My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 811

“A few of you, be careful, if you are in danger, you can’t solve it, just come out! Or find a place to hide and ask me to help you solve it!”
Liu Li doesn’t want to have any problems with her students. At the very least, these sweet students, like Liu Li, are women. Product=Book/Web The same woman, Liu Li will take care of it a little bit.
However, Chuck is an exception!
It is best to let Chuck be taught in this deep forest!
If you have missing arms and broken legs, then you can find an excuse to let him leave Wumen! ?
Chuck, can’t you let me down!
Liu Li’s beautiful eyes looked at Chuck, who had disappeared into the deep forest, let alone one night, even if it was difficult to hold it into the evening! !
“Yes, coach!!”
Tian Tian and a few of them are also a little excited. How can they say that since they have learned fighting and entered Wumen, they must be female characters.
Being able to stay in the deep forest for one night is also a challenge!
They also went in.
Liu Li found a place to rest by herself.
“How did Chuck go so fast? Wouldn’t it be hiding somewhere?”
“Haha, maybe! He was alone, he wanted to spend a night? Scared to death.”
“I also think that he has found a place to hide. You see, he hasn’t been ahead of us for so long, and he can’t see him anymore!”
“Forget it, what do he do? I’m so excited, the couple of us must fight back tonight!”
Several sweet girls laughed, and they had plans and goals.
They went deep into the deep forest and also encountered some snake insects and ants that made them goose bumps.
Just now a poisonous snake almost bit them. Fortunately, the sweet reaction among them was quick.
No injuries.
“Just now, that snake is terrifying. What Chuck said just now is absolutely deceiving a week on Amazon! How can it survive for a week!”
“Wow, bear, I saw a bear, mine! Run!” Tian Tian suddenly found a huge black shadow in the thick grass.
She was terrified, they are all humans, how could they be bear’s opponents? ?
Several girls were also terrified.
Run crazy!
A big black bear really came out of the grass, desperately chasing them.
The speed of the big black bear is too fast, a few girls are not enough to watch it, they have already caught up in a short time.
“We are going to die, run!” A few girls were scared.
Sweetly gritted his teeth, “There is a chance to run separately, the few of you run there!”
The three of them can join forces, and the chances of surviving are great. It’s sweet, it runs the fastest, and it is possible to survive! !
Tiantian made a sacrifice!
“Sweet,” the three girls cried.
“Don’t you run yet? Waiting for death?” Sweet and angry, this group of silly girls.
It’s all about this time, it’s important to save your life!
“Sweet, you take care, let’s call the coach!” Several women ran away.
Really, the big black bear continues to chase sweet.
Sweet faces are scared, and I regretted my sacrifice.
However, at this time, is there any way? ?
She can only run.
The big black bear who had been chasing for a long time was angry, and he threw it over, and the big bear’s palm was photographed, and he took a sweet backpack.
Sweetly fell to the ground, the body was sore and almost vomiting blood.
“Ah, are you going to die? I haven’t been there for two hours. I can’t resist all night!” Tian Tian despaired.
You know, she thought she could resist the past night, take a rest tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow she could take part in the competition for new students.
Unexpectedly, I would actually die under the paw of the big black bear.
“Who saves me, who can save me?” Sweet Sweet despair closed his eyes.
Can’t escape, where are there other people?
Why are you so unlucky, why don’t you look for Chuck! !
Tian Tian thought she was going to be shot to death by the big black bear’s paw, but suddenly, she heard something!
Opening her eyes and looking at it, the big black bear pawed his head, as if it had been hit by a stone! !
The big black bear was irritated.
“Who is it?” Sweetly busy seizing the opportunity to get up.
Another stone flew out of a grass, sweet, saw a figure behind the grass, who is this? ?
He saved himself? ?
He was smashed again, and the big black bear was completely angry, gave up the sweetness that was caught by surprise, and plunged into the thick grass.
There were running figures in the grass, and the big black bear was taken away by him.
“Hey, who are you? Why save me?”
When sweetly calling, this man had left here with the big black bear, one running and one chasing.
I can only hear the croaking of some big black bears.
“Sweet? The coach is here!” The three girls who had just left brought Liu Li over.
Liu Li ran over, sweet and okay, her brow furrowed, “How about the big black bear?”
“Leaded by someone,” Tian Tian murmured to the direction where the big black bear left.
I am in Wumen, and I don’t have any acquaintances. Who will save my life!
“Who led away!”
“I’m relying on it, shouldn’t Chuck?” a girl said incredulously.

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