My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 886

“Yes! This is like.”
Liu Na had been in love before, and it felt like that.
I really want to see someone, to what extent!
Especially want to see you! !
When I don’t see, I feel panic.
It is exactly the same as Yolanda described.
“is it??”
Yolanda doesn’t think this is a friend’s worry, right?
Do you like Chuck?
Never before did Yolanda think so.
This kind of vision is a feeling between the boss and the employee.
There is no love in it.
“Yes, absolutely! Are you sometimes lost? For Chuck!” Liu Na asked.
“It seems to have.”
“Right, don’t deny it anymore, this is like it.” Liu Na definitely said.
Yolanda was at a loss.
This is like?
When did this feeling start?
Yolanda didn’t know.
It seems that it started when Chuck left China and went to squint country.
Um, it started at that time.
“Okay, this is like, but if I can live, this kind of like, I will not tell Chuck.”
Yolanda is such a character.
“will not?”
“Well, no, just bury it in my heart. I have always regarded him as my boss. I am his employee.
This identity cannot be confused.”
“Then if I can survive, I don’t have to tell Chuck, just now,” Liu Na said.
Knowing by Chuck, how embarrassing is this?
Once this relationship is broken, how can Chuck let himself work! !
Liu Na’s mentality in this respect is still very positive! ?
“Well, what we said just now, we are all buried in the heart, on the premise of living.” Yolanda agreed.
Liu Na was not desperate anymore, she said what she had in her heart, and was much more comfortable.
Next, let it be destiny!
If you really want to die, then there is no way.
Obey the fate! !
“That perversion came, I’m afraid!” Liu Na was afraid.
Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, with a pervert!
When she was arrested, she had been slapped for more than ten years.
If you fight again, it will be disfigured.
Snapped? !
Ouyang Fei slapped Liu Na on the face.
Liu Na cried, “Don’t hit me!”
This slap hit Yolanda’s face.
Yolanda is not stubborn to bow his head! !
Another slap!
Yolanda still does not bow his head, “If you have a species, you will kill me!”
Ouyang Fei smiled slightly, “Why am I willing to kill you? You should be a little important to Chuck, otherwise, how can he let you manage all the business? I ask you, are you Chuck’s junior! You are also true Enough to work hard!”
“No! I am Chuck’s employee!” Yolanda said stubbornly.
“Huh, employees?!”
Yolanda thought of the sad past.
At that time, Chuck was not interested in her!
Yolanda misunderstood Chuck likes himself, however, no, Chuck is not interested in her!
This incident hurt her heart.
Chuck didn’t like her at that time, maybe she didn’t like Yolanda at this time!
Ouyang Fei is more angry!
Continuously slapped Yolanda to vent his anger!
Yolanda still does not bow his head!
Ouyang Fei continues to fight!
Until Yolanda’s lips bleed and his cheeks swell!
The last slap hit, Yolanda spit out blood!
“Some kind of killed me!!!” Yolanda said coldly.
“Stubborn enough. If you have such a personality, if you have the opportunity to contact fighting, you will definitely be a master of fighting. However, you do not have this opportunity this time. Because…”
Click! !
Ouyang Feiliu frowned, her voice stopped! !
“Fifi, what did you do?” You Tianle smiled slightly!
“Listen, there is movement! Your person may be dead!”
You Tianle still has a lot of hands outside!
“Dead one? Impossible. My people are all masters of fighting! I didn’t hear the sound!”
You Tianle did not hear the sound!
No way, he will fight, but not fine! !
“Yes! Chuck may be coming!”
Although Ouyang Fei’s killer career was short, her senses told her that Chuck was here! !
“Impossible, isn’t Chuck squinting?” You Tianle smiled slightly!
“Stupid things, can’t Chuck be in China?”
Ouyang Fei took the sniper rifle instantly! !
You Tianle is angry, is that Chuck’s guy coming?
“Chuck, Chuck is here to save us.” Liu Na wept with joy!
This is the dawn of despair, hope!
“Well, he’s here!”
Feel it, Yolanda is stable!
It is this feeling, Chuck’s peace of mind around him.
This feeling, only Chuck can give Yolanda!
Another cry! !
You Tianle still did not find it!
However, Ouyang Fei was angry, “Come out, come out!!!”
Pull the trigger! !
“Chuck, since you are here, hide what, come out!”
Another cry!
The interval is only ten seconds!
Too fast!
You Tianle finally heard the news!
“Come here, Chuck is here, where is he!!”
“Shut up! Be quiet!”
Ouyang Fei needs to use his senses to judge Chuck’s position!
Click with one click!
Sometimes it sounds here, sometimes it sounds in another place, the interval is only more than ten seconds, the longest one, the interval is one minute!
What speed is this? ?
Ouyang Fei was shocked!
A corpse fell to the ground!
The figure appeared, yes, it was Chuck! !
He really came!

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