My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 858

how can that be?
Why did Logan go out? Who wants to kill her? ?
“Yvette, what the hell is going on?” Chuck was really anxious. There have been too many things recently. When I returned to China last time, I did not have a good chat with Logan. This time my mother was suddenly calculated, and Logan hurried back from outside.
Chuck wanted to find Wan Ziwen because of her anxiety, but also had to take over everything her mother did!
So, it was just a simple meeting, not much to say!
However, the gentle Logan left suddenly this time, did he know he was going to die? ?
Chuck cannot accept it!
Absolutely not acceptable! !
He still had a lot to say to Logan, not even three days and three nights!
“Aunt Logan suddenly told me that she was leaving and made me young…” Yvette stopped.
At this juncture, Chuck cannot tell this!
“What else do you want?”
“No, I feel Aunt Logan is going to have an accident. I have already found it, but I have not found her…” Yvette was also very anxious.
She blamed herself!
Why did Logan leave Logan in that situation? ?
“I know!” Chuck called Logan!
Unfortunately, it has been shut down! !
Chuck has bad notice, who wants to kill Logan?
Was it the man who ordered the assassination? ?
Chuck immediately called Betty, “Sister Li, Aunt Logan, are gone, I want you to send someone to find her immediately!!”
“Wait a minute, young master!” Betty’s side, go to deal immediately!
She could hear how anxious Chuck was!
Chuck went out to find, Logan absolutely can’t have something!
Yvette followed quietly.
“Sister, help me find someone!” Chuck was too worried about Logan, and called the boss behind the killer organization to say this.
The killer organizes too many killers.
There are many in the squinting country and even the world, there are many eyeliners, and the chance of finding Logan is still much greater!
“Okay, who are you talking about!”
“Okay, I will let you find it! …Chuck, mournful change!” The boss behind the scene always wanted to come over.
From the moment Chuck returned to her country, she wanted to come over.
However, she was afraid to disturb Chuck!
“Thank you!” Chuck was silent for three seconds.
“There is time to come to me, I… miss you.”
Chuck hung up the phone and started his own search!
Logan’s character, where will she go? ?
Chuck thought of it, the first time he saw Logan in Beijing, that kind of natural stunning!
The two have experienced too much in a year! !
Many memories!
Logan has died once, and Chuck does not want her to die a second time! !
Logan, Aunt Logan, where are you? ?
Chuck tears his heart apart!
The mother was assassinated, and if Logan died somewhere else, Chuck would collapse! !
Chuck driving crazy looking!
“Her husband, Aunt Logan must be fine!” Yvette said comfortingly.
“Well,” Chuck stepped on the throttle crazy!
I hope Logan can be seen in the next second!
However, countless next seconds, Logan did not appear!
Chuck was extremely tight!
When he was afraid to find Logan, it was a cold body! !
Don’t do this!
“Her husband, did Aunt Logan say anything to you?” Yvette thought, Chuck was rescued by Logan in the Amazon. When she went to find, she found Logan kissing Chuck.
Did Chuck not know about this matter? ?
“No, I look back at the country this time, I regret not talking to her!” Chuck regrets!
When the mother was assassinated, she didn’t even know it.
Chuck didn’t say much about the previous phone call from my mother!
Everything is so normal, but my mom was suddenly assassinated!
Yvette would like to say it, because Logan is holding a mortal heart this time!
However, Logan himself did not say, how did Yvette open this mouth? ?
“Wife, what do you want to say?” Chuck asked.
Oops, pooh!
Chuck a sudden brake! !
He felt bad.
“Husband, what’s wrong with you?”
“I suspect that Aunt Logan has been targeted, and that person can even assassinate my mother.
Aunt Logan can’t carry it at all. I think Aunt Logan is going to die, she wants… No, I can’t let it Such a thing happened!”
Chuck grabbed his cell phone and he was going to make a call!
That’s right! !
You Shiwen!
You Shiwen, you are just dealing with me. Why did you kill my mother and do something with Logan?
Are you planning to let the people around me die one by one? ?
Chuck doubts that it means You Shiwen!
This phone call was made!
More than ten seconds, connect!
“You Shiwen, You Shiwen!!!” Chuck roared!
“You sent someone to assassinate my mother, I will find you! But, now you put Logan a horse, she did nothing, she is innocent! Let her go! Let me beg you, you and me Don’t involve other people’s grievances! You Shiwen, you speak!”
Chuck is roaring!
“What do you ask me to say?” This is You Shiwen’s cold voice!
“Release Logan, I’ll see you!!”
“I am partial, she is innocent? I don’t think I want her to die!!” You Shiwen said coldly.

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