My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 832

boom! !
Chuck was kicked off by one of the coaches! !
He hit the wall!
The coach who played Chuck was excited, “Your speed is so slow? Same as elementary school students! At this speed, don’t think about these three levels!”
He is very strange, Chuck’s attack power is enough, but why is the speed so bad? ?
Coach Qiushui’s beautiful eyes shone, but she did not expect that Chuck’s speed has become much slower today!
In this way, three top Wumen coaches joined forces, and Chuck’s breakthrough will stop here! !
Snapped! !
Chuck stood up straight, he patted the dust on his body!
After five days of time and again weight-bearing training, Chuck’s muscles became rock-solid.
Fighting ability has improved too much!
The strength of this coach just now is absolutely amazing!
Chuck wore the clothes given by the mother’s technology company, and with the improvement of the ability to fight, this foot can bear it.
Coach Qiushui three people besieged!
Chuck sighed suddenly!
Coach Qiushui was stunned. What did Chuck sigh at this time?
Do you want to give up? ?
“He sighed to give up the third level?”
“Possibly! It’s a pity that the first two levels passed so quickly, this third level actually has to be abandoned.”
“Chuck? You?” Coach Qiushui remained silent for three seconds, trying to persuade Chuck!
This may be a new breakthrough record, you Chuck went all out and everyone went all out to make it worth the break! !
How can I give up halfway? ?
“I still figured out Wumen and then unwrapped it, but I didn’t expect it to be unwrapped here.”
Chuck muttered to himself.
The three coaches looked at each other.
“What did he say? What untied?”
“I don’t know, talk to yourself!”
“He, what is he doing?”
Suddenly, these two coaches fell into horror!
Coach Qiushui was also stunned.
Chuck squatted down, actually solving something, piece by piece. this is? ?
Weight bearing! !
Put it piece by piece into the ground.
The two coaches were stunned. Is this a 100 kg load?
This guy, actually took a hundred kilograms, and beat himself!
They didn’t know that the ring on Chuck’s finger was also fifty kilograms! !
One hundred and fifty kilograms are beating.
“This guy, really!”
“No wonder his speed was not fast, even slow… Ah, no good!”
Suddenly, Chuck rushed over and accelerated like a hundred meters! !
Chuck, who has been burdened, is already as light as a bird, and of course the speed is like a gust of wind!
After rushing over, punch out!
This is a coach, he was shocked!
He didn’t pay attention just now, when Chuck rushed over, he couldn’t react and was hit by Chuck!
He flew out!
Chuck kicked a kick. The coach screamed and fell to the ground.
Chuck knows that if three people besieged themselves and wanted to break through, then one person must be resolved and I will talk! !
Coach Qiushui was shocked!
Another coach was also surprised!
This is one of Wumen’s most powerful coaches! !
Although he was spiked, Chuck was surprised!
But being able to seize this opportunity and solve a coach is not something ordinary people can do!
“Okay, it’s really much easier now, let’s get started!”
Chuck shrugged and felt like if he went to a high jump competition, he might break the world record!
He stepped forward and his punch was already out!
This is what coach Qiu Shui taught, and unexpected! One move to win! !
Another coach was overwhelmed!
Angrily resisted!
Coach Qiushui’s eyes were dull, and Chuck lifted the weight. At this speed, she couldn’t even see clearly.
She was gratified, this should be her own before, after that, the one who has taught the most powerful student! !
She used to help!
Chuck had already repelled his coach, Chuck was chasing after the victory, and he had also knocked him out one by one!
“Coach Qiushui, it’s your turn!”
“bring it on!”
Coach Qiushui hasn’t encountered the same excitement as his opponent in a long time!
Chuck gave her this feeling that it hasn’t been in a while.
Chuck decided to win or lose with one punch!
He hit his fist!
Coach Qiushui’s beautiful eyes shone, the same punch!
Chuck smiled slightly, Coach Qiu Shui looked down at his hand, a little numb, she was silent for three seconds, “You won!”
The gap is out!
Chuck’s physical fitness has improved as if flying. Coach Qiushui punched him as if he had hit a stone!
The physical quality surpasses oneself, then under the situation of similar strength, there is no need to fight anymore!
“Thank you Coach Qiushui!” Chuck shrugged!
The mood is also excited!
“Don’t thank me, your promotion makes me very happy! What’s more, you didn’t use your full strength just now!”
This is a feeling, she thinks Chuck still has reservations.
Chuck smiled slightly, and put on the weight one by one again.
Chuck is used to this weight.
Work out anytime, anywhere!
This is what Chuck desperately needs! !
“Congratulations, you broke your mother’s record!”
Chuck smiled, “Well, since I succeeded in breaking through the barrier, I will leave Wumen tomorrow!”
“Good!” Coach Qiushui is very rare, smiling.
It’s very nice. .
Chuck put on his own weight and he went out.
“Huh, it’s incredible, this is a genius! Hey, he just kicked, but kicked my old bones apart!”
“I’m about the same, it seems that we are old, and looking at the speed alone, we can no longer match the young people.”
The two coaches were awake, but ah, still in pain, Chuck was not polite.
“Coach Qiushui, you received a good student! He broke this new record!”
“Well, I also think it is a good student!” Coach Qiushui said.
“Alas, I thought Karen li was 20 years ago, enough metamorphosis, but I didn’t expect that 20
years later, there are actually people who are even more perverted than her. Just now, in the third level, he spent more than an hour. , Then, after three hours?
He said, he is incredible!
“I’ve taken it today. Karen li’s record hasn’t been broken in twenty years. Today he broke…”
“It’s normal! Chuck broke Karen li’s record.” Coach Qiushui said.
“Why normal! Don’t you feel shocked? I was shocked anyway!”
“Me too!”
“Because, being a son, broke your mother’s record, is it abnormal?”
“What did you say? Chuck? Karen li’s son?”
The two coaches were stunned! !
“Um. So I said normal, because Chuck inherited her genes.”
The two coaches have the same dream, “This is a cycle. Twenty years ago, Chuck’s mother Karen li broke the record! Set a record. Today, the son’s son broke the record again and set a new record…”
Coach Qiushui has beautiful eyes, yes, both records were created by the family…the next record, wouldn’t it be Chuck’s children? ?

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