My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 812

“Are you kidding me? How could it be Chuck?”
“Yeah, it’s impossible for him, because of his strength, even the few of us, he dare to lead the big black bear away? I don’t believe it even if I die!”
“I don’t believe it! Besides, how can Chuck save Tian Tian, this is not possible at all!”
“Uh, I just talk about it casually, of course it will not be Chuck, but only Chuck is possible!
There are no other people here, sweet, what do you think? You just saw who this person was ??”
All three girls are asking.
Only Liu Li sarcastically smiled, Ha ha, Chuck? ?
This is really a joke!
Will it be him?
A person who only speculates!
Will do such a good thing of self-denial and saving others?
Tiantian definitely shook his head, “I didn’t see this person, but I can be sure, definitely not Chuck!!”
Her tone is so critical!
“Who would it be? Only we came here to train, right, coach, will anyone else come here?”
“This place is Wumen’s place, there must be someone else coming, all, it can’t be Chuck!” Liu Li said coldly.
“Well, I am certainly not him!” Tian Tian sighed with relief.
“Just his virtue, I don’t know where to hide! A coward who likes to lie!!”
“Okay, just a black bear, just scared you like this, the new student competition tomorrow, you still participate?” Liu Li was angry.
The four women, who are not single-handed, can siege this big black bear!
Screaming and running?
Liu Li was speechless and disappointed to the extreme. How can this strength make her a little face-faced when she is acquired? ?
The four women had no hope, and that Chuck had no hope.
Alas, alas. Ugh! !
I am going to lose face this time.
“Coach…” Tian Tian was shocked.
Having been said so, she felt wronged.
“Don’t call me, there are so many people, and you are still chased by a beast. What is your system? Continue!!” Liu Li said coldly, looking for a place to rest.
“Tiantian, you really don’t see who this rescuer is?”
“No, he ran fast, and like the wind, took the big black bear away,” sweet eyes flashed.
When she was desperate, someone suddenly appeared to save her. He wanted to know who this person was!
“It’s so nice to save people without even leaving their names,”
“I think it must be a handsome guy!”
“Whether handsome or not, I can be sure that it is not Chuck anyway.” Tiantian said.
“Well, let’s continue! Don’t delay the time. This is a rare training!”
Several girls have become more courageous.
At the very least, after the shock just now, they are more confident!
This training will be effective, chased by the big black bear, and their four limits have been inspired.
Sweet they continue.
Here, Chuck is too lazy to fight with this big black bear, leading it over, the running speed of the big black bear is too far away from Chuck.
Chuck didn’t have to run with all his strength, the big black bear was already left behind by Chuck!
The reason why Chuck saves sweet.
Not because she was beautiful, but because of the behavior she just made, which made sacrifices and led the big black bear to run.
This move told Chuck that Tian Tian was not a bad woman.
At the very least, there is human nature!
Who can make such a move when it is dangerous? ?
Therefore, Chuck forgets to save her life.
It can be regarded as the soft side of Chuck!
It didn’t delay anything, at most sweat.
Also, really fight with this big black bear, Chuck casually took out the dagger sent by Alice, this big black bear would have to die.
Chuck continued to dig into it and enjoyed it.
This danger of being known inside is very attractive.
Chuck likes to take risks in this kind of place!
If you increase your sensitivity, you will be able to continuously discover dangers and your sensitivity will increase.
With his last survival experience on Amazon, Chuck knew how to find food and how to sleep safely.
He did it and spent the night in peace.
At dawn the next day, Chuck shrugged to leave.
It’s so sweet for them, Chuck can’t control it.
Leave here, go back and have a good rest, and prepare for tomorrow’s new student competition, recuperating and rejuvenating is the king!
Chuck improved some of his things overnight.
“Roar, roar!!”
Suddenly, Chuck heard something happen!
Chuck was stunned and touched his nose to walk to this dynamic place.
It was discovered that two big black bears were besieging a female.
The big black bear had a bloody chest injury, and the other one was also injured.
But the siege woman is also angry!
Liu Li!
While she was sleeping in the forest, she was spotted by two big black bears.
Direct siege.
Liu Li didn’t hold back for a while.
Chuck smiled and smiled, this woman also has today!
Chuck shrugged to watch the excitement, Liu Li found Chuck, and her beautiful eyes spewed out!
I was actually watched lively by Chuck!

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