My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 836

Liu Li, a woman, has never been so scared!
What was Chuck just now? ?
Grim Reaper!
“I’m not looking for it anymore…” Liu Ge slumped on the ground.
“That kind of helicopter came over and picked up. Chuck was actually a rich second generation.
No wonder he didn’t want my money back then. I thought he was pretending.” Liu Li thought of this matter as if dreaming! !
Liu Ge is even scared to pee.
Does this strength mean that Chuck can kill himself at any time!
When Chuck just looked at it, he saw it.
“Brother, let’s go back, me, I’m scared.” Liu Li’s face was pale, she was really scared.
“Okay, go back quickly,”
The two of them ran up the mountain.
“How did these people die?”
Someone found these bodies down the mountain!
Qiushui coaches also followed them down the mountain.
“Chuck did, Ma Hao asked people to catch him!” Coach Qiushui said coldly.
There was still a live talk at the scene.
“Chuck, one person solved all of them?” A coach was shocked.
“Yes, one person!”
“However, Ma Hao can’t be killed!”
“Why can’t you kill it!” Coach Qiushui directly denied, “Chuck didn’t destroy his family.”
“Ma Ma’s family? Does Chuck have this strength?” The coach here is doubtful.
“Yes! Because Chuck’s mother is Karen li who has kept a record for two decades in Wumen!”
Coach Qiushui said.
The coaches who don’t know this are stunned! !
Coach Qiushui shone beautifully and muttered to herself, “You are really a super rich second generation who is not afraid of anything…”

Chuck called to tell her mother that she had broken through the barrier, and her mother was very proud of Chuck.
“Mom, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hang up your phone last time,” Chuckcheng apologized.
“Silly boy, I won’t mind! You are out of Wumen now, which means that you can kill you now.
There should be no more than twenty people. I can rest assured that you can do it yourself!”
Karen li is very pleased.
Coach Qiushui also called her and gave Chuck a very high rating!
“Well, I know, that’s up!”
“it is good.”
Chuck hung up the phone, and Betty came over, “This is what Mr. Li asked me to give you. The bracelet, the two bracelets are a 50 kilograms! There are two foot rings are also a 50 kilograms.
Can increase strength!”
A fist of fifty pounds came over, at least a thousand pounds!
Not to mention feet? ?
Chuck smiled, took off the coach Qiu Shui’s equipment, and brought his mother to prepare it, that is 200 kilograms, and a little uncomfortable, but Chuck’s adaptability is soon acceptable!
“Then you have something to eat, you’ll be at Yolanda immediately.”
After eating, Chuck began reading various investment materials.
The business empire can now be released.
The plane reached Yolanda. At this time, Yolanda and Liu Na were discussing.
“Chuck has been there for so many days, why didn’t he come back?” Liu Na asked casually.
Chuck let her deal with the gambling stones, she already has a lot of eyebrows, has begun to create the entire channel!
I believe Chuck will give a satisfactory answer soon.
Yolanda handled it faster, with more than ten days of decoration, working day and night, the pharmaceutical factory has already begun production!
Just start these few days!
At that time, this special medicine will be available all over the world!
Then money is really not a problem.
“I don’t know very well.” Yolanda handled his own affairs.
“You said, Chuck trusts you so much. Has anything happened to you and him? So trust you?”
Liu Na and Yolanda are also friends and asked questions privately.
Yolanda was speechless. “What do you want? Chuck is my boss. What can I do with him?”
This is simply not possible.
I am a Chuck employee.
“I am joking with you? Do you want to happen with him?” Yolanda is weird.
“I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.” Liu Na was caught holding her tail, flushing her head and doing things.
Chuck is indeed a good standard, so rich and handsome, Liu Na does have this idea.
Domineering president.
She also likes this feeling.
“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense… Chuck, are you back?” Yolanda was pleasantly surprised!
Liu Na was also busy looking at the door.
Chuck and Betty came in.
“Well, come back.” Chuck shrugged.
It’s only been more than ten days, and of course the two big beauties will not change.
However, both Yolanda and Liu Na can see the change of Chuck in these 15 days!
It’s obvious!
The muscles of Chuck’s arms and legs!
Almost all the clothes are bursting!
What did you do? Why is the muscle so scary? !
“Just come back, Liu Na and I will report to you about your work!” Yolanda Mei Shuoshuo.
Liu Na also sorted out her clothes and approached Chuck.
“Good.” Chuck came here for this.
The two women reported that Chuck was very satisfied with their work efficiency! !
Seeing Chuck’s seriousness, Bettymei’s eyes were turning.
“Okay, you worked hard and found a place to eat. I have something to tell you,” Chuck came up with a new idea when he came to the plane.
This may be that his strength has soared, and he has confidence in everything he does.
“Okay, where to eat?”
“As long as you can eat enough anyway, let’s go and talk while eating.”
Three women, one Chuck went out.
What Chuck didn’t know was that someone was staring at him.
“Chuck, how come you are so smart and still investing everywhere?” You Tianle was exasperated.
But he and Ouyang Fei went to the rice country together.
“What do you think?” Ouyang Fei asked.
Anyway, what she thought was more.
“Yes, a lot!” You Tianle put her hand on Ouyang Fei’s shoulder. “Would you like to find a place to talk?”
Ouyang Fei said coldly, “Do you think I have spent the night with you, you think I am your woman??”
“Isn’t it?” You Tianle can’t forget when she was with Ouyang Fei, it was really beautiful!
“No! I am not a woman of any of you, let me loose your hand!” Ouyang Fei was annoyed.
You Tianle let go, “Don’t be angry, our two common goals, isn’t Chuck? Deal with him together,”
“Do you still know?” Ouyang Fei stared at the leaving Chuck, his eyes getting colder and colder! !
She doesn’t want Chuck to go so leisurely!
She wants Chuck to regret everything she has done to her! !

Squint country!
A woman with short hair appeared at the airport. She was carrying a backpack. Her figure was perfect. When she left the airport, too many people watched it.
This kind of neutral big beauty can’t be seen every day!
She wears sunglasses. If Wan Ziwen is here, she will know, because this person is the strongest bodyguard in Wanjia today! !
Her talent has surpassed Karen li!
This Wan Ziwen thinks!
She came out and went out to kill Karen li!
“Beauty, where are you going? I’ll take you there!”
A driver talked up.
She didn’t care about anyone, she had only one purpose, that was to let Karen li die! !

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