My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 865

Chuck received this cat mask, and also collected everything that Logan left behind. Product=Book/Web He pondered for a long time!
In order to avenge my mother, Logan and Black Rose!
Never be impulsive! !
Must be careful!
Because Chuck didn’t want to die without revenge, it was unfilial to the mother!
Chuck knows that it is unlikely that he will surpass Youjia by his own efforts alone!
Chuck did not have time to wait for this day!
Because, after thousands of years of traveling, her strength is amazing!
Youjia is a big mountain!
It is too difficult to surpass by strength alone! !
Mother’s hatred, Logan, Black Rose’s hatred is not reported for one day!
Chuck can’t sleep, can’t eat!
Therefore, Chuck now has two ways to go!
The first one, that is what Dad mentioned before, abandon Yvette and marry Wan Ziwen!
Use Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia forces to fight against You Shiwen’s Youjia!
This road has the highest chance of success!
Because Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia is the first family!
The first family, against the second family, this success, needless to say!
Most likely!
At that time, You Shiwen will die!
However, Chuck does not want to go this way!
My own loved ones are missing, and I still abandon Yvette and let Wan Ziwen deal with You Shiwen for a soft meal? ?
Chuck can’t do this kind of thing!
Then the second way is to contact Zhang Family, the third hidden family! !
Work with Zhangjia!
This is the fastest method!
Chuck thought about this road for a long time this day.
“Master, do you really want to cooperate with the Zhang family?” Betty asked. She was worried.
She always felt that Chuck did this with the tiger!
You will be eaten if you are careless!
“Yes, it’s me now, a way to fight against You Shiwen! Take the downstream family, I don’t want anything, as long as You Shiwen, will the Zhangs disagree?”
“That’s what it says, but Master, you have to be careful! This matter is not that simple!”
Betty shook her head. “President Li seemed very unhappy with the Zhang family before his death. He wanted to distance himself. Obviously this Zhang family is not very cooperative,”
“I know, but, without this method, you let me grow in three years and ten years? I am willing to do this, but You Shiwen will give me time to grow? She will not give it! She never assassinates me old When Mom started, she had no plans to give me time, Sister Li, do you know!”
Suddenly, Betty distressed Chuck.
All the pressure was on Chuck.
Chuck is hard! !
“I know, Master, what decision do you make, I will support you!” Betty said.
“Well, is there a way to find out the Zhang family? I want to talk to them. If you can’t talk, then don’t stop me, Li sister, I will inject the potion! Kill the master!” Chuck’s eyes shone! !
Zhang family does not cooperate, then Chuck can only use that extreme method!
“Master, I…” Betty finally sighed.
Chuck’s pressure is too great.
His idea is not the same as before, this is for everyone!
“Sister Li, help me find the Zhang family!”
“Yes, Master, wait a moment, I will try my best to find the Zhang family!” Betty did it immediately.
Chuck is waiting!
Suddenly, Yvette appeared and Chuck embraced her, “Wife, I will protect you!”
Yvette posted it on Chuck’s chest and didn’t answer a word.
Logan is dead. The kind of people with the same strength as Karen li come to kill themselves. It is impossible for him to resist.
Logan chose to leave to die in order not to tire Chuck.
Then. . You can do it yourself!
Yvette’s eyes softened. “Her husband, I will never regret meeting you in my life.”
“me too.”
Chuck looked straight ahead, You Shiwen, you are waiting! !

“Miss, count the time, at the speed of Long Yi, Logan should be dead,” Wan Ziwen bodyguard said leisurely.
“Of course, I have always believed in Long Yi that Karen li is dead in her hands. A Logan is nothing worth mentioning!” Wan Ziwen was lazy.
“So, after Long Yi killed Zhang Qingyang, Yvette…”
“Oh, she? Also want to kill!”
“Okay, but I received the news yesterday,” her bodyguard said cautiously.
“What news? Say!”
“You Shiwen’s family is watching us closely.”
“Yo, this thing? I’m not surprised, You Shiwen, I was fancy with her, Chuck can come up with it, the person who assassinated Karen li may be me, You Shiwen did not do it, then she ruled out by herself I am myself, then it is not who I will be?” Wan Ziwen lazily looked at the book.
She has long known about You Shiwen’s move.
“I’m afraid I’m afraid of you, Chuck, pointing the spear at You Shiwen, not at the Zhang family, then it’s not so interesting. Chuck pointing the spear at the Zhang family is the most interesting…”
When Wan Ziwen muttered to himself, a person came in, Long Yi! !
“Miss!” Long Yi didn’t smile.
Wan Ziwen lazy asked, “What’s wrong with you? Would you not tell me, did you fail?”
“When I killed Logan, a person suddenly appeared!!” Long Yi said coldly, her face was cold!

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