My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 867

“Master, there is already news from the Zhang family!!”
Betty ran to find Chuck!
She used everything she was looking for for several days in a row, and finally used clues to discover some of Zhang’s industries.
“Then, go now!”
Chuck can’t wait!
Logan’s death has completely put Chuck on the brink of madness!
After several days of suffering, Chuck dreamed of Logan every night.
Logan’s hatred, his mother’s hatred, Black Rose’s hatred, Chuck must report! !
“Yes! I have arranged the car!” Betty knew that Chuck was anxious and everything was ready.
“Well, you wait for me in the car, I will call Yvette!” Chuck said.
Betty went to the car to wait for Chuck.
“Wife, wife.” Chuck ran to Yvette.
“My husband, I won’t go,” Yvette decided!
The person who assassinated Logan, that is, You Shiwen, she will find a way to find someone, assassinate Logan, and assassinate herself!
Yvette knows!
Therefore, she decided to, like Logan, leave silently!
Don’t bother Chuck!
“What do you want to do?” Chuck understands!
“I don’t want to do anything, but also have my own business.” Yvette shook his head, unable to look directly at Chuck.
Chuck’s eyes, through her mind.
Without saying a word, Chuck kissed her.
Yvette was shocked!
for a long time!
Chucksong said, “Are you going to leave?”
“I…” Yvette complained, Chuck did this, she was caught off guard!
“Besides, I kiss again, until I know you have trouble breathing, do you want it?”
Chuck took Yvette out.
Yvette sighed.
Betty drives!
This process is fast!
“Master, this hotel should be the Zhang family! You can go in and contact!” Betty said.
Chuck pulled Yvette tightly, “Don’t run!”
“I won’t run,” Yvette sighed sweetly.
Three people enter the hotel…

Shortly after!
“Go home, Chuck begs to see!” Someone came over and said respectfully.
“Chuck? Oh, interesting, what is he going to do with me?”
In the darkness, Zhang Family head, his turbid eyes, revealed a joke! !
“He didn’t say it, but he said, you will never regret it when you see him!”
“It’s quite self-confident, absolutely no regrets! As everyone knows, you’re just my replacement pawn, you’re replacing your mother Karen li!” Zhang family head, puffed and smiled.
fling in teeth!
“So, what do you mean?”
“Qingyang! I asked Qingyang to find Chuck and let Chuck develop according to what I mean!
Chuck is still squinting now? What is Qingyang doing?”
“Not quite sure, the young master is missing!”
“Fuck! How many times have I told him, Karen li is just a chess piece, don’t care about a chess piece, or a dead chess piece, he didn’t even listen?” Zhang family head, coughing with anger! !
From the moment Zhang Qing raised the Zhang family, he was the default heir of the Zhang family!
However, after twenty years, Lingyun, who just went out, has a deep mind!
Not only hasn’t it grown so far, it has become what it is now!
Give up for a dead woman? ?
The Zhang family owner is very disappointed!
“Master’s character, you should know that he…”
“Of course I know. He doesn’t know how much I expect of him. How long can I live? The Zhang family will belong to him sooner or later, and he still has no disappointment to this day!!”
“Then I will contact the young master?”
“No, I will decide something for him, otherwise he will never grow up! Go, let Chuck come to see me! Only let him come alone!” Zhang Family Master ordered!
“Yes! The owner waits!”
“Chuck, Chuck, you were not eligible to enter my Zhang family’s door, because what? Because you shouldn’t have been born, your mother Karen li is one of my chess pieces, you? The chess pieces are not counted! It’s different now. Karen li, which I value most, is dead. If you take the initiative, I won’t let you down!”
“You as Qingyang’s son, use you to wake up Qingyang, I think you should not mind it!!”
In the darkness, a pair of teeth appeared, and he smiled coldly!
All wrinkled faces, with horror!
“Homeowner, Chuck has been brought over by me!”
“Let him in! Only one person!”
“Yes, Betty with Chuck, Yvette Fei is going to come up, I didn’t let it, what qualifications do the two of them come up with?”
“Good job! Let him in!”
“Fire Dragon!” said the Zhang family owner.
Behind him, a man appeared, in his thirties, with a cold face!
He is the first master of Zhang family, Fire Dragon! !
“What did the owner tell you?”
Fire Dragon asked.
“Wait a moment, Chuck comes in, you give me a try! I want to know where he is, how far away from her mother!”
“Yes! The owner is at ease! However, I don’t know if I should say something!”
“Let’s say, your Huojia has been following my Zhang family. For all these years, the contribution has been worthy!”
“Chuck is the son of the young master. If we treat Chuck like this, will the young master know?”
“I know it, even if I kill Chuck in front of Qing Yang, what will Qing Yang do to me?” Zhang Family sneered! !

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