My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 839

“There are please below, our spokesperson for the drug, Ye Zimei comes on stage!”
At the conference, the host had already started calling.
“The leaves are beautiful, come to you, go!” Zhang Hu urged the leaves.
Zabrinamei looked at Chuck and apologized. She didn’t expect that her agent didn’t give Chuck a face.
Chuck shrugged, “It’s your turn.”
“Well,” Zabrinahui’s focus went up from the background.
“Which company are you from?” Zhang Hu asked as soon as Zabrina left.
“Oh, no company!” Chuck said.
“What big investment does no company say? You are really bragging. I see people like you a lot.
You have to deceive people to deceive others. I will be far away from my family in the future!
Let me see you talking nonsense, Be careful, I will find someone to clean up you!!!” Zhang Hu said tiredly.
He wouldn’t be polite to deal with people like Chuck who are running trains.
“Look for someone to clean me up?” Chuck shrugged.
“Yes, be more interesting… Hello, Manager Lu!” Zhang Hu saw Yolanda coming down from above.
He greeted him with a slight smile and didn’t want to ignore Chuck at all.
This is the golden master!
As a broker of Zabrina, he knew that this manager Yolanda had managed several industries. Her boss was also an investor in the last Zabrina drama.
Very rich!
And this time the drug spokesperson, the endorsement fee is not stingy at all, but this is a longterm large customer, can not offend.
“Hello!” Yolanda said hello.
Zhang Hu wanted to please. When it was close, Yolanda already said, “Wait!”
“Okay!” Zhang Hu thought that Yolanda had other things!
Unexpectedly, he saw Yolanda walked in front of Chuck.
“You will come to power later, after all, you are the boss, just say a few words.” Yolanda suggested.
The press conference still has to be heavy!
Behind-the-scenes boss, let everyone know each other, too.
“I still think so!” Chuck shrugged.
He is not used to it, under the spotlight, what news, newspapers, and overwhelming reports, Chuck doesn’t like it.
So, on this occasion, Yolanda would just take it up.
“Okay.” What else can Yolanda do?
Chuck has always been low-key.
“Manager Lu, he, is he your boss?” Zhang Hu heard the conversation.
His face was pale.
This is the big gold master.
“Well, yes, this is my boss Chuck, are you okay?” Yolanda asked.
“No,” Zhang Hu looked ugly and smiled, but this smile was even uglier than crying, “Boss Zhang, just now, I’m sorry, I thought you were…”
Where did he know that this big gold master was so low-key? ?
“Oh, someone from a small film company? Do you want to clean up me?” Chuck shrugged.
“No, boss Zhang, listen to me, I just…” Zhang Hu laughed more ugly.
This is how Yolanda understood, and she didn’t have any good looks, “Zhang Hu, your family’s leaf beauty is a movie that was invested by my boss Chuck. This endorsement is also a product of my boss Chuck. Do you want to cooperate twice?”
“No, I don’t mean that!” Zhang Hu’s face flashed white.
If it is because he has cancelled the contract, how can he afford this small agent? ?
“Then what do you mean? I still have to clean up my boss? Well, if you are today, I will call the CEO of your economic company!” Yolanda said coldly.
“No! Manager Lu! Boss Zhang!” Zhang Hu burst into tears.
This is frightening. The boss knows that his agent must be unable to do it! !
“Nothing is not!” Yolanda is welcome.
Zhang Hu paled, despair in his heart!
Chuck, Yolanda continued to read, the whole conference was very successful!
Under the explanation of the on-site pharmacist, the personal cooperation of the popular star Zabrina Ye has already let many famous merchants on the site place orders.
It’s hot! !
“Chuck, one boss has ordered 30 million items! Another boss has ordered 10 million items. The other bosses, one after another, have already ordered close to 300 million items today! Fire, this medicine is on fire! “This is what Yolanda has been hanging at this time.
The success of the conference means that this new medicine will be a hit? !
The next order will be too much to do.
Chuck was at ease and tinkered for so long, and finally had a considerable return.
Next, occupy the Chinese market, and then extend to all parts of the world, then the annual revenue is very impressive!
“You will start to set up a research room tomorrow and research out new medicines. In addition, the pharmaceutical factory will increase shipments. I will let Betty start shipping the goods to other countries to sell.”
The mother’s industry is also spread all over the world, and there are many pharmacies that supply directly in the past.
Profitability will be faster.
“Well, I will do this next!”
Yolanda also had this plan, and prepared.
Chuck rested with Yolanda to take care of this matter. So many people around the world occupying one-third of this market is amazing.
Chuck is also looking forward to his business empire, rapid prototyping!
“By the way, the film and television company, you started to plan one. I have a plan for a superhero movie, let Ye Zabrina be the heroine, prepare a ten-year layout, and invest 10 billion!
This is a big project, you have to deal with it! I will Find a dedicated talent and you will be the chief producer!” Chuck said.
The movie, he must set foot.
This is big fat meat, Chuck must eat a big bite.
Yolanda was stunned, “Okay, I will start planning the film company tomorrow! Start preparing for the movie you said.”
Zhang Hu heard these words, and he regretted the intestines.
How amazing is the tens of billions of investments? ?
This is really a huge investment!
After the meeting and the celebration party, Chuck certainly knew that, so he wanted to eat something.
“Ye Zimei, you apologize to boss Zhang for me, I didn’t mean it on purpose,” Zhang Hu begged for Zabrina.
“I said bad, he is also my boss, your boss, you talk to your boss like this, you still expect Chuck to forgive you?” Zabrina finished, and went to Chuck for the next conversation.
Because of the movie Chuck said, she was really very interested.
Zhang Hu regretted to the extreme, he received a call from the boss, and within ten seconds, he cried, “Don’t fire me, boss, don’t, I know it’s wrong, boss…”
His boss’s phone has been hung up.
The press conference was successfully held, and the next day, there was no unexpected policy, and many news reports reported on Zabrina’s endorsement of drugs.
There are also some people who are curious about the trial, and they are convinced by the effect of the drug.
Volunteer to become a “water army” to promote medicine!
The name “Magic Medicine” was triggered online!
This is really a hit!
Within three days, orders from Chuck Pharmaceutical Factory have exceeded 5 billion!
In addition, one after another, Chuck let Yolanda immediately increase the pharmaceutical factory!
Maintain supply!
This year, Chuck wants to use this medicine to make 100 billion yuan! !
This is just one of the medicines. New medicines are coming out one after another.
Chuck saw the hope of his business empire!
At the same time, the good news is that Liu Na’s gambling industry chain has been completed.
The huge investment, coupled with the last time Chuck bought more than 100 jewelry stores.
The product is also available!
Chuck did not forget Zabrina, please let Zabrina endorse her own jewelry store jewelry!
Zabrina, as a popular star, brings in traffic, that is huge!
The popularity of pharmaceutical cooperation, the second endorsement, brought a huge flow of people to Chuck’s more than 100 jewelry stores!
The jewellery side has also started to make crazy sales and profits!
Chuck’s business empire has slowly become outlined.

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