My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 890

You Shiwen sneezes, and her face is cold.
“Homeowner, do you have a cold?” Someone asked about it.
You Shiwen didn’t catch a cold.
“Then who is cursing the housekeeper?”
“I don’t know! How are you going to meet the Zhang family?” You Shiwen asked coldly.
“It’s almost ready, it only takes time!”
“Well, what happened over Wan Ziwen?” You Shiwen asked.
“Wanjia is quiet! Nothing happened.”
“This matter must not let Wan Ziwen know!”
“Yes, it’s about the safety of my home. I will definitely monitor it. What’s more, the Zhang family will also do the same security measures, and won’t let the people on Wan Ziwen know about it!”
You Shiwen asked indifferently, “Where is Chuck…?”
“He? Should be still squinting!”
“Should? You should not monitor him??” You Shiwen was exasperated.
“After Chuck returned from Huaxia, he seemed to be a different person! I later found out that he had studied for 15 days in the Wumen of Huaxia. The key is that when he came out, he broke Wumen’s record. …”
“There is such a thing?” You Shiwen was a bit surprised in the cold.
“Yes, coming out of Wumen, his strength has soared and his mind has matured a lot. The key is to hide, so…”
“I know,”
“The owner doesn’t have to worry, when we eat the Zhang family, we will eat him next! I will grow my home! It will not be too difficult to deal with Wanjia!”
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering.
“Oh, homeowner…” This talking wanderer was very careful.
“The month you said is more than half a month away. Are you ready?”
Youjia’s tradition cannot be delayed!
Next year you must have a baby! It means that you are passed on from generation to generation!
“I…” You Shiwen was silent for three seconds. “When the time is up, I will!”
“Then we can rest assured! The owner has a good rest, and tomorrow is the day to meet the Zhang family!”
“Um… wait a minute!” You Shiwen suddenly stopped.
“What else do you want?”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” You Shiwen shook his head, feeling agitated.
Why is that?
“The owner has a good rest,” these people went out.
“Wait!!!” You Shiwen really didn’t know what happened.
Shouldn’t we be happy tomorrow? ?
The people of Youjia looked back at each other, “Homeowner, what’s wrong with you!”
“You said… Will there be misunderstandings between people?” You Shiwen asked.
“Of course.”
“If there is a problem in communication between people, there will of course be misunderstandings! What misunderstanding did you say!!”
“I… don’t know what to say, me.”
You Shiwen’s mood was suddenly chaotic. This is because things are too big tomorrow, so he feels uneasy? ?
“You said! Are we all listening?”
“Yes, you say!”
They all find a place to sit down quietly, because You Shiwen is the owner, but he is also a family! !
“Me and Chuck haven’t known each other for a long time. However, I think I know him and he knows me… when I came to find Grandpa that day, I got a shot. I escaped from here and then saw Chuck Holding a sniper rifle, the one that shot me was the bullet from the sniper rifle in his hand…”
You Shiwen said something cold in her heart that made her painful!
Youjia looked up and down!
“So, what do you mean?” someone asked.
“It’s meaningless, no…” You Shiwen shook his head. “I just want to say what’s in my mind…”
An old man sighed, “I understand the meaning of the owner, does the owner think that Chuck is the one who shot?”
“How could it not be him? Not him. When he came out, how could he see him holding a gun??
I’m sure he just shot and shot the owner! I didn’t expect that the owner didn’t die. He happened to be seen by the owner. “” Someone immediately rejected it.
“In case…” The old man hesitated.
“What if?” You Shiwen asked.
“Ah, we don’t want the house owner to be upset every day, so I still expressed my doubts. The house owner said it yourself. When you escaped, you saw Chuck holding a gun in your hand. , Did Chuck shoot????” the old man asked.
You Shiwen was shocked!
“Sir, what do you mean? How could the owner see it at such a long distance?”
“I also think it’s impossible to see! I also understand the meaning of the youngest. You mean, the gun might not be Chuckkai, right?”
“Yes, there is such a possibility!” The old man nodded in agreement. “Is it possible that the gun was shot by someone else. This person lost the gun and happened to be picked up by Chuck, and then. It happened to be seen by the owner. A scene?”
You Shiwen is even more stunned!
“Youngest, this possibility is very low?” Some people expressed doubts!
“It’s also possible! Didn’t see Chuck shoot, then who can be sure, it must be him? Because in our part, there are fewer people with ulterior motives?? Chuck has any reason to hit the housekeeper?” The old man Affirm your thoughts.
Youjia turned around and looked at You Shiwen.
“What do you think?” the old man asked.
“I, I don’t know.” You Shiwen shook his head, feeling disturbed.
“The owner, what did Chuck do after we went to our house? Have you met before?” The old man asked.
“Yes, he knows I’m coming to meet grandpa.” You Shiwen said.
“Then, is it possible that Chuck is worried about you, the owner of the house. So he went to our home to visit the mountain?” said the old man.
You Shiwen was stunned.
“The third boy, the more outrageous you are! This is possible? Chuck will worry about the owner? This is impossible!” Some people questioned more.
“Homeowner, you feel better, some words, I can only say here!” The old man sighed.
“Yeah,” You Shiwen tranced, “He will go to Houshan to save me? But why is the gun in his hand? Why?”
“Homeowner, maybe someone with ulterior motives has appeared in advance?” said the old man.
“Don’t have ulterior motives!” You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes shone.
“Maybe, I am not optimistic about Chuck, and I even want him to die very much. However, some things still need to be clarified, or else it may become a chess piece that others play, do you think?” said the old man.
“Playing chess pieces?” You Shiwen was indifferent and painful. She recalled the picture, Chuckshou’s way of holding a sniper rifle. . .

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