My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 876

Youjia! !
“Homeowner, homeowner…” Youjia rushed in quickly!
Basically, the core members of Youjia have all come in.
You Shiwen is planning the next direction of your home! !
Youjia’s recent achievements are obvious to all!
The goal of You Shiwen is also the first family! !
Wan Ziwen!
The same woman, You Shiwen will certainly find a way to surpass.
This is your goal for You Shiwen!
“What’s wrong?” You Shiwen asked coldly.
“There is someone visiting the Zhang family!” said an old man.
It’s so weird!
Wanjia and Youjia are close, but this Zhang family has disappeared and has not appeared in recent decades!
Why come suddenly! !
It can be said that this incident has surprised Youjia up and down!
“Zhang family?”
You Shiwen put down something in her hand, and there was an accident, “Who came to visit?”
“Zhang’s first bodyguard, Fire Dragon!”
“Fire Dragon? Isn’t that sincere too! Let a bodyguard come to put it, what is a bodyguard?”
“It’s impossible, let the fire dragon come over and assassinate the owner?”
“The old fox of the Zhang family dares!!”
“No, in addition to the fire dragon, there is also the Zhang family backup, which is also the granddaughter of the old fox of the Zhang family, Zhang Xiang!”
“Oh, that’s okay!”
The wandering people discuss.
The three secret families have been fighting openly for so many years, and suddenly visited, this intention is still unknown!
“Homeowner, do you want to meet the Zhang family? I suspect they have bad intentions!”
“That’s it, the old fox of the Zhang family, uneasy and kind! He has been silent for almost twenty years, who knows what he wants to do?
Many of the people of the Youjia are against it. You Shiwen meets the people of the Zhang Family.
Because, You Shiwen is now the pillar of Youjia! !
In case something happens!
What should I do? ?
This is what they worry about as people in the home.
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering!
“I don’t have to think about what the Zhang family thinks. The three of our families have the same idea, and they want to annex the other two families. Eventually they will become the only number one! This is everyone’s unspoken goal. “You Shiwen said.
“Yes, our three big families all know each other, but they haven’t opened their mouths to talk about it. In this case, the owner should be more careful! The old fox of Zhang family is absolutely uneasy and kind!”
Someone The analysis also reminds.
“I want to know what he wants to do, don’t forget, the Zhang family owner, close to me, is for him, and I can also pass through the person and speculate about his Zhang family situation! Let them both come in!”
You Shiwen said.
This sentence instantly persuaded the homeless people.
They will arrange it immediately!
“Zhang Family? Zhang Xiang?” You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes shone!
“Homeowner, people have already brought in!” Someone came over in return!
You Shiwen nodded and went out with them!
A large room!
There is a thick bulletproof glass!
Fire Dragon is standing, there is a man beside him!
This is a 40-year-old woman, similar to Zhang Qingyang.
You Shiwen watched, this Zhang Xiang, she had never been in touch.
But the rumor says that this woman’s private life is chaotic and she is still a shrew.
“It turns out that this is the new owner of Youjia. I’m sorry. My Zhang family has been too busy recently. I only have time to congratulate today. I also hope that you don’t mind!” Zhang Xiang smiled slightly.
Full of sincerity!
“You’re welcome,” You Shiwen shrugged!
Fire Dragon secretly surprised.
I saw You Shiwen for the first time!
This woman’s eyes are no worse than those of Wanjia Wanziwen!
Such a gaze, this is a powerful woman!
As the first fighting master of Zhang family, he feels like this! !
“Are you Zhang Family’s okay?” You Shiwen asked.
I heard that the Zhang family head seems to be a centenarian.
This life is rare.
“My grandpa, you can eat and drink! Not bad!” Zhang Xiang said.
The homeless people naturally do not believe!
Almost one hundred years old, both feet stepped into the coffin, not bad?
Who believes? ?
“That’s good, you Zhang family came over suddenly, what’s the matter? You can say it straight!”
You Shiwen went straight.
“Okay! I don’t want to delay the precious time of the housekeeper. My grandpa wants to invite the housekeeper to meet alone!” Zhang Xiang said.
“Why should I meet alone? Can’t see here? What is the intention?” Youjia people are already welcome!
You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes shone brightly, “Meet me alone? I don’t have much personal contact with your house owner, there is no need to meet me alone!”
“Ah! Actually, our Zhang family and Youjia’s Youjia need to join forces. This is what my grandfather meant.”
“Alliance? Huh, this is to find a backer!”
“Yes, your Zhang family is the worst among the hidden family! The name is Alliance, isn’t it just to find a backer?”
Youjia laughed up and down.
“Youjia host, are you so hospitable?” Zhang Xiang’s face was wrong.
“I have no interest in the alliance!” You Shiwen refused.
“Really? The housekeeper still has to look at this first and talk about it again!” Zhang Xiang came up with something.

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