My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 819

“What do you say about sneak attacking dogs? What do you say, don’t want to be invincible? He also has a face to say this? Don’t want to be invincible, so why did you want to attack other girls just now?”
“I’m so shocked!”
The scene was lively! !
This is contempt for Chuck!
Chuck said, like a joke, amused them! !
In their view, Chuck became a clown!
“I c, this pen is enough to hold the pen. Bai just got punched by Ma Hao. What is it actually?
Want fairness!!!” Liu Ge laughed more than once!
Liu Li rolled her eyes!
Your fairness will make Ma Hao fly you in the next second! !
“Oh, don’t want to win?”
Coach Qiushui, who handled the matter, was stunned, let go of the announcement in his hand, looked up and looked at it!
Ma Hao frowned, “I still need you to punch me?”
Ma Hao made a punch!
This is Ma Hao’s punch!
Chuck’s eyes were dignified!
That’s it!
The fists of the two of them collided with the bullets of the attack!
No one showed weakness!
Ma Hao squinted, “Actually, there are two more!”
Ma Hao grinned grinnedly and lifted his legs out!
Chuck’s one-step resistance!
At such a moment, unexpectedly, everyone fought!
Is Chuck still standing? !
Haven’t lost yet?
“Isn’t it possible? Dazzled, definitely my dazzled! This sneak attack on the dog actually hit Ma Hao, hasn’t it fallen?”
“Incredible! I thought Ma Hao could beat him with two punches. How many punches are there now! Is this evenly matched!!”
“Absolutely, I didn’t expect that there is a master hidden in our freshman!”
The whole audience was in an uproar! !
Falling into wonder!
Ma Hao’s fist is like steel!
Chuck’s fist is also like steel!
These two people are fighting like a strong duel, it’s hard to solve! !
Who thought of this? ?
No one in the audience thought of it!
Chuck was able to last for such a long time. It must be known that whether it was the screening game, the wheel game, or the Ma Hao one-on-three, Ma Hao’s solution to one person is one way!
One punch spike!
However at this moment!
Not only was Chuck not killed in a second, but he also played against Ma Hao!
“Sweet, did you see it, Zhang Ze, who attacked you just now, is so powerful!”
Tian Tian also saw that she had been in shock after Ma Hao’s three punches hadn’t hit Chuck yet!
How long can Chuck carry?
This is not only a question in Sweetheart, but also a question in the hearts of many people on the scene!
“This student? Attack, speed, strength, and Ma Hao are comparable?” Coach Qiushui was stunned!
boom! !
This is a hard punch!
Chuck and Ma Hao separated from the fierce battle!
Ma Hao’s face started to look ugly. He used most of his strength. It was useless to take Chuck?
This is a situation he has never encountered before?
Ma Hao is considering!
In this case, Chuck jumped out halfway. Is this really competing with himself for the first place in the freshman contest? ?
He is bound to get it!
No, you must not let this guy who jumped out of the way take away his first!
The first is your own!
No one else can take it away!
Ma Hao shoots crazy!
Ma Hao’s body rushed over like a beast, and his speed is his proudest. He wants to take the initiative to attack no one can resist, including Chuck in front of him! !
Thick legs lifted, this is a flying leg, the tree can be kicked off, he is absolutely seriously injured!
The insult just now!
Yes, I didn’t take someone in a minute, which is an insult to Ma Hao! !
This insult given by Chuck, Ma Hao should double it back! ?
Chuck’s eyes narrowed!
With this leg, Chuck kicked out seven or eight meters!
Ma Hao is terrible, but fighting is his strong point. He has never met an opponent. He actually chose to fight empty-handed. Okay, satisfy you!
Ma Hao’s grinning smile reminded the onlookers that he was the first.
Chuck came out and was just a defeated defeat by his men! !
“Okay, after carrying it for so long, Chuck can’t get up with Ma Hao!”
“I think so too, ah! Impossible, Chuck got up?”
There was an uproar in the audience! !
Ma Hao lifted his leg and kicked it again, still fast and still gravity!
“It’s like something!”
Chuck stood up from the ruins, his body jumped, and appeared in front of Ma Hao at an incredible speed!
Ma Hao’s grinning smile, so close, kick you!
The horrible foot kicks out, this foot can kick the ribs!
Chuck actually hid!
Ma Hao was angry and kicked again!
Chuck was still hiding!
Ma Hao felt bad in his heart, but this is his strongest attack. No one has been qualified to use it before!
Now it is used, but it is useless to Chuck!
Ma Hao was terribly thinking, no, this way, it might put Chuck in the upper hand!
Then Chuck may defeat himself!
Such an oolong incident is absolutely not allowed to be found in yourself!
suddenly! !
Ma Hao took a sharp dagger from the waist!
This is a weapon only used by ordinary mercenaries!
The dagger poked on Chuck’s shoulder!
Chuck frowned, and he showed disappointment!
He and Ma Hao played in a fair and honest manner, but he was actually a man? ?
“What other clothes do you wear? But ah, it’s useless, the soldiers are not deceitful, do you know? Haha, you should learn it!”
Ma Hao’s swift kick, Shi Potian shocked, kicked on Chuck’s chest!
Chuckfei went out eight meters, landed, and smashed into the ruins again!
Motionless! !
The audience was silent!
No one thought of the powerful Ma Hao, who actually attacked?
This? ?
They were stunned, and their minds couldn’t be recovered!
Coach Qiushui frowned, “How can this student Ma Hao do this?”
“Chuck was attacked! It was actually Ma Hao’s shot!” Tian Tian murmured to herself, unable to believe this scene.
How could a man like Ma Hao make a sneak attack!
“Ah, Ma Hao actually attacked! Unexpectedly! He may continue to fight, unexpectedly!”
“Possibly, we just misunderstood. He has this kind of strength. There was no need to sneak attack in the screening match!”
“That’s it! We made a mistake. It seems that Ma Hao is attacking the dog!”
“What about the sneak attack? Anyway, Chuck can’t get up anymore. This time the freshman contest is the first, still Ma Hao!”
The onlookers are talking!
Sweet stunned, yeah, Chuck is strong, there is no need to attack yourself!
Sweet thinking, just now Chuck suddenly appeared in front of himself, but the disease did not shoot, but instead waited for his own shot before he started…
Also, sweet looking at Chuck’s fierce struggle, the familiarity in her heart came out again!
The onlookers felt sorry for Chuck’s breakthrough, but regret was useless. Ma Hao’s knife, that foot, Chuckfei went so far away, certainly could not stand up!
This time the freshman contest, Ma Hao is beyond doubt! !

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