My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 830

“Is this impossible?”
“That’s right, we just came to the monitoring room, and there was a delay on the road. In four or five minutes, this Chuck directly walked through the snake pit in four or five minutes?”
“It must be impossible! Where is the snake pit? We all know it through the barriers. I feel terrified of the venomous snakes inside. I must walk carefully. This careful walk must be at least half if nothing goes wrong. An hour to an hour! What is the reason for Chuck, after four or five minutes, he passed the snake pit!”
“Ignore me! Chuck must have admitted his defeat, I guess he must have been laughed at outside!”
Several coaches are denying!
It is impossible to have such a speed. The snake pits are all snakes, but it is not a place for walking, you can just walk over.
book=net There are snakes on the ground, you will step on the snake when you walk over, how do you go? ?
Stepping on a snake, some snakes will avoid it, but some snakes that don’t kill, but just take a bite.
You can hide a snake, how many, dozens?
How to hide? ?
So what coach Qiushui said, Chuck used four or five minutes to pass the snake pit. How do they believe? ?
What is impossible, how to believe it? ?
Coach Qiushui did not listen to these coaches, and clicked the second level screen with the mouse!
In an instant, Coach Qiushui was stunned!
Coach Qiushui blurted out!
I saw that at the second level, a person had already walked in, Chuck! !
Really Chuck! ?
I was really right. When Chuck and several coaches came to the monitoring room, he had already spent four or five minutes to easily pass the first level, the snake pit! !
It’s unbelievable! !
Several coaches were stunned!
“Am I right? Have we passed the first level without our knowledge?”
“Ah, I’m an eye-opener. Alas, we just waited a few, and waited hard. I didn’t expect people to pass the first level and prepare to break through the second level.”
“It’s amazing! This snake pit, when I passed, it took three hours! How did he pass in four or five minutes?”
A coach mumbled to himself. The snake in the snake pit is really shocking!
“I heard that there is no fluctuation in the heart, and there is no person who is afraid, it will not secrete a smell, the snake can’t smell it, and it will not bite.”
“God, with so many snakes, how could you not be afraid?”
“Ah, that only shows that Chuck’s psychological quality is too good!”
This is the shock of the three coaches.
Who would have thought that the first hurdle, ordinary people half a day, one day, two days, and even three or four days, and the first hurdle that is directly afraid of retreating, and some people actually passed in four or five minutes!
What is this gap?
The gap between heaven and earth!
If this is said, all the freshmen should be surprised by their chin! !
“Chuck, I was right. You really made me look at it time and time again.” Coach Qiu Shui watched.
Because Chuck has already started the second level!
This second hurdle is a battle of 100 people!
This battle of one hundred people is not one hundred people, and what? ?
It is a kind of wooden man similar to wooden man’s lane, one or two is okay, but one hundred at the same time, it is difficult.
These wooden men are controlled by machines, and each wooden man can only make a few actions, but when one hundred wooden men do several actions at the same time, it is the same as the Tongshan Iron Wall.
Many powerful students will be stuck at this level!
Can’t pass!
Chuck passed a level just five minutes ago, so how long is this level? ?
Still, there is not so good luck, can’t pass?
“Why doesn’t he move?”
“Yeah, what are you doing standing still? How fast did you pass the level in five minutes?”
Several coaches were puzzled.
In front of these hundred wooden figures, Chuck was still motionless.
Wouldn’t it be dumbfounded? ?
“He is observing! A combat master must be good at observing the opponent’s rhythm. At this moment, Chuck, who is motionless, is observing!”
Coach Qiushui said.
Several coaches were shocked.
Half an hour passed, an hour passed, Chuck has not moved.
“What has he observed? It’s been so long?”
“I think I should try it. I broke through this level at that time, but I kept trying and passed it in a day and a half. This speed is considered fast.”
But suddenly! !
“What? What is he doing!?”
“What’s this?”
The jaws of several coaches will fall off!
Chuck actually jumped up, stepped on stilts, stepped on the wooden man’s head, and ran on his shoulders.
This. . ?
Coach Qiu Shui was shocked. She also passed hard at that time. It was really difficult to pass through the thorn forest!
She thought hard about the results for a long time.
I didn’t even think about it at the time, why! !
Why do you want to fight one by one?
Isn’t it enough to go through a hundred-man battle?
The same goes for running!
“Is there a foul?”
Chuck is halfway through.
He observed the movement of the wooden man, and avoided all the wooden man arm attacks skillfully!
This is Chuck’s motionless, one-hour achievement! !
Accurate to the extreme!
“Ah, don’t count, the Hundred-man Wars didn’t say that defeating a hundred wooden talents would count as passing, as long as it wasn’t resisted.” Coach Qiushui said.
Several coaches discussed it and thought it should be fine.
Just pass it or not?
“Unbelievable, passing the second level in one hour and seven minutes!”
“This is amazing! Who will prepare for the three levels this time! Three people, everyone will sign up!”
“I count one!” Coach Qiushui said!
She wants to test Chuck herself! !

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