My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 840

The outline of the business empire appears! !
Chuck already knows how to proceed next!
Just follow the outline layout and go on. The strength of the hidden family is strong, and it is difficult to survive in the cracks! !
But there is no other way, the world is so big, what about the gap between survival?
Chuck is not afraid!
This is the only chance to fight against the secret family!
It depends on how much time You Shiwen gave Chuck!
We must hurry up!

at the same time!
You Shiwen works out in the large gym!
Her weight is also two hundred kilograms! !
She is squatting!
In the gym, more than 30 people reported the situation of the family one by one with respect.
After You Shiwen took control of the Youjia, the entire Youjia made comprehensive reforms!
As a matter of fact, only You Shiwen is suitable for this house!
Her reform has redefined the hidden family!
The secret family still wants to be secret, but the overall strength, don’t stand still, she took over the secret family for more than a month.
The descendants of Youjia have already seen the changes in Youjia!
This is an increase in strength, and it is also an improvement that can be seen by the naked eye from dozens of generations to conquer the descendants of Youjia!
This is not comparable to You Tianle’s home ownership in those days.
To report to the important members of Youjia, You Shiwen listened quietly!
“For Sui Guo’s business, we must control and suppress all the industries of Karen li! I want to let her know that in front of the secret family, some people who have developed for decades have been insignificant!!”
“Yes, the head of the house! We will do everything in accordance with the instructions of the housekeeper!”
“You guys are busy!! By the way, is the security design of the entire Youjia house handled according to my design?” You Shiwen asked.
“I have done what the owner said! The owner is assured!”
“I don’t hope that anyone else can break through the security of my hidden family travellers and take hold of everyone. Such a thing will never appear again!” You Shiwen was cold!
Last time, Karen li brought someone up and broke the line of defense of Youjia, almost leaving the entire army of Youjia annihilated!
This is a shameful shame on Youjia! !
“Homeowners rest assured that the last time Karen li broke in, I promise, will never happen again!” said a white-haired old man.
He is the oldest in Youjia’s age.
“Not at ease, how about the person I asked you to find?” You Shiwen said.
“Homeowner, the strongest one in Youjia was killed by Karen li, I have been looking for the strongest in the world, and I’m a little bit eyebrowed!”
“Go on!! You must go on! Karen li’s personal strength, the whole world, can withstand it, and it is absolutely rare!” You Shiwen said coldly!
“You are not Karen li’s opponent?” You children looked at each other!
“No, not at this stage! I think it can be the opponent of Karen li, the three of Wanjia should be able to! Especially, there is a fighting genius Long Yi among Wanjia! She should be the opponent of Karen li. , Even beyond Karen li, because Karen li has entered her forties, and the woman’s golden age is about to pass. No matter how powerful she was before, but she can never escape a law, that is, the years are not forgiving, she entered the four At ten years old, it means that she has begun to go downhill, and Wanyi’s Long Yi is in his prime! One person’s strength, age is always one of the biggest reasons for the gap! If she deals with Karen li, I think, maybe Karen li has Sixty percent may die…”
You Shiwen’s eyes are shining!
“Long Yi of that family will not easily shoot!”
“Who knows, Wan Ziwen of the Wan Family, she has always been very deep and moody!
Maybe it’s possible to see Karen li uncomfortable that day and let Long Yi take it!” You Shiwen is analyzing, “but I I did not expect Wan Ziwen, Karen li, I must deal with it personally!”
“Homeowner, you need to be careful. You can’t confront Karen li alone! If she jumps off the wall in a hurry, you may even hurt your homeowner!”
“No, Karen li is not a dog, but she is a phoenix! This is placed in ancient times, but the same person as the emperor!” You Shiwen’s eyes shone!
The wandering people were suddenly silent, worried and silent.
“By the way, the head of the family, our three big families. In the other family, they haven’t been moving, are they secretly doing?” The people inside the house, someone thought of the last of the three secret families!
This family is too low-key! !
“This is undoubted! The Zhang family has been low-key for so long. The owner of the Zhang family is now an old fox. He has definitely been laid out. Maybe many people have become the pawn of the old fox. I suspect that the old fox is a pawn. It is very clever to use… I have to think about it carefully.” You Shiwen, during her previous experience, deliberately collected everything from the Zhang family of the hidden family.
But very little!
This Zhang family can’t be silent forever!
This is ready for the next rainstorm!
How can the far-sighted You Shiwen ignore the existence of the third family, the Zhang family? ?
It’s time to take precautions!
“I also suspect that the Zhang family has also stocked some people. Who are these people? You must start to find out!”
“Homeowners rest assured! We will start to pay attention to this matter, but for now, several of our old things agree that one of the most important things you have not done yet!”
The white-haired old man suddenly smiled slightly.
You Shiwen was stunned, she continued to lift the barbell.
It lasted a long time, and she was not too tired, and she could continue.
“If you are the head of the house, we are satisfied with a few old things, but ah, you alone can’t work alone, and someone needs to share the burden of traveling with you!”
“What are you doing for me?”
“You are also 20 years old, you can also find someone to get married! Pass on your genes! This is also the rule of the family for thousands of years! There are 39 homeowners in the world, 31 of which are Men, eight are women! The eight elders have at least seven children! They have also been married since they took office. They usually give birth in the second year… You can also do it in this regard. A few of us have already found some good people for the house owner! The house owner can see… first communicate the feelings! Of course, the house owner looks for three, five, ten at the same time…” Smile.
You Shiwen was silent for three seconds, “I will talk about this later!”
“This is not okay! This is the tradition of the Youjia family. After you become the head of the family, you must give birth in the second year!” said the old white-haired old man.

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