My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 809

Coach Qiu Shui’s point of view is actually quite normal, and it’s not wrong to pay attention to everybody.
She is a fighting genius among women. Isn’t it normal to find a right male fighting genius? ?
But as Liu Ge said, fighting geniuses are too rare, and nothing is possible!
In the end there is no count for Coach Qiushui himself.
Maybe not.
Then she was single all her life.
“Get off!” Coach Qiushui said coldly.
Liu Ge’s face was sullen and rejected by Qiushui many times, his patience had been polished.
He can’t beat coach Qiu Shui, he can only do one more method that he has been crushing in his heart for a long time. !
Liu Ge Shiqu left!
Chuck, who came after him, saw this scene and touched his chin. “What happened to Coach Qiushui? Going down the mountain so late??”
Chuck thought, what happened to Wumen? ?
Otherwise, why do veteran figures like Coach Qiushui go downhill in the middle of the night? ?
Probably, something really happened, and Chuck who just entered the door can understand it!
Coach Qiushui has moved away quickly!
Actually still in front of Liu Ge who went down first!
Liu Ge gritted his teeth in anger, and at this time there was no other way!
Otherwise, he would have bowed the bow! !
Ugh! ?
“Who?! Hiding there? Who! Get out for Lao Tzu!” Suddenly, the angry Liu Ge heard Dongming in a grass.
His snake-like eyes had been irritated by Coach Qiushui just now.
At this time, a punching bag appeared? ?
How could he not seize this opportunity?
“Who, sneaky. Come out!” Liu Ge stepped forward and saw a figure in the grass. He hit a fist, and he grinned, “Toast does not eat and drink fine! Get out!!”
Liu Ge’s eyes are like lanterns, because his fist punched so suddenly, a person rushed out of the crowd, he did not see who this person was, but! !
This man appeared, his fist was already slammed in the place of his cheek!
what! !
Liu Ge screamed and was stunned by a punch! !
Dead pigs fell unconscious on the ground! !
Chuck withdrew his fist and touched his chin, his eyes chilled!
He didn’t want to shoot, but this Liu Ge found himself, still have to fight?
What’s more, there had been conflicts before, how could that policy endure? !
This Liu Ge’s strength is okay, but the response is too poor, Chuck shook his head, such a person is not even considered an opponent!
Last time at the hospital, Chuck should teach him a lesson! Thought that Wumen came out great?
He is cheaper by punching him.
Put in the rice country, Chuck had already clicked him.
Chuck just punched neatly just now, leaving no trace!
Chuck left!
After chasing down the mountain, I didn’t see Coach Qiushui. Chuck looked that it was already early in the morning. Of course, he didn’t mean to continue. He went back to bed.
A few sweet girls have fallen asleep.
They are also open, and their pajamas are new and a little eye-catching!
Several of them slept like dead pigs, and Chuck went to touch them, they couldn’t wake up!
However, Chuck certainly can’t do this kind of thing.
Chuckbai looked at it for a while before squinting his eyes to fall asleep.
“Impossible, impossible, me, I was knocked out by a punch?” Liu Ge woke up from the grass.
When he found that his cheeks were swollen, he couldn’t get up and could not get up, so he only called his sister Liu Li.
“Brother, what’s the matter with you? She hit you in Qiushui?” Liu Li was angry when she came over the night.
My brother can’t sit up on the ground, his face is the same as the pig’s head, this must be done by a man. I punched him in the past without hitting him. He punched the punch first, and I couldn’t hide…” Liu Ge’s teeth creaked.
That’s awful!
Liu Ge felt embarrassed that he was killed by a spike.
“What? Is there such a thing? Brother can’t even catch you?” Liu Li was shocked in an instant!
What is this strength?
Kill it in seconds!
The whole Wumen can do it, no more than twenty people! who is it? ?
“Yes, he’s too fast. I can’t even see who he is. I’m stunned. The one-hit killing move. This man is an absolute master of combat, and his strength is far beyond me.”
“Are there some other men in the door?”
“No, absolutely not!”
“Who is that?”
“Unclear. But I will definitely find out who this person is! Dare to beat me? I will let him know what the price of this punch is!!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!
Liu Li knows that her brother is being beaten, of course she is also angry!
This person must definitely be found! !
“Oh, brother, will it be a new student from some other people?”
“Liu Liu, are you saying that I was killed by a student with a punch?” Liu Ge was even more annoyed.
“No, you said it was not Wumen’s acquaintance, I analyzed the other…”
“Never be a new student!” Liu Ge is firm! how is this possible?
Will you be killed by a student? !

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