My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 802

that she could go.
Liu Na called over there and reported the progress. Chuck directly told her to find Yolanda.
Yolanda’s ability, coupled with Liu Na’s ability, will surprise himself when he returns!
When you come back and have the strength, then when you build your own business empire, you don’t have much worry.
However, Betty said that she was dragged down by something and sent Chuck an address and asked Chuck to go there and wait for Betty.
Chuck must be fine.
He is not a child.
You can go by yourself! !
Simply packing up, Chuck went to Bettyfa’s address, which is also on the edge of China. It can be said that they are very close to going abroad.
Take a flight and take a look at the place.
There are also some foreigners outside, and Chuck is not here to come and play. Take a taxi when you come out. Just find a place to live first and wait for Betty to come over! !
Chuck put away his luggage and went out to find a place to eat. When doing nothing, he suddenly saw someone watching.
Chuck was too lazy to pass, but ah, seeing someone lying on the ground, Chuck knew that someone had an accident.
Looking closer, I found an old man lying on the ground, this was a fall, his head was bleeding, he could not get up.
Many people watched, but no one dared to help.
When Chuck came to nothing, he squeezed it in, and it seemed to move his heart! Everyone is old.
“Trouble, let me take the old man to the hospital.”
Chuck picked up the old man and squeezed it out of the crowd.
The onlookers were surprised and shook their heads one after another.
“Ah, the young people are so brave.”
“Isn’t it, in case of being wronged? This guy has a good heart, but something may be wrong!”
Everyone can see that the old man has fallen into a coma, so he went to the hospital in this way, what if he died halfway? This can’t be killed?
They shook their heads and sighed!
Seeing that there are no taxis nearby, Chuck is willing to stop. Can’t he carry the elderly to the hospital?
Chuck’s physical fitness can be, but this old man can’t bear the bumps caused by Chuck’s running, right? ?
Just seeing a BMW car, Chuck can only run over here with the old man in his arms, thinking that they are all men, Huaxia people, will they always help? The big deal is to pay.
“Hey, this old man fell down, take me to the hospital, I give…”
“Fool, go away!”
The BMW owner scolded, “I want to drag myself if I want to die? What if the old man dies in my car? Get away!”
“Send me trouble, I will give money!” Chuck was speechless.
“Rich? Haha! Wouldn’t it be in the black bag in your hand?” The BMW owner smiled.
Chuck just ate something, but the black bag was packed, but he didn’t finish it.
“Please, go into trouble yourself, solve it yourself, don’t pull us, the money we just said was intentionally said? Want to pull us into the water? Don’t worry about it without strength!” The BMW owner eased his face.
He saw it just now, but he dared not come.
Chuck looked at the old man in his arms full of pain and could not delay it any longer. He took out 10,000 cash and shook it a few times by the side of the road, and finally some taxis stopped.
Chuck took the old man and sat in, “Go to the nearest hospital!”
The driver brother looked at Chuck and the unconscious old man and said suspiciously, “Boy, is this?”
After all, they look different!
“I helped by the road!” Chuck said.
The driver’s brother was shocked. He gave a thumbs-up to Chuck, but at the same time expressed sympathy, he sighed, “Young man, be careful not to repay!”
Fortunately, the driver’s brother immediately sent Chuck to the nearest hospital.
Chuck yelled for a while and said to open the most expensive ward, ask the best doctor for first aid, a nurse pushed the sick car over, and then Chuck paid money to pay seven or eighty thousand, not much, at least this old man Able to survive.
It’s a good thing.
He sat outside the rescue room and waited. Fortunately, it was delivered in time, and the old man came out of the rescue room.
But still in a coma, the hospital has contacted the family of the elderly, Chuck can wait to see, thinking about going back to bed, After a while, a temperament woman in her early thirties came running anxiously on high heels, came to see Chuck and said, “Okay, send my father over! To express my gratitude! Please be sure to accept this under!”
She said she let go, took out a card from the delicate bag, and handed it over with both hands.
Chuck shook his head, “No need, just a trifle!”
Chuck moved his heart of humiliation, not for money. Besides, this little money has no appeal to Chuck now.
Chuck will continue to wait for Betty to come over!
The woman’s brow furrowed. She didn’t want Chuck, but she denied it in her heart. She didn’t want money. ?
“Slow down, can’t go!” A man came coldly.
The aura is not ordinary, and it is actually a master of fighting. Chuck whispered in his heart.
Mom has been here before, indicating that this place is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and it is true.
“Why?” Chuck asked.
“My grandpa hasn’t awakened yet, and things haven’t been figured out yet, so I can’t go?” The at Chuck for a few moments without saying much. When she went to the ward, everything was dominated by men.
Chuck was stared at by this man, afraid that Chuck would run away.
Chuck was upset and clearly did something good. Is this the kind of treatment? Chuck regrets moving her heart.
Isn’t it good to go shopping and sleep by yourself? ?
“What’s your name?” the man asked coldly.
Chuck shrugged, “What’s the matter? Let go!”
“Huh, before things get clear, want to go?” The man sneered, his eyes cold.
“What if I want to go?” Chuck’s eyes chilled. Chuck regretted doing this for the first time.
“This is terrible!! If I let it stay, I have to stay, let it go before I can go!” The man stepped closer.
Chuck shrugged, not changing his face, “Want to fight me?”
“No, I’m not qualified to fight with me! Obediently stay! Don’t force me to do it!” The man disdained, Chuck like this, is a college student, he can hit one hundred.
“Don’t force me to do it!” Chuck was angry! !

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