My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 828

There is a lot of fun in Wumen, Chuck is going to break through today, but it is the same! !
Chuckcai came in Wumen for a few days!
Thirteen days, actually going through the barrier? ?
Many new students who came in with Chuck sneered! !
I thought it would be great to beat Ma Hao?
Thirteen days passed, but since Wumen opened the door, only two of them have made the first one, which is Wumen, the record holder Karen li so far! !
Success in two days!
The second is coach Qiushui!
It is also thirteen days to start the level!
It is a pity that it took five days to break through!
These two are fighting geniuses!
Only in such a short time, can you get through!
What is your Chuck? ?
Didn’t you just promise Ma Hao?
Are you Chuck a fighting genius?
How can there be so many fighting geniuses?
“Master, have you heard?” This is a new student in the Ma Hao family, disguised as Wumen. Product=Book/Web
“What have you heard?”
Ma Hao is not spending time at this moment, he is training with weights!
In the same place as the gym.
“Chuck is going to pass the barrier!”
bump! !
The 200-pound barbell fell to the ground by Ma Hao!
The floor is cracked!
Ma Hao took a drool, especially disapproving, and mocked, “Are you kidding?”
He knows the fastest record!
Can Chuck?
Ma Hao thinks it’s impossible!
“No kidding, the whole Wumen is spreading,”
Ma Hao frowned, “How is this possible? He came in with me only 13 days! Does he want to challenge Karen li, or Coach Qiushui’s record?”
“Should it be! Otherwise, how could it be so anxious?”
“Huh, I thought he would take at least a month. I didn’t expect it to be thirteen days. I have heard of the several gates of Wumen. It is similar to Muren Lane. This kind of place is not selfrighteous.
Can pass through! Chuck, he definitely can’t!” Ma Hao immediately reached a conclusion of 200% after analysis.
“I also think it’s impossible! Master, do you want to go out and see?”
“What are you going to do? He can’t succeed. It’s possible to be trapped in it for more than ten days. Finally, he begged out. What good is this? Don’t delay my exercise time, you go to see it?
Report to me anytime! Forget it! There is nothing to report at all!” Ma Hao is still so disapproving! !
He picked up the heavy barbell again and began to continue his exercise program.
His men went out.
“Chuck, I mean you are ignorant or something? You want to go through the thirteen days, you are too prettier!!” Ma Hao laughed and continued to exercise his body.
He has already decided, and he will start the game ten days later! !
Chuck will definitely fail this time, so be the third record holder yourself! ?
Ma Hao is excited!

“What, Chuck is going to pass the barrier!”
Sweet side has been boiling.
“Yes, everyone in Wumen knows, Chuck is crazy!”
“I think so, even if Chuck is Karen li’s son, it’s not that fast. Isn’t Chuck breaking the fucking record?”
“I think so, but I don’t like Chuck very much!”
“Me too, too impatient! The preparation must be inadequate, how many days are there? Only eight days, even if I learned the skills of coach Qiushui, how much can I absorb in eight days?
This is completely brave!”
“Alas, Chuck is too suffocated!” Sweetly shook her head. She also felt that, with insufficient preparation, the chance of successfully breaking through the barrier was basically zero!
It is also 100% zero! !
They are not optimistic about Chuck!
Liu Ge and Liu Li here also knew the news.
Liu Ge’s first expression was not surprise but mocking!
Because this is a big joke!
Who do you think is Chuck? ?
Prepare to break Wumen’s record for so many years, and don’t look at what Chuck calculates!
Is there a record breaking this? ?
“Brother, this Chuck, is too self-righteous. Go inside and have his bitter taste,” Liu Li hated Chuck. Because Chuck pinched her face, and made fun of her.
“Affirmation! Just look at it, that guy Chuck will beg for mercy and let the people in the door let him out!!”
Liu Li smiled slightly, “There is no suspense! I want to see how embarrassed he begs after he was tortured, it should be particularly interesting!!”

Wumen, all freshmen are not optimistic about Chuck, many coaches are the same! !
Chuck has not been affected by such words!
It has already arrived with Coach Qiu Shui, where Wu Wen broke through!
Coach Qiu Shui has detailed the difficulty of these three levels!
Snake pit!
Fight for a hundred people!
The third level is also the hardest!
It consists of the three most powerful coaches in Wumen!
After defeating these three coaches, it is truly a graduation from Wumen!
This breakthrough has attracted Quanwumen, and many new students don’t take it for granted, because what!
Normally, you don’t need to pass the level, and you will graduate after a few years!
Graduation! This is not just writing!
See how you can continue to install Chuck! !
“Well, Chuck, at the gate of this barrier, you can go in!” Coach Qiu Shui is optimistic about Chuck, Chuck will definitely be able to pass the barrier! !
But how long does it take? ?
There are too many people here!
They are all concerned about Chuck’s breakthrough!
They wanted to see, when will Chuck beg to be released? ?
“En!” Rested well, Chuck strode toward the door of Wumen! !

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