My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 835

“Haha, arrogant? Hold him!!”
Twenty people besieged!
Each of them is a master who can stand alone!
Joining hands, this Chuck in front of you will be caught without any suspense! !
Twenty people at the same time stretched their fists to siege, what a terrible thing!
Ma Hao grumbled and even wanted to find a chair to sit down and watch a good show. Thinkfree-
fee-watch-end-full-version please Baidu search-pin=book=net However, in the face of such a situation that can scare pee!
Chuck shrugged, expressionless, and punched out!
This is his first real hands-on experience! !
Fist furious!
One punch weighs eight to nine hundred pounds! !
The person beaten was shocked!
It’s too late to hide! !
Like garbage, he was thrown away by fists!
On the ground, seven holes had bleed, and he was seriously injured and died! ?
A punch actually killed a person? ?
this is?
what is this?
The remaining nineteen people were shocked!
“Ah, what’s going on? A punch! Ah!!!”
When a bald head was shocked, Chuck already punched!
Hit his head!
His body fell straight on the ground, his head fell first, and like the watermelon, the skull cracked, and after spitting blood, he lost his life! !
It was another punch that killed someone!
The remaining eighteen people were dumbfounded!
“Ah, go on, her mother goes on!”
They showed fear, this was taken advantage of Chuck! !
As long as all the people are united together, then Chuck will not have the opportunity to break one by one!
Eighteen people unite!
However, at this time, nothing is useful! !
The strength of Chuck’s punch is already close to a thousand pounds, they can’t bear it!
Therefore, there is no absolute resistance to punching, and I can’t bear it!
Chuck just waved his fist! !
He did not waste a punch!
Eighteen people flew out one after another, smashing the ground and the tree, knowing that there are still people who can’t get on and off.
It’s like breaking through!
Just like the death came!
The so-called twenty people here are unstoppable! !
“This is the person you brought? Not so good, it’s all rubbish!” Chuck took out a tissue and wiped the blood donation from his fist gracefully!
He came step by step, as if death came! !
Ma Hao was shocked!
These are the elites in their own homes!
Actually it was solved by Chuck? !
“Impossible, you are only a few days, how could you ascend so fast, illusion!!!” Ma Hao could not accept this scene at this moment!
Heaven is in hell!
Chuck’s eyes, he felt scared at the moment! !
“You honestly study your fighting in Wumen, I won’t trouble you, but why do you bother me?”
Chuck did not plan to find him!
Even in the ring, he attacked himself!
Chuck did not plan to find him!
But at the moment, Chuck cannot tolerate it!
“Ah, it’s definitely an illusion. I want to break this illusion!” Ma Hao roared!
His fist was fast, and the strongest blow came out!
This punch can make Chuck comatose!
This his trick!
Chuck couldn’t bear it, he couldn’t do it! !
It’s just a pity!
Chuck didn’t even look at him, he already slapped him in the face!
Mahao eardrum burst, blood flow!
This slap not only broke his attack, but also made him bleed!
Chuck is a slap again!
Ma Hao vomited blood and was lying on the floor.
“You can’t beat me, my family is very rich, very rich…” Ma Hao feared.
Chuck is too strong, he is not an opponent!
Chuck’s killing scared him! !
“Rich? How rich?” Chuck shrugged.
“It’s rich! My family’s money…” Ma Hao’s words didn’t finish.
However, at this time, the sky had a hurricane!
Ma Hao looked up and fell into horror!
The leaves are shaking, and then bowed down by the hurricane, this helicopter is worth 50
million US dollars!
Come down from the sky!
He doesn’t have such a plane!
Not customizable at all!
Whose is this!
The plane is quite stable. Come down alone, Betty!
Coming towards Chuck!
Ma Hao is unbelievable, this came to pick Chuck? ?
“Master, I’m late?” Betty stared at Ma Hao coldly!
“Master?” Ma Hao only felt dizzy and almost fainted. Chuck is also a rich second generation like himself? ?
“It’s okay, yes, he said his family is rich, you help me see, how rich his family is.” Chuck asked with a shrug.
“What’s the name of this young man?” Betty asked.
“Master, wait a minute!” Betty started calling and inquiring.
So professional. Ma Hao was even more dizzy.
In just one minute, Betty shook her head in disappointment, “Master, his family is a second-rate family, and the total money in the family is less than 30 billion…”
“Only 30 billion? That’s a little bit less, what is this money called rich?” Chuck was also speechless.
Ma Hao was stunned, not worth 30 billion? ?
“That is, his definition of richness is still in its infancy! Master, you go to the plane to rest for a while, let me solve him,”
“Okay!” Chuck shrugged.
“Master, you are ready to eat on the plane.”
“Chuck, Chuck, I was wrong, you forgive me!” Ma Hao knelt in front of Chuck.
“Spare your life? It’s okay. Then let your family die, you choose.” Chuck shrugged.
“Ah, no! Spare my life! I will never dare!” Ma Hao sweated, what offended him!
“Just pay attention to the next life.”
Chuck got on the plane!
Betty came over, “Ma Hao, your home is less than 30 billion yuan. This is nothing in the eyes of our young master, do you know?”
“I know, I know now. I didn’t know that Chuck was also a rich second generation!” Ma Hao thought Chuck was a man in a ditch.
A poor ghost!
“Wrong, my young master is the second generation of super rich!” Betty twisted Ma Hao’s neck.
Ma Hao’s body twitched, and there was horror on his face, “Super, super rich second generation?”
He is already on the ground!
At this time, Ma Hao realized that he was not shit in front of Chuck. .
“Master, there seems to be someone over there, to be solved together?” Betty found someone.
Chuck glanced and shrugged, “Forget it, take me to Yolanda!”
“Yes!” Betty stared at a place and drove the plane to take Chuck away!
Helicopter sky!
not far away!
Liu Li paled, Liu Ge sweated like rain, and he was pale!
“It’s terrifying, so many people, all of them were killed by Chuck, or one punch!” Liu Ge couldn’t believe the scene just now! !
“Brother, I’m not in trouble for Chuck. I’m scared. I’m scared…” Liu Li’s pale face was frightened. Suddenly, she slumped on the ground and she was already scared by a woman.

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