My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 889

Chuck’s voice was heard!
You Tianle’s legs escaped as if they were lead! !
Can’t move!
So powerful Ouyang Fei, but was killed in seconds!
He has no confidence and can face someone like Chuck!
“Run, run!!”
You Tianle Roar!
He roared himself, he could run away!
Something smashed!
You Tianle turned his head and looked, his face changed!
This is a brick!
“Boom! Ah…”
The brick hit him!
You Tianle screamed in her head!
Blood DC! !
Chuck came slowly!
“You Tianle, what are you running? Ouyang Fei has felt the fear, now it’s you!”
Chuck said.
You Tianle sat paralyzed on the ground, just the bomb that blew him all over, and he was disfigured!
“No, Chuck, will you spare me a life? Okay, please, I will start now. Be a dog of yours, will you just listen to you? I just need to live. You can let me do anything! !”
You Tianle began to kowtow!
Fear, as Chuck stepped closer, he drowned!
“Dog, you dog like this, I don’t want it!” Chuck shook his head!
Slowly approach!
“You’ve been hurt all over? It’s fine, but I think your hands are okay, how can this be? It doesn’t match your upper body, let me help you look again! Come on, good!”
Chuck reaches out! !
But Chuckrao was interested in grabbing You Tianle’s hand and playing!
He broke a finger and was broken by Chuck! !
You Tianle twisted her face, he resisted, useless!
He struggled! Useless!
Because of Chuck’s strength! Far greater than him!
“Chuck, don’t, don’t, I don’t dare anymore! Let me go, let go…”
You Tianle pleaded.
Chuck’s cold eyes made him feel fear!
Cold sweat!
“No! Your fingers are fun!”
Chuck shrugged!
There was another crunch, and another one broke! !
You Tianle wants to faint!
The so-called ten fingers together!
This kind of pain, ordinary people can’t stand it!
“I’m going to faint so soon? You really can’t do it! But, it can’t be like this. Come on, I will help you sober and sober!”
Chuck said! !
The third root is broken!
“You say you, the good young master does not do it, what are you doing to make me do it? Is it fun? Well, I think it’s fun!”
Chuck said, exerting force again, with a sound, the fourth root broke.
You Tianle screamed, she was already fainting!
Chuck slapped him!
You Tianle awakened!
“Ah! My hands!” You Tianle feared!
“Don’t be afraid, the other hand is fine! I will help you,”
It just broke so easily!
You Tianle’s syncope again and again, and then awakened by a slap, then syncope again, and then awakened by a slap!
Fear, drowned him completely!
“No, you can’t kill me, I’m still a wanderer!”
The last breath!
You Tianle doesn’t forget to beg for mercy!
“Kill you? What is killing you?? I’m going to kill Shiwen, your main traveler!” Chuck’s eyes chilled!
“What?” You Tianle fell into horror!
Chuck punches!
This punch broke his ribs and his chest collapsed like a depression!
You Tianle’s eyes are bigger than eggs, “forgive me, forgive me…”
“Oh, listen to you, spare your life!” Chuck shrugged!
You Tianle’s face was scared, and slowly, his face didn’t move…
You Tianle is dead!
Maybe he only realized at the last minute what he did wrong.
Yolanda and Liu Na were shocked!
Chuck, did they solve them?
The two can no longer express their mood!
“Sorry, let you suffer!” Chuck came over and loosened!
Yolanda and Liu Na got up.
Chuck also loved them both!
This was tortured by Ouyang Fei!
“I will take you to the hospital!”
The wounds on them were all beaten by the perverted Ouyang Fei.
“No, don’t go to the hospital.”
Yolanda felt unnecessary.
The same is true for Liu Na!
“Then, if I let you go back, can you still go?” Chuck asked.
“I can too!!”
“Well, yes, you go out and wait for me first.” Chuck thought of something.
The two go out!
Chuck came to Ouyang Fei’s body, she was already dead.
All limbs were trampled by Chuck, how can I not die?
What Chuck thought of was Ouyang Fei’s mobile phone!
He opened it and looked at it, suddenly dumbfounded, “This is, a picture of the boss behind the scenes?? How could it be?”
“We were saved, all Chuck saved us alone. Without him, we must be dead!” Liu Na said moved.
The appearance of Chuck is like a hero, just like Prince Charming!
Give Liu Na the biggest shock! !
“Well,” Yolanda also feels safe!
“I do not regret working with him, I am willing to work with him for a lifetime, because, he can protect me!” Liu Na fantasized.
“Me too, I will work hard for him for a lifetime.” Yolanda said, beautiful eyes with firmness! !
Some words in your heart are still buried in your heart!
Poke, it’s not good!
Chuck wants to give this phone to the boss behind the scenes, she will definitely be shocked!
“Okay, I will take you back!”
Chuck took them back and fed them because they were hungry.
After eating!
“Yolanda, Liu Na, I will still look back at my country tomorrow!” Chuck said.
I came back this time to explain!
The two women remain silent!
Chuck went back, they were reluctant, what about!
This is Chuck’s freedom as a boss!
“You just keep working, don’t worry about me.” Chuck didn’t directly say that he might die!
Because they will panic!
With the ability of Yolanda and Liu Na, Chuck believes that they can build Chuck’s business empire!
“You can rest assured!”
The two women have beautiful eyes, and they swear in their hearts that Chuck will return to Chuck a business empire next time they come back!
Chuck explained a lot. Including Chuck’s idea of a business empire!
Say it all!
This is a sleepless night!
The three discussed the daybreak!
Chuck left!
“Alas, Chuck is gone,” Liu Na was bored.
“Well, work hard!” Yolanda was injured and continued to work.
What can be done? ?
Boring will miss him, it is better to help him!
“Me too, I have to work too!” Liu Na too!
“Yolanda, I just wanted to say what I had in my heart, I really wanted to.” Liu Na said.
“En!” Yolanda did the same.
However, let’s not talk about it!
Some things look at fate… Follow the fate, Yolanda doesn’t force it.
Chuck went to Wumen!
The answer is no!
Chuck was silent for three seconds, there was no mother anymore, so this request, Chuck forced to do it!
Chuck left silently!
Qiu Shui coach shone beautifully. It was not that she did not agree, but that she had a text message on her mobile phone with a strange number yesterday…

“Sister Li, Wumen is not willing to shoot, then forget it,” Chuck looked away.
Betty sighed!
“Then the master is now ready to go back to the country?”
“Well, three days after coming to China, there are still five or six days to prepare after returning!!” Chuck knows!
This battle means life and death!
This is Chuck’s plan!
Youjia, Zhangjia, according to this situation, may start according to Chuck’s plan!
“Well, then the young master called Yvette, let her come, and I will fly back!”
Betty said.
Chuck called, however, shut down!
Hit again, or shut down!
Chuck is not good!
“Unable to get through?” Betty asked.
“Yvette, Yvette!” Chuck went to Yvette!
Betty followed!
Three hours have passed!
Chuck found blood in the forest of his hometown!
Found the gun!
There are traces of fighting here!
Chuck blood red eyes, tears come out!
Yvette? Like Logan and Black Rose, are you dead? ?
At this moment, Chuck’s emotions broke out, and he seemed to be an angry lion, “You Shiwen, You Shiwen, you dare to kill Yvette, you actually!!”

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