My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 841

Youjia children and grandchildren reminded, because You Shiwen fell silent. Product=Book/Web You Shiwen recovered, quietly put down the barbell in his hand, “I know the rules…”
“That’s good, I thought the owner didn’t know this rule! The reason why our secret family has been passing on for so long, genetics is very important, inheritance is very important! So hurry up! It must be born next year. The first child!” The white-haired old man was at ease.
The rest of the family is at ease.
This can be regarded as a superstition of the Youjia family. The new owner must have children one year later. This is a kind of inheritance, and it also indicates that the Youjia will be passed on from generation to generation.
“Well, I know!” You Shiwen promised!
“That’s good, a few of our old stuff, who have been advocating, have found ten people outside the door. These people are business elites. No matter the height, appearance, and the most important commercial genes, there is absolutely no problem. Let them come in and let the owner see!” The white-haired old man sighed his hands in relief.
“Don’t!” You Shi text can refuse.
“Homeowner? What else do you have?” The old man with white hair surprised his face.
You Shiwen was silent.
The children and grandchildren of Youjia looked at each other, and the white-haired old man came out and asked, “Did you have someone you loved when you were raised by the owner?”
“No! I don’t have a favorite person!” You Shiwen beautiful eyes cold! !
“So what do you like?”
“No!” You Shiwen only has these two words, and her eyes are getting colder and colder, like ice cubes.
“Are you angry?”
“No!” You Shiwen is indifferent!
“Oh, that’s good! Because you are already the head of the house, so the average man can never touch the head of the house. You must pass the test, height, appearance, and genetic standards before you can…” The white-haired old man said a lot.
The owner of the house, how can men touch it?
That is impossible!
It must be tested by You Jia, so that you can ensure that the children born to You Shiwen have good genes!
Then, you have to do this.
“Okay! Stop talking, let them in!” You Shiwen wiped away his sweat.
“Slap, crack, crack!!!”
White-haired old man clapping hands!
The door opened and ten handsome guys came in!
There are blond hair, blue eyes, and black hair.
They are all special standard models!
“Homeowner, you can choose!”
You Shiwen stared at them indifferently. The people of You family looked at each other. You Shiwen didn’t speak. Was this one missed?
“Homeowner, according to the time, you can find one today, pick one that you think is pleasing to the eye! Today is over, ten months later, the first child of the homeowner can be born.” said the white-haired old man.
“I,…” You Shiwen shook his head and fell into silence.
“Homeowner, do you want to have children after marriage? There is no conflict. In the past, we can have a wedding tomorrow! Homeowner, we know that today may be too sudden, but we all follow the rules passed down from our ancestors. You are wronged, you still have to follow the rules!” The white-haired old man began to persuade.
“I know it!” You Shiwen sighed, “You just let someone stay!”
When she was finished, she went to take a bath.
The old man with white hair was relieved.
Ten handsome guys are looking forward to it.
The old man with white hair glanced for a while and pointed to a man with black hair. “It’s yours, everyone else will go out!”
This dark-haired man is ecstatic!
This is really fortunate to be the owner of the hidden family!
This is a pie! !
The other nine people were extremely disappointed.
“Tell you, the house owner does what you want! If the house owner is pregnant after tonight, you have endless glory and wealth!” said the white-haired old man.
“I know!” The handsome dark-haired guy blinked.
“That line, you wait here, we will go out first!” The old man with white hair went out with a few people.
Handsome dark-haired guy ecstatic!
Inside is the sound of the hidden family head bathing!
Soon, You Shiwen came out.
Handsome dark-haired guy swallowed hard.
At the moment, Yu Shiwen is a beauty in bathing. When the handsome black-haired guy came, he thought the owner was an ugly girl. I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful! !
Body and looks are superb!
“Homeowner, you are so beautiful!” The handsome dark-haired guy couldn’t stop leaking, really can’t help it! !
“Pretty! Do you think I’m pretty?” You Shiwen was indifferent.
Get closer step by step!
This is an oppression!
How could a handsome dark-haired guy stand it? He knelt down in horror, “Homeowner!!”
“You have no bones? Why kneel?” You Shiwen stared at him indifferently!
“Are you a man?”
“Yes, I am!”
“Yes, look at me!”
The handsome dark-haired guy raised his head in fear, and he showed disgust, “Homeowner, what’s wrong with your arm, what’s wrong?”
He didn’t expect that such a beautiful woman as You Shiwen, was so hurt, like an earthworm, crawling on his arm, how disgusting!
“It hurts.”
“It’s okay, it’s just a broken arm.”
“Not only! I’m hurt all over!”
The handsome dark-haired man was dumbfounded, “Homeowner, you…”
“very disgusting!”
“Yes, no, no! Homeowner! You are beautiful!” The handsome dark-haired guy can’t accept it, why!
There are scars on the legs, how disgusting? ?
“Pretty, why don’t you look at me?”
“I see, I see!” The handsome dark-haired guy approached You Shiwen.
He gave up nausea and turned off the lights. It’s the same, but her, it’s money, money you can’t use!
The handsome dark-haired guy approached.
He uncovered You Shiwen’s clothes, and You Shiwen was indifferent, “Go!”
“Homeowner!” The handsome dark-haired guy is afraid!
“You don’t understand me, go!” You Shiwen said coldly!

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