My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 827

Chuck’s five-day weight-bearing running training has ended. Product=Book/Web In fact, Chuck did not carry 150 kg. In these five days, no one was lazy. Even Chuck broke his limit and changed the 20 kilometers per day set by Qiushui coach to 30 kilometers per day. ! !
On the last fifth day, Chuck had broken through to 43 kilometers. This is Chuck’s physical limit.
When he came back, Chuck had never experienced anything, and his body was exhausted to the extreme! !
But Chuck is happy, he doesn’t know what the number is forty-three kilometers, there will be no record, Chuck knows nothing!
Chuck only knew that within five days, Chuck broke the limits of his body again and again!
Every time you add more kilometers, Chuck’s physical quality has been improved in the same way! !
It is no exaggeration to say that Chuck himself feels that before he entered Wumen, and the few days after entering Wumen, Chuck’s strength, he himself can feel the improvement!
This is the result of breaking the limits again and again! !
Chuck is very excited!
Inherited the super fighting talent of the mother’s metamorphosis, plus the same every time Chuck died training to break the limit.
What is the strength of the present self?
Chuck doesn’t even know that, maybe Ma Hao won’t take half of the last time, or even a third!
Now, Qiu Shui coach needs to start teaching Chuck what she has learned and studied in these years.
The next three days of teaching are the real purpose of Chuck this time!
Three days later, it was time to pass!
After breaking through the gate of Wumen, then it is called real postgraduate study! !
“Chuck, you can put down the weight on your body first. In the next three days, I will give you a detailed explanation of my understanding of fighting and fighting skills!” Coach Qiushui suggested that Chuck put down the weight.
“I want to carry it all the time, and I have started to get used to it,” Chuck wanted to improve his physical fitness every minute!
“Get used to it?” Coach Qiushui was stunned. It is indeed the son of Wu Qing’s record holder Karen li. What kind of abnormal constitution is this? ?
One hundred and fifty kilograms, are you still getting used to it?
“Well, Coach Qiushui can start!”
“Okay! By the way, your body legs, shoulders, and arms are all in varying degrees of fitness. I don’t think you have trained according to what I said about 20 kilometers these days!” Coach Qiushui has beautiful eyes!
Chuck’s muscles in his arms, especially his legs, have a feeling of being able to support the clothes.
This is the ultimate muscle state!
“Well, I added a little myself.”
“How much was added? Twenty-five kilometers?” Coach Qiushui felt that this was Chuck’s limit.
How much can I add? ?
Chuck shook his head.
“Twenty-eight, thirty kilometers?” Coach Qiushui was so surprised and surprised.
Chuck still shook his head.
Coach Qiushui was stunned, “Thirty-five? Not yet? Is it forty kilometers?”
She was surprised!
It weighs 150 kilograms, can it actually carry 40 kilometers?
How abnormal is this? ?
“Forty-three kilometers!” Chuck said truthfully.
Coach Qiu Shui has been dumbfounded, “Are you? No kidding?”
What are Chuck and Coach Qiushui joking about?
How much is it?
It was only five days and Chuck was confident that if the lesson was trained for a month, 60
kilometers might be possible! !
“It seems, I underestimate your physical fitness. Sure enough, genes are really important,” Coach Qiushui has muttered to himself.
Chuck’s endurance comes from abnormal genes!
If other people know that Chuck can run forty-three kilometers with weight, this is not a simple surprise! !
To be honest, Qiu Shui coaches are envious!
How good would it be if your child had this metamorphosis gene in the future?
“Okay, in the next three days, I will teach you everything about me! Start!”
Chuck is excited, waiting for this day is too long!
In the next three days, coach Qiushui told Chuck, it was really a gift!
Some moves, skills, and coach Qiushui’s cover-up, Chuck learned with relish.
Forget it! !
“Okay, sure enough, you are the son of Karen li. In three days, you have learned 80% of the time to go! The remaining 20% are for you to understand! When fighting, the situation is everchanging, but remember, Insight into opportunities, quick and accurate, kill each other in the fastest way! This is the essence of fighting!!”
Coach Qiu Shui made the last words of study and graduation! !
In three days, Qiu Shui coach felt what a fighting genius!
Just teach it!
Get it right!
Anyway, Coach Qiu Shui has remembered Chuck deeply. She has taught some students, but Chuck has this enviable qualification! !
“Well, I will remember!!!”
“Okay, you rest for one night and start to break through tomorrow! Your mother only spent fifteen days in total, and you still have two days! To see if blue is better than blue, it is up to you!” Coach Qiushui To be honest, I look forward to Chuck! !
She also hopes that her students will be stronger than one!
The record created by my mother, broken by her son, is also a special inheritance! !
“Okay!” Chuck went to rest.
The next day, the news that Chuck was about to pass the barrier, which was only 13 days old, was communicated in Wumen. Everyone knew that Chuck was going to cross the barrier! !

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