My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 807

“Who is Karen li? Never heard of it!!”
“That’s right, I haven’t heard of it. There are such powerful people? Can you run fast with a weight of 120 kg? Is this possible? Just kidding!!!”
Sweet girls shook their heads, their faces full of doubts.
The extremes of ordinary people can’t do this? Still a woman!
Chuck smiled, but his mother went out in fifteen days. This speed is among the Wumen, and it is also a record-breaking!
As a younger generation, Liu Li must know the prestige of his mother!
Coupled with the low-key mother, it is a legendary existence.
Chuckxin felt proud.
“How could it be a joke? Karen li’s speed, at that time, among the Wumen, except the person who created the Wumen reached, dozens of generations came down, and no one else reached it.
How can I remember it wrong?”
Liu Li said coldly, and later she sighed, “This Karen li is really a legendary person. He came out of Wumen in fifteen days. It can be said that he is the strongest student in Wumen history!”
“What? It’s amazing to go out in fifteen days!”
“Well, it’s still our woman. It’s too powerful. I want to learn from her!”
“Come on, such a person, a once-in-a-year fighting genius, it is useless to learn, no one has that abnormal physical quality.”
“Right, coach, how old are you Karen li?” Tiantian asked.
“I haven’t seen it. I heard rumors that she was in her twenties when she came, and it’s been almost twenty years in the past. It should be in her early forties. She must be married, but I just don’t know if her child is a boy. Female… With her physique gene, the child born must be as abnormal as she is!” said Liu Li.
“It must be a son, a powerful woman, usually a child is a son!” Tian Tian said.
“It should be, I don’t know, but if it is a son, then according to normal age, Karen li is married in his twenties and has children. Should her son be close to twenty? Generally speaking, physical fitness It will certainly inherit Karen li’s abnormal physique, and may not be blue or blue. At this age of about twenty, I don’t know where to study fighting, and my talents are undoubtedly good!” Liu Li sighed.
If ah, she can receive this kind of trainee, enough for her to have a long face in Wumen.
Unfortunately, she didn’t know.
Chuck smiled, it was true, he must have inherited the abnormal physique of his mother, otherwise, how could he have been in combat for less than a year and have the strength of such a master of combat? ?
However, Liu Li said that her physique may exceed her mother’s physique. This is not easy to say. Chuck thinks that he certainly does not.
It’s not bad to inherit the eighth city.
Chuckxin’s heart is blooming. Sure enough, reincarnation is a technical job.
Chuck was very lucky.
“What are you laughing at? It’s not you!!!” Tian Tian despised Chuck.
“You see him smiling like that, it’s shameless! What others don’t know thinks he’s talking about it!”
“That is, Karen li’s so powerful predecessor, the record-breaking predecessor, if he gave birth to his son, Karen li could not be angry?”
“Of course, Feng Shenglong, where does he look like a dragon?”
“Ha ha ha, one, dragon? Ha ha!”
Sweet girls laughed more than once, who made you laugh at the untimely Chuck?
What about Karen li’s son? ?
A grin, amorous, the same as a neuropathy.
Liu Li didn’t even look at Chuck. If Karen li’s son was as garbage as Chuck, he was panting after running ten kilometers and was too tired to stand up. That’s a waste of Karen li’s genes.
Therefore, Chuck is only envious.
It is impossible to be Karen li’s son at all.
Besides, they also analyzed at random according to common sense. Where are the boys and girls, where does Liu Li know? ?
But she hates boys. She must have a daughter if she has children.
Chuck shrugged and didn’t have the general knowledge of these women.
They say that they are Karen li’s sons, and they won’t believe it. Why waste their time? ?
Liu Li went out. Before leaving, let go of the words and run for three days every day!
Chuck is no problem at all.
Several sweet girls are crying.
“If Karen li is my mother, how good should I be? I inherited her perverted physique, not to mention running ten kilometers, even twenty kilometers is no problem. Now no one can beat me!”
“I think too! It’s a pity that my mother has no control over chickens, just think about it, alas, I really envy Karen li’s children… By the way, are sweet, powerful women all born sons?”
“Mostly! Because the powerful women are strong, most of the children born are sons, about 20
years old. I don’t know if Karen li’s son is handsome or handsome. How many talents have he inherited from Karen li?” Tiantian dreamed.
In her mind, she is a great woman, she admires!
Because she is also a inspirational woman.
“Listening to Karen li’s name, I feel that she must be generous in temperament. The son born must be handsome. Haha, I have no chance to be Karen li’s child in this life. I can be the wife of Karen li’s son. Great mom, isn’t you walking sideways in the world?? Haha, …Hey, Chuck, you’re not finished, what are you laughing at? Are you talking about you?”
A girl was extremely angry because Chuck couldn’t help but laugh silently.
“Yeah, are you talking about it? What are you laughing at? You really don’t understand you, you go out!!!” Tian Tian was exasperated.
This is a whisper between girls.
“You talk slowly.” Chuck couldn’t hold back. Why are these girls so gossip? ?
“Huh, it’s annoying to see him laugh, so shameless! At this moment, it’s a hint that Karen li’s son is him?”
“How can it be so coincident? Besides, Karen li’s son is his virtue? I don’t believe it!”
Several girls said in exasperation. In their view, Chuck must have been born in an ordinary family. Who would Chuck be a record-breaking son of Karen li?
God is blind.

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