My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 810

Seeing her brother so excited, Liu Li couldn’t say much.
I think my brother is right.
It is impossible for a student to kill his brother with a punch!
Being able to kill his brother in seconds means that he will also be killed by this man!
How horrible is this? ?
Liu Li stepped into the line of fighting and really didn’t encounter the situation of being spiked.
Liu Li was afraid after subconsciously, she glanced around her beautiful eyes, a little worried, suddenly someone rushed out, and also punched her with a punch.
“Brother, let’s go back first!” Liu Li helped her brother back.
Liu Ge is irritated, right? If such a disgraceful thing is known by other people in Wumen, will it still be? ?
Liu Ge has a good face, this will definitely not work! !
Liu Li took her brother back, Chuck’s punch, that was fast!
Liu Li rolled the hot egg for half a day before the swelling of the cheeks subsided.
“Brother, you take a break first, I will train those students, but the day after tomorrow, I will conduct a competition for new students!” Liu Li was helpless.
She was discouraged when she thought of the garbage she had collected.
Will definitely be jokes by Wumen other coaches, what is the joke received? ?
Training must be intensified! otherwise? !
“Go!” Liu Ge lay down to sleep.
It is indeed necessary to train. Usually this kind of competition is like the freshman club in school.
It’s just, oh, it’s the punch that blows his head now.
Liu Ge felt his head dizzy and uncomfortable!
“Brother, is your head hurting?”
“Well, that guy must be seven or eight hundred pounds in a punch, can it not hurt?” Liu Ge was annoyed! !
“So heavy!?”
“Well, alas, there is a master hidden in Wumen? This is something that I didn’t expect from Ben, let’s go! This time, we can’t be too embarrassed!”
Liu Li went to Chuck’s side.
“Who the hell are you? You were stunned with one punch, and you still want to run? I will definitely find you out with Liu Ge!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!

“Did anyone go out last night?”
Liu Li asked indifferently, although the one who punched his brother in one punch could not be the garbage, but Ning Que was not indispensable. In case of the garbage, do you know the clue?
“Without a coach, we all sleep very early!”
“Oh, Chuck went out!” Tian Tian pointed at Chuck, how did the bastard come back last night?
Did you do anything to yourself and several others? ?
Liu Li narrowed her eyes, “Chuck, what did you do last night?”
Chuck shrugged and said, “Boring, I can’t go out to sleep and run. Isn’t that alright?”
Liu Li’s eyes were disgusted, she wouldn’t think that she was able to kill her brother with a punch, this is Zhang Ze who relied on speculation to come in!
Just go running?
“Running? What’s the use of running? Even we can’t fight!” He snorted sweetly?
“Okay, let me tell you that the day after tomorrow is a freshman meeting for Wumen new students. If someone can win the first place in the freshman meeting, then he can put forward a condition!”
Liu Li knew that there was no chance for the garbage in front of him.
However, what should be said still has to be said.
“What are the conditions?” Tian Tian and they were pleasantly surprised.
“Anything you want! There is a leader in Wumen. If you can win the first place, the conditions can mention what you want.” Liu Li became impatient.
Ask what is the use of such detail! !
Can you win the first place? ?
Enough to choke in the first thirty!
Chuck’s eyes shine, then you can use this requirement to let Coach Qiushui be your own coach!
That day after tomorrow, Chuck is bound to win!
Coach Qiushui was so repulsive that only this method was used.
First? ?
nonsense, one of you can get into thirty. I thank the gods. For the competition tomorrow, today and tomorrow will be the devil training! Prepare! Go to another mountain with me!!” Liu Li Said coldly.
Speed up, only in danger.
So Liu Li plans to take Chuck with them, go to the mountains for two days, and grow up in danger, maybe it can be useful.
There is no other way.
Chuck, sweetly they prepared, simply packed up some things, and Liu Li entered the deep mountain wild forest of another mountain.
This time without weight bearing, I ran for about thirty kilometers and reached the deep forest.
Chuck had lived in the Amazon deep forest for a few days before. He had great experience in this kind of wild survival.
“I warn you that there are a lot of beasts in this forest. Pay special attention to cooperation! Don’t act alone!” Liu Li said coldly.
“Instructor, the few of us don’t want Chuck to plug in!” Tiantian said with a raised hand!
Liu Li hated to stare at Chuck a few times, “How do you choose? Now you can go back and you can continue, but you die inside, I am not responsible.”
Chuck shrugged, “Alright, I’ll go in alone, come out at this time tomorrow, right?”
The day after tomorrow, of course, come out tomorrow at this time, go back and have a good rest, with energy comparison.
“Yes, but if you think about it, your strength, you have to live alone for one night, the probability of survival is too low!”
“How low? I have stayed in Amazon for a week, don’t I still survive?” Chuck said that he had entered by himself.
Even if you don’t team up with yourself, Chuck doesn’t expect too much.
It’s okay to train alone.
“Bragging, still living in the Amazon for a week? It was a bad environment, and I went in. I’m not an experienced person. I can’t get out!”
“I also heard that there are cannibals in it, so he can live a week? I don’t believe it!!”
Sweetly they despise their opinions.
Liu Li sneered, still a week? Love bragging without strength? ? Really rubbish!

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