pen and look pretty good! I almost made it.”
Song Tianhao laughed. “Are you going to buy my dad’s company? Do you have money?”
“Yes, just wait,” Chuck shrugged. “Yolanda, you have to ask for six million cash to come over.
We will also pay for it. After all, they are not easy.”
“Well, if you don’t say that, I also have this plan.” Yolanda immediately did it.
“Wow, this big boss is really good, much better than Song Tianhao!”
“If he really bought Song Tianhao’s father’s company, I would follow him!!”
“Me too, it’s safe to follow a good boss!”
The workers were excited.
Song Tianhao was annoyed and ate something inside and out.
“Chuck, why haven’t you acquired my dad’s company? Don’t you know where my dad’s company is? I tell you well, do you want it?”
“Her husband, just like his hanging wire, maybe he has money? It’s just a pen!” Ma Fang disdain.
Song Tianhao laughed, too. He was so scared that he wanted to talk, and suddenly the phone rang. When he saw it, it was his father’s phone.

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