My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 818

“Who is talking? Who is talking about me to try?”
Everyone on the scene was watching. At this time, knowing that Ma Hao was unstoppable, there were still people out to die? ?
A man came out of the crowd!
That’s right, of course it was Chuck!
How could he give up in this competition? ?
Chuck stepped forward and stepped onto the ring!
The whole audience was in an uproar!
But all despise and saliva! !
“I c, who do I think it is? It turned out to be the sneak attack dog just now!!”
“It’s really him! Hahaha, he’s gonna laugh at me, he sneaked the girl just now, and he still wants to make a trick attack on Ma Hao?? And he wants to succeed in Ma Hao? people?”
“He went up, didn’t he prove that there is such a bad person?”
No one can think that Chuck was the one who came up! !
“Don’t he die?”
Liu Li was shocked!
She has already made preparations for this embarrassment. What does it mean that Chuck is going up at this time? ?
Tired of yourself, dead?
Liu Ge stunned, “This kind of power, like this, must also be on the court, and it would be crazy to come up with the limelight!!”
“I think he’s just looking for death, alright. I’m too lazy to die. I find an excuse to blast him away.” Liu Li was expressionless, even mocking.
“Hey, sweet, you wake up, Chuck, who attacked you just now, he is not afraid of death. He wants to compete with Ma Hao!”
The unconscious sweet was awakened by shaking, “Chuck wants to fight with Ma Hao? Are you fooling me? Fools won’t do this? This is pure self-destruction!”
“Look for yourself!”
Sweet Eyes saw Chuck on the ring, she froze and hummed, “I want to attack Ma Hao! Paranoid!
Ma Hao is not me. If you attack dead, they will teach you to be a man!!” ”
She suddenly felt happy.
Chuck attacked her just now, Tian Tian is already very angry.
At this time, Ma Hao can be angry for himself!
You can watch a good show yourself! !
Everyone onlookers were not optimistic about Chuck, they thought Chuck was self-defeating!
Among these people, including the coach Qiu Shui hosted by this competition!
She was ready to announce the result, but unexpectedly halfway, Chuck inserted!
“Although this student has a steady pace and normal breath, he is a master of fighting, but the gap is not as big as that of the student like Ma Hao! What’s more… this student has a bad character. Originally, he just won the competition. It’s an indiscriminate attack, do you want to do it now?” Coach Qiushui commented.
She doesn’t like Chuck at all! !
“Oh, it’s you who tried it?” Ma Hao shrugged.
This Chuck, he just saw how to sneak attack on a woman, shameless person, really unworthy of fighting with himself!
“It’s me!” Chuck stepped forward.
“Come on, I accept the challenge of all new students, and barely include you!!” Ma Hao does not matter. For him, it is a punch!
“Well! Just accept it! Then let’s get started!”
Chuck said.
“No problem, I can let you get the shot first!”
Chuck didn’t care to come over!
Step by step, the bland to the extreme!
“Hey, I guess, Ma Hao can hit him with one punch!”
“Undoubtedly! You see who played just now, wasn’t Ma Hao solved it with one punch? Just because he is a sneak attack on dogs, do you want Ma Hao to waste a lot of energy to add a punch?”
The new students at the scene have predicted the results of the competition.
That is Ma Hao fought Chuck with one punch, and won the first place without suspense! !
Chuck! Lost by a punch!
Coach Qiushui was not in a good mood to watch, she was ready to announce the result.
Chuck, under Ma Hao’s suffocating opponent, will not set off a storm.
Chuck came closer step by step, and was close to Ma Hao!
He didn’t shoot!
Ma Hao smiled slightly, “I don’t know what your name is, but, so close to me, you are very dangerous!”
Chuck smiles the same!
“Stupid, why didn’t he shoot?”
“Want to wait for Ma Hao to shoot? What’s in this pen’s brain!?”
It boils here.
Ma Hao frowned, “Forget it, don’t waste time, send you down!!”
Is he sending it with his fist? !
Chuck did not hide, did not flash, actually accepted Ma Hao punch! !
“Haha, sure enough, right? A punch was killed by a second!”
“This is a waste of our time!”
however! !
Chuck retreats!
It’s not surprising to everyone. There is nothing embarrassing about vomiting blood, and there is no “”
Ten meters away, Chuck stood upright and stood firm!
Step by step, Chuck came back!
The whole audience was in an uproar!
“He? After taking a punch from Ma Hao, shouldn’t he faint? How can I go? Am I right?”
“You read it right, didn’t expect it, this pen is good at fighting. But it’s still a pen. Just let Ma Hao fight, now go back and let Ma Hao take another punch? Isn’t this a fool?”
No one knows what Chuck’s intention is!
After being surprised, still contempt!
Coach Qiushui raised his head, looked at it a little, and was amazed, “Ma Hao punched at least five or six hundred pounds, he… could he come next? What did he want to do?”
Coach Qiushui couldn’t figure it out!
“Brother, what does he want to do!” Liu Li is anxious, Chuck can resist a punch and go, she is very surprised!
Students of other coaches can carry a punch without the following! !
But, punching Ma Hao in vain, is this brain being donkey hoof? ?
“Ghost knows him? I didn’t expect this kid to be able to carry a big man, but unfortunately, it’s useless to beat, and it’s impossible to win Ma Hao, Ma Hao’s mind is no problem!” Liu Ge didn’t take it seriously.
He will only laugh at Chuck’s actions.
“Oh, can you still carry me a punch? It’s okay!” Ma Hao shrugged and his eyes flashed over Chuck’s accident.
“I don’t want to win!” Chuck said, his voice calm.
“Oh, what do you mean?” Ma Hao squinted!
“You hit a few people just now, and used a little effort. I am now being punched by you, which can offset the strength you used. Then, if I win you, it is fair, then the next step is the beginning!!!” Zhang Shining eyes, It is not easy to meet an opponent, Chuck is respect for an opponent! !

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