My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 838

Chuck and Yolanda, Liu Na and Betty finished their meals. During the meal, what I was talking about was the next business plan.
Yolanda and Liu Na have their own ideas, and they are also very good.
Chuck can come according to their ideas!
Because for business, the vision of the two of them is still very good.
A few days later, the pharmaceutical factory was successfully shipped. When Lu Cewen went to Wumen for further study, he had already found a star to shoot good advertising.
Prepare to spend 500 million to advertise on various videos!
Overwhelming! !
Because Chuck is very confident in what he produces in his pharmaceutical factory!
Another thing I have to mention is that the star that Yolanda is looking for is still known by Chuck, Ye Zimei! !
Chuck took a close look at the ad that was filmed. It was directed by Yolanda himself, and it was very good!
When Chuck was squinting, the first investment in a film, with an investment of 30 million yuan, the literary film starring Zabrina, was already released at that time.
The box office is very good!
Break the record of literary and artistic films!
It’s a lot of money!
Zabrina’s performance in the movie has broken through her past, and her acting skills have been appreciated and affirmed by many people! !
She also changed from a traffic star to a real acting actor.
She also hoped that with this literary film invested by Chuck, she won her first post-film award, which is quite good!
This makes her redder!
So ask her to shoot this ad, it is just right!
Today is the day of the conference!
Chuck saw her in the background. Today, Zabrina is very beautiful, and her dress is perfect!
As a spokesperson for drugs, Yolanda is also dazzling!
The beauty of the leaves, Yolanda and Liu Na, are the focus of the scene.
Zabrinamei, a popular star, made endorsements without the need for special arrangements by Yolanda. Many reporters came to the scene.
The big headlines of tomorrow are the news of Zabrina’s endorsement of medicines!
“I haven’t seen you for a long time,” Zabrina said hello to Chuck.
When Yolanda found her to shoot an ad, she was very stunned because she didn’t know that Chuck actually started making medicine.
It is also an ancestral Chinese medicine.
She is very strange, how many industries does Chuck have? Investing in movies, as well as squares, is now starting to make medicine.
Isn’t this what ordinary people can do?
Chuck became more and more mysterious.
“Well, long time no see.” Chuck said to Ye Zimei.
The two were unhappy, but Chuck grew up.
I don’t care about these, let alone!
Zabrina also endorsed her own medicine, which made the unpleasant dissipation even more.
“Well,” Zabrina smiled.
Chuck chatted with Yezimei for a while, and asked her the latest situation, mainly to ask Yezimei’s latest schedule. She is now the hottest female star, so the schedule must have been full.
Maybe it will be full next year.
Chuck looks at the recent movie market well, so he wants to join the movie special effects company on the other side of the country to create a superhero movie, heroine!
Because the recent superhero movie is very popular!
Logan has an international film company, so it’s too easy to contact the special effects company.
As long as the plot is good, the special effects are good, and there are the most popular stars, I am not afraid of not having a box office.
You can also make a series of your own ten-year layout!
This is Chuck’s own idea!
In terms of investment, Chuck will be enough!
“Do you want to find me to make a movie?” Zabrina smiled slightly and knew what Chuck meant.
“Is there a schedule?” Chuck shrugged.
“No, I did it after the film, and the schedule is already in the next year. I have confirmed that there are eight films signed. There are more than 180 scripts for me. I am very busy and busy…
“Zabrina smiled.”
“Uh, okay!”
“However, you first told me what movie you want to invest in. I think it is appropriate. You can push other ones.” Zabrina then smiled slightly.
Chuck smiled and talked about his ten-year plan. The leaves were so beautiful, “Really? Do you want to invest in such a movie?”
“En! Ten-year plan, twenty-year plan!” Chuck has this confidence and can continue this series.
The box office will definitely get up.
“Okay,” Zabrina agreed.
She particularly likes to watch superhero movies, and also fantasizes about making such genres.
But I can’t find a good investment, a good script!
She was very distressed! !
“Um, specific details, specific pay, contract, I will let you talk to you,” Chuck said.
“These are not important, the important thing is, you said, I am the heroine!” Zabrinamei smiled.
Others, she believes that Chuck will not treat her badly.
“Okay, it’s not enough to trust people too much, maybe I will be pitted,” Chuck laughed.
“Just hang it! I don’t mind!” Ye Zimei shook her head. She said that the endorsement fee was very high.
“Leaf Beauty! Is he?” A man in a suit ran over.
He is Zabrina’s agent.
“Are you a Zabrina agent, are you?” Chuck thinks, it is better to clarify some things.
“Yes, I’m the only agent of Zabrina Zhang Hu!” He blocked Zabrina.
The agent handles everything about the star.
“Well, I want to find Zabrina to make some movies!” Chuck shrugged.
“Making a movie? I don’t know you. What film company are you from? What about the script?
Why didn’t you show me in advance?” Zhang Hu said coldly.
“Well, the script is not yet. This is a sudden thought I just made. It’s a superhero movie…”
“You don’t have any scripts, you talk about cooperation? Are you new to the industry? It’s too unprofessional!” Zhang Hu soon became impatient.
He even wanted to laugh!
Superhero movie? This requires a lot of investment. Scripts, directors, and special effects are all indispensable. Is there any special effect for fifty cents? ?
Isn’t that ruining Zabrina’s reputation?
“Ye Zimei, I’ve watched a few scripts for you. The company has prepared you to sign a contract.
This person is too unreliable. Push it away!” Zhang Hu said in a commanded tone.
The rights of brokers are still great.
“He’s very reliable! He…” Ye Zabrina shook her head, more annoyed.
She always wanted to change this agent, but she couldn’t help it. She signed the contract with the company.
This was arranged by the company and she couldn’t refuse it.
“Ye Zimei, how many scammers are you? You have to keep your eyes open! The company lets me arrange everything for you, you have to listen to me!” Zhang Hu moved out of the company.
“Let’s go! Zabrina will not cooperate with you just because you have a mere idea!”
“This is a concept, but I can invite first-rate screenwriters, directors of big scenes, and huge investments. This movie will be successful!” Chuck said.
These, you can use the best screenwriter and the best director by calling Logan.
With first-class actors and special effects, how could it be unsuccessful? ?
“Don’t say, what kind of agent are you in a small company? Want to dig someone? There are no doors! Go! Don’t delay Zabrina to attend the endorsement event!” Zhang Hu said coldly.
Isn’t it just a small company? There is something else to say about the big investment, but what about the face? !

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