My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 820

When the audience was sorry, Ma Hao was unmoved, and he smiled and closed his dagger!
Did not look at Chuck in the ruins!
What else is necessary? ?
So one foot, but Ma Hao’s strongest blow, Ma Hao confident, Chuck’s ribs are all broken!
Can you stand up if you are seriously injured? ?
“Is anyone else challenging?” Ma Hao asked proudly.
No one answered!
Ma Hao smiled slightly, “Coach Qiushui, please tell me about it!”
Coach Qiushui frowned, “Yes! The first student in this competition is Ma…”
Ma Hao is at ease!
First, sure enough, no one can threaten to be the first place in the freshman contest! !
“Look! Inside the ruins, move!”
But suddenly someone screamed!
The cries revealed that he saw incredible things! !
The audience’s attention shifted!
To the ruins just now!
Get up alone!
Like a sculpture! !
“He was kicked by Ma Hao and actually stood up?”
The scene was shocked in an instant!
“Is he okay?”
Sweetly stunned, several girls were also in shock!
Ma Hao’s foot didn’t kick on them, but they were frightened by the power! Can Chuck actually stand up? ?
“I, I think, Chuck, is it the one who saved me?” Tian Tian thought again.
Chuck is so powerful that he can play against Ma Hao, get kicked and climb up, all representing Chuck’s strength! !
So, did he lead the grizzly bear out of danger!
Why did he do this?
Do you like yourself?
Tian Tian is lost!
“Oh, I said it wasn’t Chuck…but Chuck made me look at him this time!”
Several girls said negatively.
“This freshman is good, can stand up!”
Coach Qiushui was stunned again.
“I’m playing well with you, you attack? What is this? I’m wrong, I shouldn’t think you are my opponent!” Chuck came out of the ruins.
He wiped the blood donation from the corner of his mouth!
This blood is the testimony that he was attacked just now! !
Ma Hao’s eyes widened in horror! !
“How can you still stand up?” Ma Hao himself, he still does not know the power?
Trees with thick bowls had to be kicked off, Chuck actually carried it down?
“You will see me more!”
Chuck step by step!
Ma Hao Yin sneered, “How can you get up? Just now my foot has seriously injured you, now you are a startled bird, and you have reached the point of hard support, okay, if you want to be seriously injured, why don’t I succeed? All of you??”
Ma Hao punches! !
This is an instant speed!
The whole audience was horrified! !
Too fast, Ma Hao is really moving!
Can Chuck, who was just seriously injured, carry it down?
Impossible to carry!
“Ah, unexpectedly, Chuck actually made Ma Hao sneak attack!”
“It’s useless to get up. Zhang Hao can’t carry Ma Hao’s fist!”
The freshman has denied Chuck!
It’s useless to climb up!
It might as well continue to lie down, and will not continue to be seriously injured!
however! !
A wide slap was thrown at an incredible angle, avoiding Ma Hao’s fist! !
Ma Hao’s eyes widened, but he felt that his entire head was heavy and his body almost fell to the ground.
threw up! ?
Ma Hao spit out blood, and his entire face was numb!
His face was stunned, he was slapped?
Killed in seconds?
Impossible, how could Chuck be stronger than himself? I’m the first new student! !
“Your speed is okay, your strength is okay, but I have seen through your moves. When you meet ordinary people, you can make them unbearable, you can blow them with a punch, you can kill them with a punch, but there are too many flaws, Meet me…my attack will make you rubbish!!”
Chuck’s expressionless expression, and the movement of walking around, is simply incomparable!
Ma Hao seems to be seeing hallucinations walking towards himself, which is incredible!
Ma Hao roared, but he is the first freshman, how could he lose to him? Slap by Chuck!
He banged out with a punch, carrying the horror power enough to kill people!
Ma Hao wants Chuck to pay the price and dare to hit his face!
boom! !
Chuck raised his fist, two fists blasted!
Ma Hao was so painful that he felt his fist hit the steel plate!
Chuck is still expressionless, as if the whole body is rooted, like a sculpture! !
Ma Hao was shocked!
He knew that he could smash the stone with his own punch, but Chuck was easily taken at the moment, how could this be possible?
In an instant, everything in Ma Hao’s heart was subverted by this punch!
The audience was shocked! !
It’s incredible!
Chuck got up and was not beaten by Ma Hao. He actually slapped Ma Hao and evenly matched Ma Hao!
Is this an illusion!
Nobody knows!
Just knowing this scene, it’s so shocking! !
“You are not worthy of my opponent!”
Chuck walked over, Ma Hao gritted his teeth, his body was like a wind, and he threw it like a beast, “Go to death?!”
He waved his two fists and smashed it tightly!
The horrible afterimage is enough to shock countless people. This is his killing trick. He hit five punches every second. He wants to smash the shame! !
Chuck just suddenly, so raise your hands!
The sound of flick and flick sounded!
Ma Hao’s head was very heavy, and a stump that was completely out of his control staggered aside. He vomited blood, and his hideous face was full of shock!
Myself… what’s wrong? !
Chuck raised his generous hand and threw it out again! !
Ma Hao snorted and fell to the ground, blood in his mouth again!
“Get up!” Chuck burst out coldly!
Ma Hao instinctively climbed up, how is this possible?
“You angered me!!”
Chuck slaps again with his big hand! !
Snapped? !
Ma Hao screamed and fell to the ground, howling!
Dizzy, can’t climb anymore!
Chuck is coming!
Ma Hao was horrified, “Don’t fight, I admit defeat!!”
Yes, Chuck’s terrifying strength shocked him. If he continues to fight like this, he will be seriously injured!
“What did Ma Hao say? He conceded?”
“Mine, Chuck frightened Ma Hao?”
Here is another exclamation!
This is the first one just now. Without dignity at this moment, I am asking for forgiveness! !
All this was given to Ma Hao by Chuck!
“Acknowledge defeat, confess defeat can make up for what you just attacked me? It’s not that easy!!!” Chuck moved!
His feet kicked!
Ma Hao may get up!
Want to hide!
But it’s late!
Ma Hao flew out ten meters and smashed into the rubble!
One second passed, two seconds passed, ten seconds passed…
One minute!
Ma Hao did not get up, motionless!
The freshmen in the audience realized that Ma Hao lost, and Chuck… won!

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