My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 837

She didn’t pay attention to anyone’s talk and came up with the information given by Wanjia!
She has all the detailed information about Karen li!
By the way, her name is Long Yi! !
“Actually, I have noticed you very early. You are in reality, you shot too little, but the data shows that you have been a killer for a while? It’s a bit interesting!!”
Long Yi is usually in Wanjia, she is the strongest bodyguard of Wanjia!
There are three of her similar strength!
The existence of these four people ensured the safety of the first family of ten thousand! !
“Then let me see where you are first.”
Long Yi took an interest.
“Hey, beauty, where are you going! I’ll send you!!!” A taxi chased.
This kind of short-haired neutral beauty is a top grade. He doesn’t want to let it go. If he can spend a night together, it would be ten years less! !
“Okay! Here!” Long Yi got in the car.
“Oh,” of course the driver knows, this is one of the most luxurious residential areas in the country.
When the driver drove to the place, his eyes would burst into flames, “Beauty, or I will give you a chant, I have great strength, you will like it.”
“Oh, you have a lot of energy?” Long Yi expressionless.
“Yes, would you like to try it?”
“No want!!”
“It’s okay, I’m really happy to serve. To be honest, if I’m with you once, I can’t live ten years less.
You see I like you so much…” The driver said more and more excited.
“Ten years less? Or don’t live now!”
Long Yi stretched his hand and hit the driver’s neck. The gentle movement seemed to flick his fingers!
but! !
The driver was shocked and shocked. He covered his neck and fell into pain, “You, you…”
Long Yi has got off!
Ten seconds later, the driver died.
Long Yi found a place to monitor this residential area.
“Miss said, let her die a little unexpectedly, this is really a bit difficult!!! But I like to kill such powerful women!”
Long Yi, already using a precision telescope, saw a figure in a villa.
“Very alert, didn’t easily appear by the window, it really is a master! Then some play this time.”
Long Yi expressionless, began to design how to kill Karen li.
At this time, her mobile phone vibrated and she answered.
This phone of Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard.
“Did you go somewhere?”
“Here, I have seen Karen li,”
“Miss means, I’ll tell you again, don’t let others suspect that the lady asked you to do it, absolutely be innocent!”
“Got it, you said you played against this Karen li?” Long Yi asked.
“She should, you can beat you with one move!” This is Long Yi’s analysis.
Looking at Karen li from a distance, this vigilance represents Karen li’s super strength! !
“No need to deny it! I will not be wrong.”
“Last time I was not ready, so…”
“Don’t make excuses, improve yourself, is the king! Tell the lady, I will make her happy!” Long Yi hung up the phone.
She continued to monitor.
For ordinary people, she didn’t need to look at it, she directly designed a sophisticated death to kill.
But Karen li is different!
This person, but the person who destroyed the strongest bodyguard of the home!
As Longyi’s strongest bodyguard, Long Yi will not despise Karen li.
Therefore, for this precise killing game, she needs a good plan to personally design for Karen li to let her die in an “accident”.
This is much harder than killing Karen li directly.
When she came by plane, she had already designed it almost. At this time, when she saw Karen li, she had already designed it completely.
“Did you come up with a car accident, or was it killed? Or was it poisoned? There are so many options that will satisfy you…”
Long Yi smiled slightly, revealing a terrible! !
Karen li was busy. She took a piece of bread to fill her stomach, but accidentally broke a bowl.
Karen li squatted down to clean up, poof! The hand was cut.
Karen li’s eyes flickered, “Maybe? Too tired!”
She simply brought a band-aid and began to continue after eating bread.
She already knows that You Shiwen’s home is in full revival.
With an overwhelming attitude, we must persecute our own industry!
Karen li is very busy!
Betty, who has always trusted by her side, is not around, she has no too many people to discuss.
“The casinos, restaurants, companies on the west side are all stared at by the tourists, the ones on the east side…”
Karen li said nothing, “You Shiwen, you make me a headache.”
She began to think about countermeasures, this process must be long.
Hidden family, when the strength really leaks out, it is absolutely amazing!
Karen li is particularly aware of this!
In a special tour of Shiwen, after a big change in personality, Karen li feels caught off guard by a series of actions.
It’s certainly not possible to have a big business and complete control.
When Karen li thought of a way, she glanced out of the window. She walked to the window and saw it, but found nothing.
“Don’t you feel too tired? Is it possible?”
Karen li drew the curtains and searched for tired eyes.
“Alert, have a sensitive sixth sense, but this time you meet me, no one can save you! If you blame, you blame you an ordinary person, you must offend the heirs of the first family!!!” Long Yi With a slight smile, she saw Karen li’s real person.

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