My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 808

At night, Chuck came out. Product=Book/Web Chuck didn’t agree with Liu Li’s training method. She still had to ask for the teacher Qiushui, whom her mother said.
For talent, Liu Li has introduced it, after the mother.
Explain that Teacher Qiushui is amazing! !
When Chuck ran during the day, he saw the house on the mountain, most of it was Mr. Qiushui.
Chuck ran up.
“How about the garbage?” Liu Ge asked.
Liu Li sighed and shook her head, “No, no, this time I will definitely be scolded by the master.
Alas, it is too difficult to find a talented student now!”
“Is that Chuck also rubbish?”
“Yes, I was tired after only ten kilometers. It was not as good as a few female students. Alas, I regret letting him in.” Liu Li was extremely annoyed.
Fortunately, Chuck is not allowed to come in, and she is not so upset.
“Then tomorrow, the next day, just find a reason for him to get out of it. If he doesn’t know, I will hit him!” Liu Ge said indifferently.
“Well, brother, are you still asleep?” Liu Li returned to her room.
Liu Ge smiled.
Liu Li was speechless. “Brother, don’t even think about it. That Qiushui’s status in Wumen is too high now. She doesn’t look at you at all. Why should she take her own shame?”
“Sister, you don’t understand! Qiushui is so beautiful, satisfying my fantasies about women, I must get her in my life! I will go again tonight, otherwise I can’t sleep.” Liu Ge looked forward excitedly.
“Ah! Qiu Shui’s vision is too high, and you can’t even look down on her brother,” Liu Li looked at her brother, intending to die on a tree, she had no choice but to help! !
“I’m going!” Liu Ge ran out excitedly.
Liu Li was speechless. She looked up at the window, the house on the hill.
“Qiu Shui, your vision can’t be so high, my brother is already very good, you don’t know what to do!”
Wow! !
When Chuck was running, he suddenly heard something moving behind him, and Chuck found a place to hide.
“It’s him??”
It was Liu Ge who ran over, and Chuck muttered to himself, “He also came to look for Coach Qiushui? It’s not good intentions so late!”
Chuck considered whether to continue up, and after sighing, decided to continue up.
Chuck ran up.
He deliberately slowed down a lot. The two of them went up one after the other, and Liu Ge, who ran ahead, did not find Chuck at all.
Chuck shrugged, it was normal, he was stronger than him!
It has good acuity, and it was discovered by Liu Ge, who is of average strength. That is really strange! ?
When he arrived at the door of the house, Chuck knew, what must this Qiu Shui teacher be?
The kind of asylum seekers who don’t want anything, or is it a woman who lives on the mountain and is not close to the nun?
“Coach Qiu Shui, this is Liu Ge. Can I open the door to let me in?” Liu Ge called at the door.
Chuck snickered, this was the weasel giving the chicken a New Year’s greeting.
“No! You go down!”
Chuck was stunned, this sound is really nice.
Young, really fighting genius!
Liu Ge was annoyed and appeared on the surface, “Coach Qiu Shui, I have come here many times, you will see me! I will go when I see you.”
“No! Not to mention the third time, the face is for yourself!”
Liu Ge was so annoyed that he couldn’t beat Qiushui, otherwise he would have rushed in and had a tyrant bowing.
Still begging so hard now! ?
Liu Ge clenched his fists and could only go down the mountain. Suddenly, he came up with a long-term plan!
He grinned, thinking, Qiu Shui, you are more extreme than me, even if you see me on Liu Ge, I would not do that!
Huh, you wait! !
Liu Ge went down the mountain.
“You also go!” Inside the house, the voice went straight to Chuck.
Chuck was surprised, she found herself?
When I looked up, I was speechless, with a camera facing me.
Chuck was hiding well just now. He didn’t expect all the movements. He was already seen in the house by others.
Chuck felt embarrassed.
“Coach Qiu Shui, I am a new student in Wumen. My mother asked me to come to you!” Chuck said.
“Go!” Coach Qiushui had no room for negotiation!
“Hello, my mother is…”
This is Qiu Shui coach? ?
Chuck is dumbfounded, too beautiful, and Logan, Yvette the same level.
“Coach Qiushui, my mother is…”
Coach Qiushui has gone down the mountain. What do you do down the mountain in the evening?
What Chuck can do is to go down the mountain.
After a while, Chuckche understood thoroughly. Mom asked herself to find the reason for her to learn.
Her speed is too fast, Chuck cannot catch up with her!
Followed and then lost, but fortunately it was downhill, just run down.
However, Chuck stopped and there was a movement!
“Qiu Shui, you finally came out to see me,” Liu Ge, who had not yet come down the mountain, was excited.
Qiushui looks like a man who will fall for him, since Liu Ge saw her for the first time.
She is the only one who is in a hurry! !
He wants to get this perfect woman, no matter what way.
“I said, go down the mountain!” Coach Qiushui said coldly.
She is so clean and clean that Chuck is stunned in the distance. This kind of woman, when she is okay, must be specializing in all kinds of fighting and learning from her. It must be no problem.
“Qiu Shui, what kind of man do you want?” Liu Ge was exasperated.
“Fighting genius can enter my eyes, you are not!” Coach Qiushui shook his head, indifferent to the extreme.
Liu Ge was exasperated, “There is no fighting genius at all, and now my physical fitness cannot be out of fighting genius!”
All he saw was rubbish, and none of his fame was a fighting genius.
“This is what you think, absolutely there already.” Qiushui said.

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