My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 829

Chuck entered Wumen’s place!
This is the same place as an abandoned building, but outsiders cannot see the inside!
There is nothing to close your eyes!
Chuck will surely ask for it. Product=Book/Web Some people are already betting, what is it? ?
Bet on how long Chuck can eat inside!
Coach Qiushui, and some of the most powerful coaches in Wumen are qualified to watch the situation at the scene! !
“Several, let’s go to the monitoring room!” Coach Qiushui said.
Several coaches entered the monitoring room.
Go slowly, not slow! !
“Qiu Shui, Chuck, I remember if you were right. You only trained Chuck for a few days. Does he have the ability to break through?” There is an older one, but, the coach who still has a lot of muscles asks.
The voice is faint, without any interest.
Yes, he is really not interested. If it is not his duty, he does not want to come over!
This is just nonsense!
waste time! !
“Yes, his talent is very good!” Coach Qiushui did not elaborate too much.
“This I know, the last time I defeated Ma Hao, the talent is not top, it should be considered very good, but according to the eight days of training, plus the kind of strength that defeated Ma Hao, if you want to pass the barrier, this chance is very good. Low is very low! Qiu Shui, this kind of student, I think it is better to be safe! At the very least, you have to train for a month or two and then think about breaking through! Now break out, it’s a play!” There are other coaches who analyze Zhang Things that make it through.
“If it is a general student, I will do as you said, but Chuck is not, you don’t know, Chuck’s mother is…”
“Coach Qiushui, who his mother is, has nothing to do with us. Besides, in my opinion, he is not as good as the average student in the past!”
“Yes, we don’t care who his mother is, what is it about? A housewife, no matter how bad, may be a rich woman? What’s the use of this, can help Chuck pass? Can’t help!!! So I don’t have any Interested in knowing Chuck’s family affairs!!!”
“me too.”
Coach Qiushui didn’t go on.
Several people entered the monitoring room.
Opened the first level, the monitoring screen of Snake Pit!
There are thousands of snakes in this pit!
Different kinds!
Thick-legged pythons, various poisonous snakes, anyway, those who are afraid of snakes will definitely faint.
This is the test of courage! !
Coach Qiushui broke through the level at that time. This first level, she spent half a day!
Because of what? ?
She is not afraid of anything but snakes!
So, the first hurdle, she persuaded herself for a long time before daring to pass!
Now, Coach Qiushui still has a creepy feeling when he sees the snakes in the monitor.
“The serum in the snake pit is still there!” Coach Qiushui asked.
This is the student who escaped the poisonous snake and bit the barrier.
This is a must!
Because the snake inside really bites people, and the poisonous snakes have not extracted their teeth.
Being bitten and not hitting the serum in time will most likely kill the student.
Going back and forth, Wumen still has to guarantee the safety of the students!
“Of course, you can rest assured, Coach Qiushui! Slightly, the serum is all over there. Chuck can see the serum as long as he comes in! No matter how bad, we see him bitten by a snake and lie down. Are we still dead?”
Coach Qiushui was relieved.
“Huh, why didn’t Chuck come in the snake pit yet? Didn’t he dare to come in at the door?”
“I think this is very likely. Last time, there was not a student who was scared out at the door?”
Coach Qiushui is speechless, should you be afraid of snakes, Chuck?
Dare not come in? ?
“Forget it, wait for him for a while, it’s okay anyway.” They found a place to sit down.
Coach Qiushui wanted to know the result, and Meimu looked at the monitor without letting up!
Ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes passed!
Chuck has not appeared yet!
The door into the snake pit is still closed! !
“Don’t come in yet? Was it difficult at the first level? Isn’t it?”
“This courage is too small!”
Several coaches are not interested in watching.
What are they doing here?
Shoot in the third level!
Now that I’m stuck at the first level, I can’t do anything about it, how can there be a third level?
You can go back to rest.
“Chuck, what the hell are you doing? At the very least, you have to push the door in and try it out. It’s not that hard to convince yourself!” Coach Qiushui was disappointed!
She has hope for Chuck!
But unexpectedly, Chuck could not even break through the first level.
With such strength, would you like to break Karen li’s record? ?
“Coach Qiushui, let him train for a few more months and talk! Let him come out, and we will go back.”
Coach Qiushui sighed. She clicked on the monitor screen with her mouse and looked at the entrance of Shekeng. What is the situation below?
But, after clicking, no one actually! !
Coach Qiushui was stunned, “He is not at the door!”
“Huh, it’s really not here!”
“The door is not there, nor is there in the snake pit. Should I have already gone out? This is too bad!”
Several coaches shook their heads and were disappointed!
What is this!
Retreat from difficulties!
Really guts!
If you don’t try, you will give up. How can such a person dare to break through in 13 days?
Is this a joke?
“No, Chuck will not go out so fast, there will be no doorway, no snake pit, then will it be possible, Chuck did not see it for a few minutes when we came to the monitoring room, Has passed the snake pit, has passed the first level? But we don’t know?” Coach Qiushui asked.

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