My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 817

This man in the ring is a big man!
Muscles all over the body told everyone at the scene that he was as powerful as a cow! !
Maybe you can have the strength with Ma Hao!
“This is Zeng Ke? He just killed the opponent just now!?”
“No wonder he dares to play! Certainly he is not reconciled, I think, he may have a fight with Ma Hao!”
“Then we are blessed! Haha!”
Excited, appeared on everyone’s face at the scene!
Zeng Ke stepped up!
“Ma Hao, I know you are strong, but I will lose to you if I am not willing to fight with you! Not willing! So, I will fight with you!” Zeng Ke said!
Yes, to a level!
What is needed is the right opponent!
Regardless of whether you win or lose, you can improve yourself in battle!
This is the most direct method for everyone who is in urgent need of strength improvement!
He is not willing to give up this good opportunity!
“Whatever you want! But you are not my opponent!” Ma Hao said straight!
“That’s not necessary! Take the trick!” Zeng Keli was as powerful as a bull, attacking rampage!
He must be good at using his body, his body is hard!
Your own strength is great. With this, you may have a chance of victory! !
“You are as powerful as a cow, so rare, but you are really a cow! How to fight with people?
Fighting pays attention to the coordination of strength and skills!” Ma Hao was disappointed. Product=Book/Web He thought he finally had an opponent who barely looked at it!
When Zeng Ke shot, he still let himself down!
too poor!
He is not a dead fish, how can he be defeated by rampage? ?
Ma Hao clenched his fists and smashed them out!
Hit Zeng Ke’s face!
This punch is too delicate.
Zeng Ke screamed, and the person was knocked to the ground!
Another spike! !
The audience was stunned!
This has to be served!
“This freshman is too powerful, brother, could it be him?” Liu Li also doubted.
She can’t beat this strength as a coach.
Liu Ge sullenly.
“Maybe he hit me. I just replaced a punch with me, or maybe I can’t take it! This new student is proficient in the essence of one-hit kill!!!! It’s abominable!” Liu Ge envy!
“This freshman is good, really good! This time first, it is none other than him!” Coach Qiushui did not sneer!
She thinks that Ma Hao may take three punches and four punches to solve Zeng Ke, but ah, one punch kills!
She looked away!
Not easy!
“It’s amazing. No one in the freshman is Ma Hao’s opponent. Unfortunately, Zeng Ke can’t even carry a punch. Will Ma Hao be a fighting genius!”
“Who is he not?? I don’t think my coach can beat him!”
“Strength is amazing!!”
After the scene was screaming, there was a speechless wonder!
“I can give you a chance to play with three people at the same time and fight with me!”
Ma Hao suddenly said such a word!
The audience was stunned! !
Three people beat him one?
This is water!
“He, I’m going! I’m going! Three people can’t beat him one?”
“Winning him, we three fight again, this is more sure! I also go!”
In an instant, three people rushed up!
“Ma Hao, you said it yourself, then it’s no wonder we are! Let’s go!”
Three people stepped forward!
Three men besieged Mahao!
The audience is boiling!
Will Ma Hao win? ?
“This trainee is interesting! Want to show your strength?” Coach Qiushui turned her eyes and became interested.
After three sounds!
It was as quiet as death! !
The three men fell out very far, so they couldn’t move in a flash!
Actually, instantly killed three people!
This is the devil!
The audience was in shock!
Who could have imagined that the three confident people could be solved by Ma Hao’s lightning speed as soon as he played? !
“Really good!” Coach Qiushui was satisfied.
It’s been a long time since I received such a powerful student.
“Someone else come up? I can continue to accept your challenge!!” Ma Hao smiled slightly!
He hasn’t been addicted to it, even the warm-up is not even counted.
“It doesn’t matter, three people can’t do it, five people, seven people, ten people can do it, as long as you dare to come up? I won’t mind! Come on!”
Ma Hao is so confident, who dares to come up?
It is a spike to kill three people, what about ten people? ?
Can it be solved in three or four seconds? ?
Even if there are twenty people, it is not easy to defeat Ma Hao, let alone the number of people, but they are all children. How can they beat the adults? !
The gap is here.
“No? No one out of ten? Those twenty are better! All right!” Ma Hao shrugged!
“Not yet? It’s no wonder I!” Ma Hao smiled slightly!
It’s a disappointment to relax, and this freshman competition, I didn’t even warm up!
It is so easy to win, without any challenge, even if it is not at all, it really does not mean anything!
“No one, then the first place this time is…”
“Let me try it!!”
When the raven was silent, suddenly, a voice rang lightly among the crowd!

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